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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. marceloip

    marceloip Well-Known Member

    Broken ulti.
    Let's wait, nerfs will come. Maybe some item restrictions.
  2. naphack

    naphack Well-Known Member

    pls no item restrictions.
    Remove the hero as a whole or rebalance but dont.start.removing.random.items.from.being.usable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Nimm_90

    Nimm_90 Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    Manta, Ulti, Manta, Cloud = GG. Goodbye Phantom Lancer.
    Guinzo/Rearm history now.
    Get a Refresher (if you're playing caster) and see the magic.
  4. Name Rater

    Name Rater Well-Known Member

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    i AGREE TO King3_
  5. Nochero

    Nochero Member

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    Not sure if my last comment appeared, but as soon as I pressed post, I've realized how stupid I am, so, ignore both comments and everyone is happy
  6. LivingHauntMe

    LivingHauntMe Member

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    I am sorry to write this but it looks like you do not really know what real new hero Dota needs. So this is what is coming out an evil box, some nonsense agility guy.
  7. fullmetal_ne0

    fullmetal_ne0 Well-Known Member

    ulti is too op. there should be hp/mp cost everytime he casts it and make their hp/mp linked- whnever the copy casts/takes dmg, the orig is also affected
  8. noAim

    noAim New Member

    Legions ult kills arc in his cloud (legion without mkb)
  9. Midnight00.00

    Midnight00.00 Well-Known Member

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    summon a lot of spark wraith on the front to kill creeps and heroes alike
    summon a perfect clone that can use item and spells
    both zet and clone cast magnetic field so they can have 100% evasion and
    rape tower like a boss!!!
  10. Mimesis

    Mimesis Well-Known Member

    The ulti is broken as all hell. I love it but it's still clearly broken. Being able to double summon necrobooks is huge, and it synergises with his field brilliantly.

    Flux and Wraith are both fine as far as balancing goes as far as I can tell.
  11. karl211

    karl211 Member

    First of all too op because his 2nd and ultimate well we should reduce that so that he will not be to op man his clone must have half damage oh the original arc warden and the second must be reduce its cool down longer the skill is such a spam
  12. punzer

    punzer New Member

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    imba spark wraith spamm kill my full hp bar clinkz, wtf.need cd balancing!!!!!!
  13. Shibubu

    Shibubu Banned

    Maybe make his evasion skill to effect EVERYBODY and not just allies? Drastically reduce his trap summoning range. His clone should share item/ skill cooldowns if the clone has been made when items/skills were on cooldown. (this would not change much though - cast ulti before anything=profit). Meh, need some serious tweeking.
  14. user2

    user2 Well-Known Member

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    New op hero :D! We should expect a nerf very soon, looks fun to play.
  15. Ktalisis13

    Ktalisis13 Member

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    I think the copy should be ethereal, and the other team be able to see that
    Cause I´ve seen this picking manta and destroying the hole opposing team with its 5 ilusions
  16. ali180593

    ali180593 Member

    you guys must increase the cd of ulti,others are ok for now.
  17. GreekChaosman

    GreekChaosman New Member

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    I feel bad for this new guy, he just came to defend the ancients and became the only hero with 800 (lowest) missile speed ...
  18. Nimm_90

    Nimm_90 Well-Known Member

    Re: New Comment

    Wyvern has 700 if "Heroes" page is not mistaken.
  19. Rusker

    Rusker Member

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    You just have to farm hand of midas, then you can go refresher for funny stuff like using hand of midas 4 times or making 8 copies with manta, with two of them making full damage (three considering the original too), but you will play alone. Or just midas, manta and diffusal gg
  20. mhd54

    mhd54 Banned

    arc warden is OP