Chaos Knight Item Build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Odin, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    Well, I recently started playing DotA again, and found to my delight that my favorite hero, Nessaj, was almost completely unchanged. Now, of course, I lost a few games while I tried desperately to learn all of the new abilities that my enemies were busting out, but I feel as though I've adapted to that now.

    So, that brings me to the matter of items. So far, I've been using the following build, which seems to start off quite weak, then pick up a lot of steam once I grab Sange and Yasha. I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for replacements here.

    2 Circlets
    6 Tangos
    1 Gauntlet and Bracer (maybe a second Bracer, but I usually just sell the second circlet)
    Ring of Basilius
    Ring of Health
    Void Stone (and Perseverance)
    Ring of Regeneration, Mask of Death, Vladimir's Offering
    Power Treads
    Sange and Yasha (I sometimes get this before the Power Treads, depending on how well I'm doing)
    From here, I split, based on how the other team is built. I either get Linken's Sphere if it will help. If not, I'll go for Heart of Tarrasque.
    By this point, the game is usually nearly over. If not, I'll start working toward an Assault Cuirass.

    So, any recommendations, or is this pretty much ideal?
  2. iLamer

    iLamer Well-Known Member

    If im playing Nessaj, i always build Bracers/Bottle/PT/Armlet. After Armlet i try to stack HOTs for mass HP and strengh, which gives his illusions full dmg. But now, after the Satanic buff i think Satanic could be a good item after Armlet or after the first HOT.
  3. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    Sorry, many of these acronyms are still alien to me.

    PT? Armlet?
  4. iLamer

    iLamer Well-Known Member

    PT = Power Treads
    Armlet = Armlet of Mordiggian
    HOT = Heart of Terrasque
  5. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    Ah, okay. I knew HoT, and I suppose I should have figured out Power Treads.

    Hmm... Armlet seems interesting, but I'm not sure. I still love Vladimirs and Perseverance (not least of all since it leaves me the option of Linken's later on).

    That, and I'm not good enough at last hitting yet to get Satanic in any reasonable amount of time.

    Still, I'll definitely consider these items if I find myself doing particularly well.

    EDIT: Incidentally, what does "LC" stand for? I frequently see it in game names, yet can't find it on the acronym list.
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  6. iLamer

    iLamer Well-Known Member

    Imo Vladimirs are not good because the illusions wont get any bonuses from it. Linken is ok because of its Stats and Spell block.

    If you have problems to lasthit try to learn it. Nessaj's attackanimation isnt that good but his basedamage is great.

    If you cant get Satanic in a reasonable just get Helm of the dominator and try to finish your Satanic. If you can get Messerschmidts Reaver for Heart of Terrasque you can just use it for Satanic. But HOT is a really good item on Nessaj.

    And your illusions dont get any damage from items like Buriza or Monkey King Bar. They only get dmg from Strengh items.
  7. N-RAGE

    N-RAGE Well-Known Member

    LC is list checker, a method of hosting games to give 0 (or near-0) input lag for non-host players.
  8. ~Maktor~

    ~Maktor~ Well-Known Member

    You are doing just like i do...sange yasha..power treads...vlads... excelent equip...and you are right, assault is awesome for him...

    Edit: and you need to be lucky, yo aways get a 4 sec stun and nice criticals, LOL
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  9. squ1sh

    squ1sh Member

    I usually go PT, 3 bracer and bottle. He's a stat oriented feller, and yes Armlet is definitely good on him. Heart if you can, but SandY works too.
  10. Zenit

    Zenit Member

    I say you should try your build around the new item, khadgar's pipe. It gives the buff to all of your illusions and your nearby allies, making them even harder to defeat. And the recipe items are pretty good for him imho, hood and nathrezim buckler + 800 gold. I think it's pretty nifty in any teamfight. Also you could drop the perseverance and take a bottle instead or a magic wand (magic stick + 3 branches + 125 recipe). With those items and a couple of bracers you should do fine.

    Oh and this is a pretty teamplay oriented build, which should work in public games too.

    But the other item suggestions seem fine to me as well.
  11. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    Do you mean the critical abilities, or the actual +damage part? Because I did not realize that.
  12. Nooblex

    Nooblex Well-Known Member

    lol lots of bad info here.

    Basically the idea with CK is to get as much strength as possible because it gives both damage and survivability to your images. Start with 2 or 3 bracers, bottle and power Treads, then move on to Heart. Armlet is decent on CK, but definitely not as good as on heroes like Leoric and Naix. Late game move onto items like Skadi and Linken's, as they provide more big stats bonuses for you and your images.

    Don't get vlads. Vlad's is a survivability item and stacking strength items will do a better job keeping you alive and give you a lot more damage.
  13. Rean

    Rean Member

  14. Chaos Knight is an image hero, and as such you want to work with that.

    Images do not get "pure" bonus from items such as +dmg or +armor.

    What they do get benefits from are stat items. This is why Armlet is such an amazing item on him. You can turn that on, use your ult and bam! Your images now have all that extra STR without the hp degen.

    He means the acutal +damage part. Although images DO NOT BASH ever, even mkb mini bash they do however crit. On the other hand, since he already has a crit skill passive buriza is a huge waste of money on him.

    As for item build, I agree with the second poster. Although if you really had the money instead of "stacking" HoTs (I really think stacking HoTs is a waste now that the regen won't stack) I'd make a Manta after the first one. It may be agility biased, but hey thats not really a bad thing and it gives you more images.

    To recap.

    Vlads + Pers is bad, build stat based items.

    Power Treads is actually hit and miss as the images will get the 10+ stats but will not get the +30% IAS. I actually like to get BoT on image heros, but Power Treads are fine too.
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  15. gwho

    gwho Well-Known Member

    i think it woudl be good to clear up about what bonuses image do get and don't get.

    1) stats. (bracers heart)
    2) armor (chainmail),
    3) movespeed (boots),
    4) IAS (gloves),
    4) auras (vlads, pipe, cuirass)
    5) non-stat-based regen (sobi, ring)
    6) magic reduction (cloak, hood)

    from reading the above comments, it seems #2-6 are "no's",but the images themselves hold the items... doesn't that mean that #2-6 are yesses?
  16. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    The images seem to get my movespeed bonuses from both Power Treads and Sange and Yasha, so #3 is a "Yes". Now that I think on it, I'm also curious if images get the benefit of Linken's spell block effect.
  17. wilfordjason

    wilfordjason Well-Known Member

    On nessaj, I usually rush power treads, after that, Nessaj attacks a lot faster, which makes it easier to farm, my next item will be Sange n Yasha( Sange first ).
    That is the core item build for my Nessaj, that is all he really needs anyways. The next items depends on what your team needs and what the enemies fear.
  18. Ziodex

    Ziodex Well-Known Member

    non em game: 4x bracer, bottle, pt/phase... gank alot... your a roamer. luxury is sell bracer for a heart, armlet over a 4th bracer if you are doing really well.
    em game: you cant really lose if you end up with pt, vlads, bfury, sny, heart, ac. not hard to farm at all because its em.
  19. AnarchySoldier

    AnarchySoldier Well-Known Member

    my CK build is

    if game still goes on a damage item such as buriza or mkb
  20. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    I tried out Armlet, but I couldn't seem to get the hang of it. I think I'll stick with Vladimirs and SnY, since Satanic is so expensive. The images are weaker, but the real me is stronger. I will pick bottle over Perseverance, however (unless I REALLY need Linken's).

    Thanks for the input, guys. Let me know if you have any more suggestions.