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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by SoletLuna, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. SoletLuna

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  2. E02K

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    OP as hell.
  3. emyerb

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    2nd! yeah nice hero baby
  4. hizkiaadrian

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    3rd! the hell with 100% evasion on buildings..., tower 1HP, 2nd skill, easy deny....
  5. ihuskarr

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    Kinda OP..
  6. mephistos

    mephistos Well-Known Member

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    OP hero. This needs alot of nerfes, the skills are nice, but too damn strong.
  7. black_dagger

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    too damn imba. his third skill can easily be an ultimate
  8. ryanagamis

    ryanagamis Well-Known Member

    first skill worthless?
    or 225 aoe is small enough to other heroes to interfere the skill?

    second skill
    good, 4 second cooldown and attacking randomly.
    can be used for rune-whoring.
    2000 casting range is too much for a 4 second cooldown skill.

    third skill OP
    +80 attack speed + aoe blind is too much

    Ultimate OP
    just build him with dagon 5 - refresher
    real one ult -> dagon -> refresh -> dagon
    second one -> dagon
    third one -> dagon

    the good point is that the illusion can't use refresher

    total damage : 800*4 : 3200.
  9. Manwhale4

    Manwhale4 Well-Known Member

    hell definaitely be nerfed all new heroes do.
  10. Shibubu

    Shibubu Banned

    Well it is arguably more productive to release a OP hero, since more people will want to try it, thus more discussions will emerge :D Just saying.
  11. system_failure

    system_failure Well-Known Member

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    i ve been waiting for that kind of ultimate for years
  12. naphack

    naphack Well-Known Member

    broken by concept imo...
    That ultimate just can't be balanced in any way(without making it no different from a short duration divided we stand, that is)
    midas, necro, manta, gg rax!
    If the game drags on, add refresher for the lulz.
  13. Snake

    Snake Well-Known Member

    Needs a nerf on his ultimate imo.
  14. cescsoler91

    cescsoler91 Well-Known Member

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    Go for Midas before Rad or Hex then you see someone's life ruined
  15. King3_

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  16. Q__Q

    Q__Q Banned

    I iz good beta tezster
  17. Katas

    Katas Well-Known Member

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    Get Soul Ring and Tranquil Boots Early Game. With a casting range of 2000, rush and place the SPARK WRAITH to their Tower (inconspicuous place to put your skill) as many as you can. See your enemy hero die on... First Blood! Just watch out for the enemy creeps.

    If your lane is Middle, position yourself on the river (Fog of War) and cast SPARK WRAITH to the tower.
  18. The-Destroyer

    The-Destroyer Active Member

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    just do refresher and hex 3 hex in one nice hero,to strong ultimate
  19. WaremDarkslayer

    WaremDarkslayer Active Member

    In my opinion , Arc Warden is not as OP as he appears. Warden is mainly an early game hero with ONLY single target damaging spells (ok and one with aoe) but other than that his stat gain is generally awfull for an AGI hero and his capabilities are easily toppled with a team that has heroes like pudge and Winter Wyvern ( seen it, done it ).

    Yes he may be veeery good at killing early game , and keeping up pretty well in mid game but against late gamers or mass disables he is worth nothing.(No damage , generally nothing special in hp and the only actual protection he has is his ulti).

    If he needs a nerf , it shouldn't be his ulti , more his second ability. Too OP at the moment.

    For example , say that a level 6 roamer is after you and has run out of mana (it happens while trying to kill the Warden) . All you have to do in order to freacking rip him to pieces is to go near your tower and cast your second ability at your feet when you are alone . If you are low hp and your chaser has high enough of an hp to try this you will destroy him.

    I believe that this ability should give an increasing evasion, not 100% at once.
    For example for levels 1/2/3/4 to have +50%/+60%/+70%/+80% evasion.

    Remember that this is only my opinion . No one is forcing you to accept it.
  20. naphack

    naphack Well-Known Member

    so him literally using 3 midas at the samme time(one with 100 sec cd, 2 with ~55 sec cd) is not op?
    if you say so...