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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. deathkidkun

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    Or you fail at using it.
    His heal stops right clickers like Drow from damaging the target.
    His Arctic blast outranges sniper and is one of the craziest harrasers and kill securing skills in game.
    His splinter shot deals above average nuking damage.
  2. NoJudge

    NoJudge Well-Known Member

    How to combo his skill set?
  3. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    The icons for Arctic Burn and Splinter Blast s*ck.
  4. MeepS.MeepwN

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    Plss ..Buff him alot..arctic burn duration should be 20.Ulti should be 6 sec...thats it..if its done his a good hero
  5. darkseraphim

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  6. TheBranchies

    TheBranchies Well-Known Member

    Artic Burn cd needs to be lower imo. Beside that, its okay.
  7. drinkALLthemilk

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    I don't see why people think of him as a semi-carry. I mean, yes, he can use his ultimate to kill off an important hero, but that doesn't turn him into a carry. He should be using all of his skills to support. Theoretically, if landed correctly, his ultimate disables an ENTIRE team from handing out magical/physical damage. On top of that, it's HIGHLY likely he will kill one of the heroes, bringing you into a battle at full strength with a 4v5.
  8. impulse7ex

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    Use 3rd skill while enemy heroes surround you or your allies and prepare to use your ultimate on the weakest one.
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  9. Black Arrow

    Black Arrow Well-Known Member

    His skillset is unimpressive and seems just random.

    Does he even have a theme?
  10. drinkALLthemilk

    drinkALLthemilk Competitive Staff

    Are you stupid? His theme is WINTER. ICE. COLD THINGS.

    I shouldn't have had to say that. Turns out the world is more disappointing than I thought.
  11. Kaiman

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    There has been a lot of crappy new heroes recently, but this is the worst. Why not just call him Crystal Batlich? zzzzzz
  12. Black Arrow

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    @drinkALLthemilk: So smart. Good for you, guy.
  13. davidliu

    davidliu Well-Known Member

    Lol cos that'd be silly! How about just Batlich :D
  14. gorillabull

    gorillabull Well-Known Member

    haha well at least its original in a since that none of the skills are replicated from other sources like omnislash meat hook etc.
  15. Drakthul

    Drakthul Well-Known Member

    This hero almost replaced Storm Spirit as my favorite hero.

    Seriously, this hero is too damn good in almost every aspect if played correctly.
  16. JNMeiun

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    great late game support, o.k. babysit. very balanced. people complain too much about new heros. play him as a 3 or 4; as a 5 is good, but burn is great with orchid. good against hp stack and heart. amazing against illusion hero like PL.
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  17. lokaloka

    lokaloka Well-Known Member

    Did anyone level splinterblast ?
    I play him like a lot of time and never level splinterblast (because maybe it's just a waste of mana and because the slow is not effective),

    But still he's doing okay.
  18. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    It has a short cd, good damage, it's AoE and yes it even slows. Why would you not max this as your first/second skill?
  19. NoJudge

    NoJudge Well-Known Member

    Want to know does he has the carry potential. From the skillset he play as nuker and lane support. What do you think the role of WW.
  20. GodofTime

    GodofTime Banned

    Nope, he is a support. The thing is, he can kill with his skilllset but alot of supports can do that. And he doesn't need much items generally.
    Never gonna be carry with this skillset - which is best used for team supporting.

    1. skill is usually for harrassing so your carry farm safely.
    2. skill is a nuke for mind games and stuff.
    3. skill is inmba heal which is awesome for an injured mate.
    4. skill for the lulz ( making confusion and chaos in the battle)

    He is best used as a lane support early game and team support late game.