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    Welcome to /Competitive Scene/ here are some basic useful links to get into the comp scene. Feel free to discuss anything comp related in this sub-forum. Keep in mind that forum rules applies as normal.

    [nqb]News and Gossip
    - JoinDota
    - Ongamers
    - GosuGamers Dota2

    Comp Scene Tracker
    - Track Dota

    Comp Scene Statistics
    - DatDota
    - Dota 2 Statistics
    - Gosu Stats
    - DotaBuff eSports

    Dota 2 Competitive Wiki
    - Team Liquid Wiki
    - GosuGamers Dota2 Wiki

    Videos and VODs
    - Dota Cinema
    - Beyond The Summit VODs

    Insightful Streamers
    - WinteR
    - syndereN

    Amateur Tournament Listings
    - [SEA] E-club
    - [SEA] Dota Talk

    - Dota2 NaVigation
    If you have any questions or links that should be put up here feel free to pm Apokita, drinkALLthemilk or me.

    - JJE92
    - Foede
    - SirBlackJack
    1.0.2 Added Dota2 NaVigation
    1.0.1 Added TrackDota
    1.0.0 Note Completed
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    Dat dota is really outdated. I'm not sure why they dropped the site but it hasn't been updated in like years.
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    LOL Secchan, you're disgusting. Is that you? :popo:
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    Here is a good link for competitive amateur tournaments:

    LS has recently announced two new tournaments for this coming fall.

    LS Fall Amateur Dota 2 Tournament - All players under 4k, only $15/team entry - top three teams win cash. Spots are already going - capped at 16, takes place Sept. 27th

    LS Fall Open Dota 2 Tournament - No MMR or Level restrictions, $25/team entry, winner takes $350. Announced 8/24/15, takes place last week of Sept.
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    I would add joindota youtube channel to videos and vods (
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