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    I've never really tried this hero because I only play Doto 2 now, but his 3rd and Ultimate skill needs to be redone, 3 Seconds on 3rd skill is too much and dmg at lv4 is 360, seriously wtf is up with that?
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    Insanely balanced support hero.
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    OP Hero.
  5. Anukali-kun

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    1st skill is so harrassing, and freehit to enemy from his ss. So OP
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    1st LOL
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    Awesome support. Cant wait to see him in dota2
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    Has the lowest base attack time of all Intelligent Heroes (1.4). Other has 1.7
    Has the 2nd longest attack range after Techies of all Intelligent Heroes. (620)
    Easy-to-last-hit missile.
    IMBA healing (fast cooldown, low mana cost, huge amount ).
    Average Nuker: Fortune's End (300) + Purifying Flames (360) ~ 660
    Imba Ulti, low cooldown, can remove negative buff (like Dust, poison), long casting range (1000) 9 seconds duration. Using Purifying Flames on the Ulti-ed target will heal with both 2 effects instant 360 + 44 x 9 over 9 s. Can cast spells/attack while invisible from ulti (superior for assaulting).
    Ghost form (-40% MR) + Fate's Edict (+100% MR) = Immortal for a few seconds. By contrast to BKB, the enemies may inaccurately cast spells on the target dealing no harm and their spells reserve cooldown.
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    His skills are fine (except ulti), but his base stats are ridiculous.

    Ulti should lose double healing bonus as it already prolongs life of target by 7/8/9 no matter what and gives option to outheal that damage, having double healing bonus makes saving people way too easy.
    I'd also consider changing healing multiplier to 1/1.5/2 first to check how it will work out for Oracle.

    About base stats, well... he has tons of healing options/damage reduction/INVIS and all that has ridiculously small mana cost to the point even arcane boots are unnecessary.
    I'd lower his base str/int and str/int growth, nerf BAT to ~1.6, but increase his agi+agi/lvl to make hero still somewhat unique in stats area(int caster with insane agi gain).
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    Fate's Edict:
    Nerif enraptures the target, rendering them unable to attack, granting them 100% spell resistance, and increasing the damage they take from other damage types by 50%. Can be cast on both allies and enemies.

    Range: 700
    Duration: 3/4/5/6

    Hard Counter to Techies. Agree? :eek:n2long::eek:n2long:
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    25% dmg reduction from normal mines, depending on enemy armor. Doesn't do shit against Remotes.
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    no comment for this hero ???? guys..
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    What did you think all the posts in this thread before yours are?
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    Play him as a carry, it works amazing!! His ult, Fates edict, and his 1.4 base attack speed really make him shine as a carry.

    I get MOM and blademail as my base items for him to carry. His ulti increases the upside of MoM and reduces the downside of MoM. Ill explain. You get 40% lifesteal with ulti and he is guaranteed to be alive for the duration of his ulti so he can not be so easily nuked to death. In addition to his ult blademail also synergies well with MoM. When enemies attack you with MoM activated they take 100% of the damage you take and you take 30% extra damage. Also the ability to increase an opponents damage from attacks while disabling their attack is another huge bonus to a carry Oracle. Add Orchid and they wont be able to do anything except run for 5 secs.

    My Oracle carry build:
    Sell wand for bruiza

    Other items to consider for Oracle
    Dagon - Works if you rush it. Cast purifying flames, fortunes end, dagon, then purifying flames again. This is a 1420 magic damage combo and the 400 extra damage cold mean the difference between healing an enemy with purifying flames and actually killing him. The 25 attack damage helps him carry too.
    Mek- Great support item but also works well with carry Oracle, heals 500 health
    Guinsoo- Another great supporting item that works well with carry Oracle.
    BKB- Did the enemy counter you with purge? get bkb to counter their counter. BKB also benefits MoM cause it is much harder to die from excessive nuking or disables.

    PM me if you like carry oracle or if you don't and why. Try it first!!
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  18. Draguuro-Manchi

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    He's not balanced, he's a fucking beast and all he needs is something to keep his mana up and he'll fucking slaughter everyone like np.

    And don't get me started with his attackspeed, that shit's whack.
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    Good viable hero ONLY if you know how to synergize all his skills.
  20. TNEtsoL

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    Oracle is a super risky hero but a great one to master!