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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. psycozha21

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    spam spark wraith

    thats the best of this hero nyahaha
  2. venom1994

    venom1994 Member

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    i cant understand him
  3. rjnieto

    rjnieto Member

    I think Arc is OP -- I've already used it in more than 30 pub games.

    Caster: Dagon 5, Refresher, Ethereal Blade then the combo would be

    1st skill - 3rd skill - Ethereal - Dagon = 360 + 300 + X + 800

    Times two because of the ultimate

    It can easily dish out more than 4000 damage in just 5 seconds.​

    Carry: necro manta skadi(?) guinsoo w/e

    Too many builds. Too many ways to pawn.,

    And he can also kill RS solo with just the 2nd skill andnecro warriors. ZZZ
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  4. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    He is a Pro Herp!
  5. Cleks

    Cleks Well-Known Member

    The only thing that matter is the ultimate, too OP
  6. Ktalisis13

    Ktalisis13 Member

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  7. stopbugnigga

    stopbugnigga Well-Known Member

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  8. 4l3c

    4l3c Well-Known Member

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    BUFF!!!....his character model
  9. koblaster12345

    koblaster12345 Active Member

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    Please make his abilities more flashy. Bigger animations please. Thanks
  10. SayAlready

    SayAlready Member

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    Refresher orb can't be used twice . Read at Zet's ultimate !
  11. arvinkasumi

    arvinkasumi Well-Known Member

    A pretty unique hero. An agi type that harrass from behind. good one IceFrog. Keep them coming!
  12. UniversalMan

    UniversalMan Well-Known Member

    Just 2 cents:

    1) Tempest Double should use and benefit from all items but couldn't use any actives from them (To some extent Tempest Double is the same as Spirit Bear. But if SB cannot benefit from all items - mainly stats, so why not Tempest Double could benefit from another aspect)

    2) Magnetic Field shouldn't give 100% Evasion for Structures. This is what makes the skill too imba

    After that the hero would be OK-ish
  13. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    meepo and him are brothers...they are both in kobold..and same micro.but zet is much easier..
  14. Areez

    Areez Well-Known Member

    Yee, midas, necro, dagon, ethernal gg. OP ulti. At least make his cd shared on items...
  15. ricardo515

    ricardo515 Member

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    just get to the river before the first creepwave and plant some sparks, that'll teach them...
  16. Cpt Bogdan

    Cpt Bogdan Well-Known Member

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    I have some troubles with his gameplay
  17. arvinkasumi

    arvinkasumi Well-Known Member

    Why is he on dota?

    Because he's ONE OF A KIND!

    think about it.
  18. casenov92

    casenov92 Member

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    isn't there a way when the clone is summoned to be automaticaly be assignet to hotkey 2, because it won't waste precious moments in teamfights, when the tempest double is a GOD
  19. Fatalslap

    Fatalslap Well-Known Member

    Stacking spark wraith can land easy kills and the enemies are trapped in certain areas.
  20. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    needs some practice to master....OP!