Chaos Knight Nesaj - items

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Phosis, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Phosis

    Phosis Well-Known Member

    What is the item built for haos knight plz?

    I was thinking of:
    Ring of basilius
    Helm of dominator


    Sange & Yasha or Manta

    Is it good or something better??
  2. supaplecs

    supaplecs Well-Known Member

    1. Treads
    2. Perseverance -> BF
    3. Dominator -> Satanic
    4. Gauntlet
    5. Gauntlet
    6. Tp scroll

    you should be owning

    ILUVFOOD Well-Known Member

    I'm a huge fan of Vanguard, so I think I would probably get one. I'd probably go S&Y and then hyper> AC. And maybe if you can get your ias up, a basher. I think a shivas would be fun also.

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    Do not waste your time with a BF.
  4. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    SnY if youre owning, bkb againist disables, Maelstrom if you need more steady dps. heart is good luxury.

    anyway, core is just bracers and treads. thats all that really matters.
  5. Viceroy

    Viceroy Banned

    Treads/Phase - Bracer - Armlet - Manta - Deso - Heart/Butter
  6. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    DO NOT BUY THESE|[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][/table]

    Explanations: PT Str and 3 bracers are all applied to you and your illusions, thus giving you 532Hp and 28dmg to you and Illusions also. Plus, illusion gain agility and you have bigger mana pool.

    Manta is for additional ownage and confusing enemy. Also, all +stats are applied to illusions.

    Heart is no brainer.

    Bottle is if you are ganking all the time.

    Rejected items: Vlads gives you 0/nothing/zero. Its a complete waste of gold for small lifesteal which only works on you (yes, illusions don't gain anything, its fake animation). Battle fury is also a mistake, since all illuisons gain NOTHING. Only you gain. Complete waste of gold. Same goes with HotD. Life steal only works on you, so all you've got is small lifesteal, nothing else.
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  7. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    ^ Right

    I'm a huge fan of Diffusal on Nessaj for even more ganking power
  8. JaCKaSS_69

    JaCKaSS_69 Well-Known Member

    Diffusal CK has to be one of the easiest heroes to chase/kill with.
  9. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    Yeah, forgot it. Fixed now.

    ps. Nice table, isn't it?
  10. Phosis

    Phosis Well-Known Member

    Thnx for the help guys

    I'll go for:
    Ring of basilius
    Perseverance(is this necessary? - might be at the start)
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  11. qlq

    qlq Well-Known Member

    ^That should probably do it.
    Cp6uja explained it all nicely, there really isn't much to add :rolleyes1: Have fun! =)
    Pers will generally delay your other items but if you feel there's a need to get one you can go ahead.
  12. Viceroy

    Viceroy Banned

    My build is far superior to cp6uja's.
  13. kanzakill

    kanzakill Well-Known Member

    Seems like I have the weirdest build in this thread :mellow:
    MKB+Thread+Cuirass+Vanguard. End game :mellow: Sometimes Manta
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  14. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member


    on topic: hes right about the core. afterwards its a good idea to rush a HOT since ur images benefit the most from it. armlet also not too bad, remember to activate it before split. sny is ok. bkb not that great on nessaj imo, but situationally its needed. the quoted post would actually be a decent advice... if it wouldnt be for the maelstrom o_O

    edit: wow that fancy post with pictures just caught my eye.. ye bottle is good, close to core on CK. forgot that :S i personally dislike diffu on him, the purge is nice but not needed, the manaburn isnt all that great on his images since theyre more for towerrazing than anything else, the agi.. doesnt hurt but.. yea. str would be better :p manta isnt terrible, but id rather buff the awesome images he has than adding gimped ones. heart before it imo. didnt try new one on him yet though.

    off topic: reduced CD on his ult would be nice and simple buff. agreed?
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  15. Viceroy

    Viceroy Banned

    the best
  16. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Armlet + Bottle + Desolator
  17. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    well it obviously wasnt my first idea of an item, but one game i just thougth i needed some as and damage and since other orbs are bad on me anyway i made it and guess what - it worked.

    try it.
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  18. Phosis

    Phosis Well-Known Member

    Well sorry to say, but am kind of a newbie to Dota.

    Eveytime i've been using armlet, it drains my life away, how will armlet help me when it drains my life away???
  19. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Do not simply leave it on forever.
    It has a deactivate, and activate for a reason.
    Turn it on only when ganking, or when you require the additional damage.
  20. Viceroy

    Viceroy Banned

    There are so many answers to that question.

    It gives you AND your images a huge damage boost, and for the first 13 seconds you actually have MORE health than you otherwise would, and your illusions permanently gain +25 strength providing you activate it before you split.