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  1. JNMeiun

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    his skills alone are a little underwhelming. together and with rock they're ok. he has great mobility and utility.

    really feels like his ult should get better cooldown with levels or an ult sceptre upgrade for better cooldown. not too much, just a little. maybe to 60 and 40 with staff.

    maybe he should get a few extra rocks or rock duration with staff? that seems good actually. maybe he could even have his rocks get larger with ult sceptre! forget damage, just give hime a little more of what hes already got. make him pay for it too to keep it balanced.
  2. gram_galvanizer

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    Awesome concept! But his icons, seriously? I mean, really. Nerif's icons are perfect, I expect Kaolin's to be awesome too, considering they were batchmates and all.
  3. --Kev---

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    dont like
  4. Kirijo-san

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    5 seconds silence with 1000+ range is to much
  5. ShadowProgr

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    don't forget you can silence all enemy heroes with ulti too
  6. GodofTime

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    He is a combo - master like Oracle. You doin combos, you doin well.

    By the way, Batrider heavily counters him.
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    There are actually 4 or 5 similarities between the first 2 panda spirit (Xin & Raijin)

    1. A mobility spell, which is an ulti (Ball Lightning & Fire Remnant)
    2. Remnants Abilities (Static Remnant & Fire Remnant)
    3. An ability with 'lightning effect'/'chain-like effect' (Electric Vortex & Searing Chains), which are disable spells
    4. An ability that has something to do with attacking/ attack damage (Overload & Sleight of Fist)
    5. *Main Attributes: Obviously the three spirit pandas have different main attribute

    Let's take a look at Earth Panda:
    1. Mobility Spell: Rolling Boulder (Not an ulti though but.. Check)
    2. Remnant Spell (Nope)
    3. 'Lightning Effect' ability (Nope)
    4. 'Attack Damage' related ability (Nope)
    5. Attribute: Strength (As mentioned above, Check)

    I'm not saying that it's bad, I'm not complaining. It's just simply that it WOULD BE COOLER if they could find a concept with keeping those similarities. It will be hard as hell to find the concept though.

    If they concern about this, maybe they can do something with the visuals. Like you guys said, maybe relate the rock ability with remnant. And maybe add the lightning effect on one of the spells.

    Just an opinion.

    About the hero: It has some kind of 'Forcestaff' abilities and 4 sec cooldown (at level 4) mobility spell.. He's a great utility hero, and will rock (haha, get it?!) if you get the combos right.
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    I hate this hero, is so OP.
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    Nice hero
  12. paomm

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  13. alakhanh

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    nerf him.his ultimate is OP,and skill 1 is suck!! wtf my hero can be control to go to where he want?
  14. Silxer

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    Despite the fact that he is a bit OP, Kaolin is one fun hero to play. :D
  15. x1te

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    1400 range instant stun is stupidly broken.
  16. GhostN2

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  17. Sp12

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    Way too strong pls fix.
  18. WuHT

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    definately disappointed with the lack of responses here.

    concept of hero with high mobility and reposition potential COMBINED with good disables (stun/silence) of very good duration COMBINED with above average aoe damage potential is pretty over-the-top considering how much of a threat he is once he reaches lvl 3.

    Some tough love with the nerf bat is required
  19. AlC2

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    He's Jesus !
  20. Sanja

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    very op