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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. markern

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    His 2nd skill is good for farming and harassing. Very flexible hero
  2. GhostN2

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    agree with u good sir!
  3. GodofTime

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    I'm a lady but ty <3

    I'm gonna test Auroth+Nerif combo to see if they make a hero semi invurnerable during Cold Embrace.

    Edit: It can be done. The ally can be both magic and physical resistant at the same time in the said combo. So both right clicks and most of the spells won't work against said combo.Yay!
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  4. venomsrespite

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    A frozen killer
  5. SzotyMAG

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    I want him the most to be in Dota 2
  6. PLUTO

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  7. Tidus_

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    why are people advocating orchid, it is a terrible choice arctic burn doesn't refresh when you attack the target and it is direct hp removal so it doesn't benefit from the amplify damage
  8. Bargh

    Bargh Well-Known Member

    I don't understand why people any items on Wyvern. Her only true core is magic wand and branch.
  9. X141BloodBroz24

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    Great Hero very fun
  10. AngelOfLight3

    AngelOfLight3 Well-Known Member

    This hero is totaly unbalanced. I played with my friend 1v1 Shadow Fiend vs Winter Wyvern. I was Shadow Fiend and he defeat me... i was amazed becuse i had over 300 creeps farm, he had over 70-80 MAX.
  11. painVision

    painVision Well-Known Member

    wyvern is good against shadow field thats why, its like pugna vs skywrath. she has heal so she can hide while u ulti, she will stunn you and damage you. gg
  12. bazawa

    bazawa Well-Known Member

    Wyvern is a very very very fun hero,i like to see enemy killing each other and all the skill is fun to use
  13. duble_dragon

    duble_dragon Well-Known Member

    His second is extremely useful in CC and AoE slows, but the fact that it doesn't affect the primary target doesn't add up. If it doesn't affect the primary target, it should be castable on allies. It would open up more room for slows and such.

    Splinter and Curse have a reverse synergy. When you cast curse, if you shoot the cursed target, you damage the attackers, but in order to hurt the cursed unit, you have to target an attacker.

    It's a weird concept of pseudo AoE, because it's either Aoe that affects a single target, or a single target who is unaffected hitting an AoE...

    Perhaps an aghs upgrade to split a %of the damage done by attackers to the target within the AoE?
  14. Mr_Lag

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  15. UniversalMan

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