Charan's Guide to ORACLE

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    1. Nerif The Promise
    2. Table of contents
    3. Alt Tab Guide
    4. Foreword
    5. Hero Statistics
    6. pros and cons
    7. Hero strategy
    8. Allies and Enemies
    9. Conclusion


    Skill Build​


    Item build
    starting items
    Core Build
    Few have the knack for plucking the strings of fate, let alone seeing them for what they are. Fate is as mysterious as it is fickle, but for Nerif it has always been a burden. Those chosen must answer the call, and since boyhood he has been raised into the hallowed role of Oracle, proclaiming destiny's path to those worthy to hear of it. Though many of his ilk have chosen more peaceful routes to serving fate, he never felt that the future must be passively proclaimed. With the view of fate before him, his powers were suited by nudging and pulling threads and, where needed, severing them to better the life of all. It was inevitable that his abilities would culminate in deadly battle - he knew would come to pass, and he is ready to cut lives short to lengthen others.
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