Clinks Skill Build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Chevick, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    ^ This

    Always strafe at 4, WW at 1 or 2 is interchangeable, then max arrows and then WW for more mobility.

    For the people complaining about not having the mana for strafe, try buy an SR, I don't understand why people never get SR on clinkz...

    EDIT: i would get the new page, fml
  2. AriStar

    AriStar Banned

    I get SR only when i plan on ganking a lot, or having a hard time farming. i prefer a rushed Orchid because at if you can get it fast enough its game over.
  3. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    I use it a lot of different ways.

    If I want to gank, I go clear hard creep camps with pact and gank with mega damage.

    If I'm sitting in lane farming my rapier I just eat creeps and use it to push towers faster and get gold in my pocket.

    Or sometimes if someone is pissing me off in lane I'll go eat a creep and keep them away from me by threatening them or even killing them.
  4. AriStar

    AriStar Banned

    Early SR+boots ganks are epic,

    Run to Neutrals (centaur or something equally as big)->SR -> Pact -> WW -> SA on auto -> Run behind enemy -> Strafe -> Kill


    1. Arrow
    2. WW
    3. Arrow
    4. WW
    5. Strafe
    6. Pact
    7. Arrow
    8. Arrow
    Max either Strafe or WW if you want. Level 11 and Level 16 get ult.
  6. Nincinerator

    Nincinerator Well-Known Member

    imo one lvl of ww and starafe and searing arrows max then max ww and stats
  7. Beavertron

    Beavertron Member

    I would leave ww at lvl 2 and max strafe for increased dps by lvl 10. depends on how aggressive the opponents are being though of course.
  8. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    Save skill point until you arrive at lane. If it doesn't look like you're gonna get Level 1 ganked, get Searing Arrows. If it looks like you're in trouble, get Wind Walk, simple.

    Searing Arrows / Wind Walk
    Wind Walk / Searing Arrows
    Searing Arrows
    Searing Arrows
    Death Pact
    Searing Arrows
    Wind Walk
    Wind Walk / Strafe
    Strafe / Wind Walk
    Death Pact

    Since Searing Arrows has no cool down on Level 1, you can leave it at 1 for a couple of levels. Strafe at 3 is for the odd chance that you catch your opponent in a bad situation or have a Double Damage rune. Proceed to max out Searing Arrows, and then get Wind Walk to Level 3 and Strafe to Level 2. What you do from here does not matter, as with the Wind Walk buff, you should be plenty fast. And Strafe to Level 2, as 6 seconds should be suitable for most situations.
  9. myonlymemory

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    i like this a lot better than original post
  10. mrbosnos

    mrbosnos Well-Known Member

    thanks for information
  11. HiHelloHola

    HiHelloHola Member

    This has been my build for the last year or so:


    Oblivion Staff
    Str Treads
    Finish Orchid

    Always get WW lv1. +20 dmg for 4 last hits does not worth dieing from time to time because of ganks.

    I tried Soul Ring and it sucked. Some times I got BKB over Skadi and Diffusal Blade over BFly when there was already 3 or more Ghost Staff on the opponent side.
  12. Draba

    Draba Well-Known Member

    Searing is +30 damage, lvl 4 clinkz with a single wraith band does 85-91 with roughly a shot every 0.7 seconds. Typical hp range is 500-900 with roughly 5 armor, so when shit hits the fan and you are trading hits it certainly hurts.

    Go ahead and max ww/stats for maximum standing behind them power, I will stick with the build that most retards like me use.
  13. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    WW, SA, SA, Strafe, SA, ulti, SA.

    WW for early escape/chasing mech at 1. Rule of thumb: Safety/survival comes first.
    2 levels of SA for harassing orbwalk purposes
    Strafe once you have SA level 2 with 0s cooldown.

    everything else should be self-explanatory past this point

    using Strafe when SA is not 0s CD yet will make you look dumb.
  14. AriStar

    AriStar Banned

    and after level 6 when you death pact a centaur, its just imba.
  15. Hyde_Kouru

    Hyde_Kouru Well-Known Member

    i) lvl1 WW in early game is enuff to approach gank and escape
    ii) pls get WW at lvl 1, this might help u escape in surprise early but-sack
    iii) skipping death-pack is just retarted... instance gold, extra demage and hp..y skip?
    IMO a more efficient skill build would be:

    1. WW
    2. Searing Arrows
    3. Searing Arrows
    4. Strife
    5. Searing Arrows
    6. Death Pact
    7. Searing Arrows
    8. Strafe
  16. wickedswami

    wickedswami Well-Known Member

    Not reading changelogs will also make you look dumb.
  17. WetYoshi_x3

    WetYoshi_x3 Well-Known Member

    as long as you play agressive, it's all fine.
    Your skill build is the same as mine though.

    Edit : I take strafe at lv 4 instead of windwalk 2
  18. GodReaper

    GodReaper Well-Known Member

    So when I said get Strafe at level 5 instead of leve 4, you dying more somehow makes you right?

    OHSHT taking me out of context?

    Hold on, let me take you out of context:

    You max stats? Idunno why you suggest such a terrible build!

    That's one hell of a wraith band.

    You're real harsh on yourself.
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  19. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Why is there even a discussion going on in this thread. I expected all threads by this user to die within a few days of being posted...


    Possible alterations to this build involve taking the first point of strafe earlier in the game. I don't personally like this build because I believe it strains your manapool too much early and encourages you to move around more than you should. If you stay in your lane and do your job you get strafe in time for it to matter anyways. WW @ 1 is really only ever taken soloing the exposed lane against potential trilane ganks and isn't even that effective since if they really wanted to kill you they would have blue wards to frag you in lane and remove your ward on the rune.

    Some people substitute early stats in instead of some levels of windwalk, however I think that losing out to the immense speed and mobility granted by higher levels of windwalk is not worth the stats.