Clockwork Battery Assault

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Midenoche, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Midenoche

    Midenoche Member

    Why does this ability not knock heroes out of stealth? It should at least kick TA out of her stealth.
  2. Semi-Formal

    Semi-Formal Well-Known Member

    Ya, it's annoying it doesn't hit invisible heroes like any other aoe skill. Best you can do is use cogs to knock TA out of invis.
  3. Midenoche

    Midenoche Member

    If that's the only way than it's an awful solution. It's supposed to mini-stun after all.
  4. GeorgeClooney

    GeorgeClooney Well-Known Member

    Gem, dusts, or sentries and you're fine...
  5. Midenoche

    Midenoche Member

    That's besides the point. If it's a mini-stun it should knock people in stealth (especially if it's channeled) out.
  6. Bernoully

    Bernoully Well-Known Member

    Mini-stun is just mini-stun, Battery Assault needs a target to work. The notes from the wiki:

    - Remains active even if Clockwerk is disabled.
    - Discharges a total of 14 shrapnel.
    - Total damage: 210/490/770/1050.
    - Does not hit invisible units.

    Play heroes with AoE if you want to hit anyone in stealth.
  7. enjoidank

    enjoidank Well-Known Member

    that tiny box makes WR's boobs look terrible
  8. AmtsboteHannes

    AmtsboteHannes Well-Known Member

    There is no channeled stealth. Unless I´m missing something.

    Edit: Forgot about Sandstorm
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  9. Hogger

    Hogger Well-Known Member

    It's not an AoE spell.
  10. Yendor

    Yendor Moderator

    You're missing Sandstorm.
  11. AmtsboteHannes

    AmtsboteHannes Well-Known Member

    Right, thanks. It is canceled by stuns and other disables, though, provided they hit him.
  12. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    In the wc3 engine, stunning has no effect on stealth as a status. It may interrupt some skills that give invisibility, but it does not have any implicit ability to hit invisible units or turn them visible.
  13. mooning_cat

    mooning_cat Well-Known Member

    1050 *4/5 = 840 damage. Never knew its that much :O
  14. Edvinsson

    Edvinsson Well-Known Member

    It very stronk if you hit a single target with the whole assault
  15. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    Sandstorm's invis has nothing to do with channeling. He's only channeling the damage, that's why you still deal damage when you got dusted or smth.
  16. Bad Apple

    Bad Apple Well-Known Member


    Sandstorm is a channeling spell, the invis part included. That is why people counter it with ground target and AoE stuns. If thr invis wasnt channeling, hed still be able to stay invis after a stun, just like Lanaya.

    @OP: if you want Battery Assault to hit invisible targets, get dust. That is why Clock is an initiator anyway.