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    Hello and welcome to the Competitive Chat forum! Here, you can discuss anything and everything related to the competitive Dota scene. This includes (but is not limited to) players, teams, news, tournaments, and much more. Listed below are the rules and guidelines in which you are expected to understand and to follow.
    [HR]- If you are unfamiliar with the Global Forum Rules, you can find them here.

    Things to keep in mind when posting in Competitive Chat:

    • Personal opinions ARE allowed, appreciated and expected, but do not purposely use them to aggrevate other forum members.
    • Hating on other members for their opinions on any given subject will not be tolerated. Positive arguments/debates/discussions are acceptable, but hate posts are not.
    • Showing an extreme love and appreciation for your team or a specific player (commonly phrased as "fanboyism") is okay. People should not attack you for this, as it is your own personal interests. However, do not use it to bait flaming or to intentionally provoke other members.
    Things to keep in mind when creating threads in Competitive Chat:

    • If you are creating a thread involving any news or gossip in the competitive scene, providing a link to the source is greatly appreciated.
    • Bringing up controversial topics in the competitive scene is fine; just be sure to create your post in a way that will encourage an appropriate discussion.
    Things to keep in mind when creating threads in Recruitment:

    • You can find the guidelines and rules of posting in Recruitment here.
    [HR]If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to PM any of the Competitive Chat moderators (as listed below):

    - Apokita
    - Secchan
    - drinkALLthemilk

    Best regards,
    Competitive Chat Staff


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