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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. noobschoolbus

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    Zet is actually a gnoll, but perhaps they are cousins :cool1:
  2. CnC_ROCK

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    anybody tried zet in public games?
  3. Fatalslap

    Fatalslap Well-Known Member

    cant wait for zet to be in dota 2
  4. wieznuwicked

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    this is a GG hero
  5. MurazorOFAngmar

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    Meh, he's good in pubs that's it. Kind of a weak hero, could actually do with a damage buff to his slow if anything.
  6. khoopal123

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  7. Kaiman

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    Another new lame hero with a shitty theme.
  8. Tahinpekmez

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    Nerf train will hit him hard, once he hits the Dota 2
  9. gorillabull

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    what a fuckking noob hero layna's ult is a long range slow this guy's 3rd skill is a long range 300 dmg spell with 0 cooldown......................................
  10. msf720

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    great hero :) but dead page...
  12. NecroGiant

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    Fav carry. Though ulti would need a little nerf.
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    Hand of Midas is his core item. Then With Necronomicon, Boot of Travel, Manta Style, 3 Devine Rapiers (or 2 Rapiers and 1 Heart of Tarrasque situaionally), no one can stop him from pushing. Trust me, just leave him at the base the continually use his ultimate to push. It's the most effective to play Zet - the Arc Warden.
  14. Mr.Vector

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  15. NotLouie

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    fukken gud
    would dota 1 again
  16. DoM

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    Suck his dick or else
  17. LyraH

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  18. HarrisPJ

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    If you get necro, BoT and refresher game is pretty much over. I don't really get why people make manta, as the illusions won't deal damage from rapier and they can't cast any spells as well. You gotta get butterfly or something, but he already has 100% evasion so it's useless. The extra illusion from refresher would do damage from rapier though and it will also cast another necro.
  19. Phrezer

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    Refresher on Arc Warden is super OP, with fast hands it kills everything.
  20. CypherPAD

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    I like this guy