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  1. NecroGiant

    NecroGiant Well-Known Member

    he sucks only if played incorrectly. He is a strong hero if you are a good positioner and can even escape to am (if he has stones, rolling boulder rolls 1600 units, 500 more than am's blink)
    So he is quite strong
  2. ArsenalMagus

    ArsenalMagus Banned

    Balanced Hero.

  3. frettory

    frettory Banned

    No carry potential.

  4. dofusfr

    dofusfr New Member

    imo the only op hero of da game :X
    Give him a bigger pointcast working on the stone creation and just up the turn rate (so he is slower, i speak about radians).

    it is possible to make him balanced without touching the spells that way.
  5. the_sniperguy

    the_sniperguy Well-Known Member

    Earth spirit is very balanced.
  6. Silxer~

    Silxer~ Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling that hes going to get nerfed to oblivion... much like what happened to Morph... :\

    I like the hero, but hes just too good atm...
  7. NoWizards

    NoWizards Well-Known Member

    Noone give a fuck if that trash hero is carry or not...

    -Burst damage
    -Long silence
    -1400 range auto stun
    -Chasing ability
    -Flying ability
    -AoE ulti
    Really icefrog? i remember the days when u weren't so retard.

    Every fucking game i have to deal with that fucking trash killing my mates and ganking as fucking lamer hero.
  8. bandit_king

    bandit_king Well-Known Member

    very interesting and fun hero.
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  9. volvopls

    volvopls Banned

    Very balanced hero, much skill needed to play him, such wow
  10. thomasucci

    thomasucci Member

    This hero needs a solid nerf, his kit is beyond godlike.
  11. alemholas

    alemholas Member

    how do you guys feels him after the nerfs?
  12. Ainouta

    Ainouta Well-Known Member

    He is over nerfed now. Should at least change the stone recharge time back to 25, or even buff it to 20 seconds.
  13. Anukali-kun

    Anukali-kun Well-Known Member

    OP Earth Spirit because of his skills, but still never can stand on Techies Mines :cat:
  14. AxtoN555

    AxtoN555 Well-Known Member

    pls give him old cd on stones thats too long for 1 stone 35 s
  15. Tryndart

    Tryndart Well-Known Member

    ggwp no actions on icefrog
  16. PlayRough

    PlayRough Well-Known Member

    Stone CD too long. WEAK!
  17. DeliciousCaek

    DeliciousCaek Well-Known Member

    I miss you ES, I really do.
  18. PetriFemboy

    PetriFemboy Well-Known Member

    So i've been looking for guides for Earth Spirit, or any clips how someone can own with Earth Spirit. None so far. And after 3 wins no thanks to me and 11 lost games with him i consider him broken. I've played him as many roles to find out what he's best in.

    He's a caster that requires 3 factors to properly land each and every spell which is; aiming at a spot, spawning a stone, then positioning yourself so that it's trajectory would hit the enemy, only then cast your actually spell. While taking notice of the range, cooldowns, amount of rocks to spawn till depletion, and trajectory of each cast, with mana notice and your own survivability, i have to say that it's impossible to play him well on the same level you can play any other hero. If i wanted to focus on DOT damage with aoe silence i'd go Death prophet, if i wanted to play a crowd controlling long range AOE stunner i would pick either Clockwork or Earthshaker. Also measured by the survivability of each of those heroes and the amount of damage they can inflict, Earth Spirit is still on the last spot.

    Without any items, Earth spirit requires at least one stone to get in between heroes with a nice slow, then popping his ultimate and hoping he'll survive long enough for all of his stones to be used before his death. For a guy made of stone he sure is the most fragile little fellow among heroes. Having two other brothers the best among chasers, he's really a measurable guy. Casting a rolling boulder is predictable and doesn't permit him to move swiftly to chase enemies, nor to escape as it can be easily block by any enemy unit.

    Support/Lane support:
    At this point he fulfills his role somewhat as a hero that simply waits to pull friends from team fights or push them in between enemy lines for a good initiation. His ultimate works doesn't give him much unless he's close to enemies, and even then, when hitting someone it still doesn't inflict any damage unless the enemy has no movement speed and mana to counter him, nor the will to live, ironically speaking.

    The difficulty of him doesn't lay in propertly casting spells in a combo nor waiting out to maximize the effectiveness of his ultimate. The difficulty lays in targeting those stones and lining them as quickly as possible. Because as much as he can actually inflict a lot of damage, most of it is lost during the time you position yourself to get it right.

    I'd go with this to balance section but as usually i would get bash on the head for no reason. What i would change in him:
    -Remove: Stone Remnant, as an additional spell.
    -Rework: adds Stone Remnant count with each lvl of his Magnetize (3/5/7)
    -Rework: each use of spell that hits an enemy hero removes one of the Remnants.
    -Rework: Magnetize to passive. Now adds it's properties to each use of Stone Remnant. Also spreading the Magnetize effect doesn't require Stone Remnants, but touching any enemy unit nearby, each new enemy unit refreshes the duration of Magnetize. Enemy heroes touched give full benefit of the debuff, other units give only half.
    -Rework: Boulder Smash. Now when the spell is aim in a direction, it sends a dusty shock wave. Dusty shock wave turns in to a stone when during the cast time an enemy hero was on the path of the spell. When aiming over an unit or enemy, sends them flying, inflicting damage on the main target when foe and damaging enemies he passes. Upon direct impact does not trigger Magnetize and does not consume Remnant.
    -Rework: Rolling Boulder. Now the increased range and consumption of Remnant, and inflict of Magnetize happens only when the enemy hero is at the path during the cast time. When not on the path, each enemy unit passed is Magnetized, but no Remnant consumption takes place.
    -Rework: Geometric Grip. Now when the spell is aim at a spot without ally unit it acts like a dusty shock wave. Only when an enemy hero is between that point and Earth Spirit, it consumes a Remnant and inflicts Magnetize.

    With those changes we have ourselves a range AOE DOT inflicting nuker, support that does best as a keeping enemies away, and farm on his own. He's weak early on but a decent harasser and chaser later on. He functions as something new, that we didn't had among heroes. He wouldn't be as strong as Venomancer but would still be an annoying bugger like Ogre Magi but with the ability to stun and silence instead of slow and multicast.


    after seeing this clip i understand why he was op before.
    Instant range aoe stun is a must need for nerf, but beside that, i still consider my suggestion reasonable.
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  19. SzotyMAG~

    SzotyMAG~ Well-Known Member

    still awesome, as a lane support
  20. hengle

    hengle Member

    used to be my favorite hero, after latest nerf I played him once. And you never see him in any game