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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, May 31, 2013.

  1. SoletLuna

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  2. Shtaudeyy

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    purifying flames is sooo awesome
  3. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

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    Played him yesterday. Fun hero with a powerful/unique ult depending on how you use it. Definitely a good support but powerful nukes early game give him the ability to gank as well. Fate's Edict is a great disable :D
  4. Louie-

    Louie- Banned

    Nice company
  5. phreaker99

    phreaker99 Well-Known Member

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    He will be cuteimb4 as hell in a pro's hand... ^^
    Imagine those comp. games when he'll arrive.
  6. Skythunder666

    Skythunder666 Active Member

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    Fortune's End, Fate's Edict, Purifying Flames, False Promise. This guy's skills sounds devilish. I think he should be in the scourge instead.
  7. faustlim

    faustlim Moderator

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    very interesting hero. his spells have a bunch of complex effects that is fun to experiment with :)

    LIBERA_SPIRITUS Active Member

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    Is this a new hero?
  9. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    imba mid lane .:D
  10. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    all skills low cooldown.!good job icefrog:)
  11. armin73

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    This hero is IMBA BUG whatever!
    6 second disarm!
    360 damage!
    indivisibly and remove buffs which u can deny you're self with it and nice AS and MR :O !!!!
  12. casenov92

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    endless potential for...whatever, you name it! i think that we have a brand new star in the game and he's going to make an impact for the TI4.
  13. zkzphuongzkz

    zkzphuongzkz Well-Known Member

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    Nerif sounds like NERF to me...
  14. FMArthur

    FMArthur Well-Known Member

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    Not even sure if he should be support. 1.4 BAT is ridiculous and he has a 50% physical damage amp...
  15. Centauren

    Centauren Well-Known Member

    Quick question, is Purifying Flames a purge ability? I'm just confused on it's purpose really.
  16. Taranon

    Taranon Member

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    i think oracle could mid carry simply from the 1.4 base attack speed. i definately think that is going to be nerfed.
  17. ram231

    ram231 Well-Known Member

    Oracle needs a mouth wash.

    he's too OP.
  18. rumplea25

    rumplea25 Well-Known Member

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  19. gram_galvanizer

    gram_galvanizer Well-Known Member

    That 1.4 BAT, synergetic with his Edict... His Purge synergetic with his Flames, dealing a total 600+ damage with 165 mana and 3s delay... His Flames (allied) and Edict (allied) very synergetic with Promise... And his Purge synergetic with Edict...
    I mean, wow. He is very self-synergetic, rarely a lot of heroes have this, umh... Privilege, is that the right term?
    I want his color changed though. It might be better if he's more brown-ish.
    I'm considering practicing with him now.
    Right now, oh, he's an awesome hero!
    I'd love to see more games with this guy.
  20. C0L0NEL999

    C0L0NEL999 Well-Known Member

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    His purge is actually a 3 seconds ensnare from level 1.

    Shouldn't a purge slow the target to 100 MS, not totally stop him ?!