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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    3rd skill is so better all in all..but ice frog plss make his ultimate duration much longer and improve his skills..ty
  2. Cpt Bogdan

    Cpt Bogdan Well-Known Member

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    it's a new hero, just wait the future update for tweak on him.
  3. DuntPawnMe

    DuntPawnMe Member

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    Needs buffing
  4. BuBuTime

    BuBuTime Member

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    One of my fave now
  5. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    BUFFS!BUFFS!BUFfS....fix 1st,2nd,and ulti..
  6. eusouokaos

    eusouokaos Well-Known Member

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    for all those flamers there, i just need to say that YOU'RE ALL FUCKING WRONG. yes, he has a defined role, and it's carry/support hybrid. Artic burn makes you a fusion of naix,sniper and batrider, all in one hero, making you a meele tanker's worst nightmare. Splinter blast is an over average nuke, with its low cd, over average dmg(340,average is 300) and high reach. His heal is between one of the best tank-supporting skills in the game. His ulti is a top-tier disable with low cd and monstrous damage to the main target if aimed right, making those support heroes die to their own carries, and then killing the carries, easy to do with your atack range, without supports to help them, they're just broken glass cannons.
    Haters gonna hate.
  7. Drgons90

    Drgons90 Well-Known Member

    Arctic burn needs either better slow or longer duration. Splinter Blast barely has any effect if used on a place with only the enemy hero
  8. hitash

    hitash New Member

    it actually has no effect if its just the enemy hero.

    an easy way to give this guy some versatility would be do have artic burn have a decreasing cool down as it levels.

    also splinter is excellent for farming/pushing mid game. reliably kills at least the ranged creep.
  9. RampageMaster

    RampageMaster Banned

    the idea of this hero was a support anti-tank cannon right?

    anyway it sucks, icefrog bro wtf
  10. Dark Mizuki

    Dark Mizuki Well-Known Member

    Sucks? Another hero with such team-fight influence sucks?

    I say he's a good hero smoothed throughout, he is able to babysit and heal lane mates, has good ganking ability, and has an ultimate that can possibly win the fight for you. Paired with pulling and initiating skills (Black Hole, Vacuum, Reverse Polarity) will add more disable time, and might even knock 1 hero out. Wyvern can be pretty amazing when this is pulled out.
  11. zkzphuongzkz

    zkzphuongzkz Well-Known Member

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    He's very interesting to play... All those saying that this hero sucked maybe didn't spend enough time to learn this awesome hero... He's a team fight monster to let ya know.
  12. .E.M.P.

    .E.M.P. Active Member

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    Very powerful early mid game... and great support for the team :D.
  13. arvinkasumi

    arvinkasumi Well-Known Member

    PUBGAMERS hate this...
  14. SvenIdol

    SvenIdol Well-Known Member

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    splinter blast needs a tweak
  15. R.B.Economy

    R.B.Economy Well-Known Member

    Just get an Orchid (enough for mana sustaining), get max AS as much as possible to exploit Arctic Burn. In battles, slow everyone with splinter, ulti on the carry for your team to focus on and pick off pesky supports with Arctic Burn.
  16. asseter

    asseter Well-Known Member

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    Agreed, if the main target isn't affected, why can't it be an ally?

    I want to combo it with Cold Embraced allies, and especially with Necronomicon.
  17. casenov92

    casenov92 Member

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    i'm stunned just how well this hero came out - i don't see anything taht should be changed. even his weaknesses are somehow balanced, especially the slow attack speed rate. in the right hands wyvern could be deadly. but most of all i like how the enemy team suffers from it's own advantages, especially if there's an ursa, or god help them, a phantom lancer with illusions :D

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    but then you can say the same for treant protector's living armour. i think it's a clever mech, unseen so far
  18. itskosiba

    itskosiba Well-Known Member

    his ulti is way to powerfull .
    needs serious nerf on ulti . thats like enigma's 6 . if used correctly it can disable a whole team for a pretty long duration . + unlike enigmas ulti , its a garanted kill .
  19. Cpt Bogdan

    Cpt Bogdan Well-Known Member

    new hero, stop hating him. he will be fix very quick i think and you will not see him in comp very fast i think.
  20. Lowe1992

    Lowe1992 Member

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    ulti somehow ok, other skills is shit, he failed as a supporter. his heal give enemies free kill.