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    Work in Progress
    This is intended to be a more indepth (ie EVERYTHING) version of this sites common terms guide. Suggestions/Stealing and Finishing is more than welcome
    [table]Term|Short For|Meaning|
    CD|Cooldown|When a spell has been used and is not ready to be used again
    OOM|Out of Mana|When a hero has low (or not enough to cast a spell) mana
    P|Push|Attack aggresively towards your enemies base
    Rs/Rosh|Roshan|The Golem that drops Aegis and gives 200 gold to everyone on the team that kills him
    Miss/Ms/Mis/Mia/M/Gone/SS|Missing|Enemy hero not in lane|
    Care|Be careful|Usually used by teammate when they think you are about to be ganked
    B|Back|You should retreat/Enemy hero has returned to lane
    Roam|N/A|Travel around map in an effort to gank enemy heroes
    Gank|Go Around N Kill|When a hero is killed due to another hero from a different lane
    DD|Double Damage|The Double Damage rune is either at the spawn location, or on a hero
    Illu[RUNE]|Illusion|The Illusion rune is either at the spawn location, or an enemy hero in vision is a suspected illusion
    Illu|Illusion|A copy of a hero that takes more and deals less damage than a real hero and cannot cast spells. It is destroyed instantly by Hex
    Reg/Regen|Regeneration|The Regeneration rune is at the spawn location
    Inv[RUNE]/Invis|Invisiblity|The Invisibility rune is either at the the spawn location, or on a hero
    Ult/Ulti|Ultimate|The skill a hero can start learning at level 6 (or 7 for Invoker)
    TP/Tele|Scroll of Town Portal|A consumable item that lets you teleport to an allied building
    BoT|Boots of Travel|An item with an active similar to that of TP
    GG|Good Game|Used when a player congratulates another player(s) for making the game what is is/was
    WP|Well Played|Similar to GG

    [​IMG][table]Term|Short For
    Kunk/Pirate/Coco|[​IMG]Kunkka the Admiral
    Rex/BM|[​IMG]Rexxar the Beastmaster
    Cent/Brad|[​IMG]Bradwarden the Centaur Warchief
    ES/Shaker|[​IMG]Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker[/table]
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  2. Louie.

    Louie. Banned

    p = push
    ok = okay
  3. DefOfTheNewOnes

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    You can put "ss" for missing too. Its used mostly in Eu servers.
  4. cairnebloodhoof

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    FK = When you just got owned in a gank/clash or made a mistake.
    Give = Give up on tower, knowing you're surely gonna win the clash if they initiated inside your inner tower or when you just can't defend.
    TD = Take down tower.
    Go = Start clash/initiate.
  5. burningsera

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    i like to call
    top -1
    top -2
    mid/bot -3 etc
    all miss

    reg (rune)

    and may be
    care (ganking coming)
    rosh (roshan)
    t1/t2/t3 (take certain tower)
    fml (fck my life)
  6. lifhousen

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    Does "ss" means Ultimate skill?
  7. Sentry_ward

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    ult = use your ultimate
  8. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    ''ss'' can also mean ''shit sauce'' outside EU servers
  9. Deltaeon

    Deltaeon Well-Known Member

    cant believe you missed this. tp = teleport.
    1st 2nd 3rd ult = QWER
  10. DMR_Chane

    DMR_Chane Well-Known Member

    ult CD x sec = ultimate on cooldown x seconds
    BD = Back Door
    GG = good game
  11. One.More.Game.

    One.More.Game. Well-Known Member

    So true...
  12. ShowThemHell

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  13. bonusa

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    Ok I done enough for today, I plan to finish in a week, but anyone know what ro3 is, something to do with roshan?
  14. One.More.Game.

    One.More.Game. Well-Known Member

    NORE = no rematch
    WP = Weak Player(?) (AFAIK)
  15. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    Wp=well played
  16. Green Yoshi

    Green Yoshi Well-Known Member

    "ro3" is a short term for Roshan, used by some Asians (3 is pronounced "san" in Chinese, ro3 = ro-san or Roshan)
  17. Arthas_0001

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    ff = free farm
  18. Green Yoshi

    Green Yoshi Well-Known Member

    ff = forfeit. Never heard of ff used for free-farm
  19. Torankasu

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    r3 or ro3 means Roshan at SEA.
  20. Sephjroth

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    Rmk = remake (same as rematch)