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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, May 31, 2013.

  1. arvinkasumi

    arvinkasumi Well-Known Member

    it's not 4 skills, It's freakin 8 skills each has 2 purposes on their own. Combine just a two of them and your team would be dominating the mid game.
    When PRO got this on their line up, expect HELL!
  2. papersmurf22

    papersmurf22 New Member

    Why the hell doesn't Fate's Edict stop enchant from using her ult spears?
  3. jheyb03

    jheyb03 Member

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    I love this hero very much. I do love the skills.
  4. Rendevouz

    Rendevouz Member

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    how to use 3rd skill properly?
  5. AxeLeration

    AxeLeration New Member

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    good healer
  6. liz7

    liz7 Well-Known Member

    Purifying Flames is actually pretty weak nuke:
    level 4 270 dmg - 132 3 sec heal tick = 138 net damage every 3 secs

    It is a pathetic stand alone skill that desperately need to combo with with his other spells (purifying flames/fortune's end). Its true power on the hand is when cast on allied heroes with red life, since its not lethal but the heal is insane. 88hp heal for 9 seconds. Purifying Flames + False Promise = Slark's ult on steroids.

    Fortune's End + Fate's Eddict is a great combo with decent DPS heroes. I lane with a ursa against a viper and traxex, we started steam rolling at level 2 when I notice the dumb traxex took stats instead of silence/frost arrow. Fortune's End + Fate's Eddict are great skills to leave at level 1 early since the debuff effects stay consistent at all levels.
  7. TidesOfBlood

    TidesOfBlood Well-Known Member

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  8. Kirijo-san

    Kirijo-san Banned

    Need ASU upgrade
  9. GodofTime

    GodofTime Banned

    very interesting hero indeed. lots of combos with spells and other heroes. probably will get nerfs to his 3. and 4. skill cooldowns
  10. WithoutYou.xD

    WithoutYou.xD Well-Known Member

    Good hero.
  11. Anukali-kun

    Anukali-kun Well-Known Member

    His Ult is so IMBA
  12. specter13

    specter13 Member

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  13. pr0blembro

    pr0blembro Well-Known Member

    cool hero, but he's more like a killing machine than a support because of his 1.4 bat
  14. Shenanigan

    Shenanigan Member

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  15. deal_discerner

    deal_discerner Well-Known Member

    Weird hero concept. Clearly not everyone's support, he can't collaborate with allied nukers. But to gank? You bet'cha, False Promise is a no-brainer.
    He's not very pleasing of a nuker, really... Large casting time + large backswing on his Fortune's End. Purifying Flames is a hilarious spell, I once saved more or less 5 allies from their deaths with this. I was their sorta walking HP salve thingy.
    1.4 BAT... It's actually amazing. However... I see myself in mid-to-late-game still not doing much damage at all...
    So what about this---
    Oracle can now use Purifying Flames on creeps and towers.
    sounds fun/more lasthits for the Oracle in exchange of valuable mana.
  16. GodofTime

    GodofTime Banned

    No. Oracle is everyone's support, sorry to say that but he is amazing at supporting. You just need to know how to use him.
  17. the_sniperguy

    the_sniperguy Well-Known Member

    use ultimate to invi behind unsuspecting hero. Fortune's end, Purifying flames, right click.

    He is no doubt an INT version of nyx assasin.

    Like his name nerif he needs a NERF bcuz in my opinion his 3rd skill deals such a huge damage at such an early stage of the game!!!
  18. NeosDany

    NeosDany Well-Known Member

    I have not seen such a bastardly overpowered hero, so insanely overpowered in a long time. This hero es pathetic.
  19. God_ii

    God_ii Well-Known Member

    Broken as hell with the dumbest ult in dota history.
  20. sajin

    sajin New Member

    Love this hero. Great for early game. If you do poorly though, you will have a tough time later on. Easy to counter if you know how to play against. Low HP. Strong nukes. Great hero overall IMO.