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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by qwerty.m, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. qwerty.m

    qwerty.m Well-Known Member

    As you all know, Ck is one of the most imba heroes in 6.67c. So i was wondering, what are the best builds for him? I've seen many different builds ranging from mid to late game style. Some rush manta and radiance while others get an armlet early. Opinion?

    I know the manta is imba because of his 2nd skill + crits. But is it better to pump the main hero or play with the image role?
  2. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    i didn't play him a lot but i like manta -> hot
  3. BattledOne

    BattledOne Well-Known Member

    i ussually start 2 mantles+ circle + tango/potion
    Then make 2 nulls for smapabilitty Int/Str treads depending on how much i have to spam. Then manta ->skadi-> heart.
    If you get an illus rune durng lvl 16 with a manta -> imba push or kill
  4. ExpertMarksman

    ExpertMarksman Well-Known Member

    My preferred build is always the same, stat/crit/ulti. For items, get power treads and hotd then stack tarrasque for as long as the game lasts. This build always ensures insta-win for me. You'll be feared on every teambattle and you'll be pushing like fuck, surprising any idiot that thinks you're nothing without your imba stun

    Note: I only play pubs
  5. EyeOfFire

    EyeOfFire Well-Known Member

    Armlet/Manta. Makes your images awesome, but also gives you good damage and ganking power too.

    Even if you only activate armlet before you phantasm, it's +25 str for them for much less than a heart (not to mention the heap of other bonuses).

    I usually go bottle/wand too, as I play more of a ganking CK, but you could easily sub those out and just rush the armlet.
  6. uhoh

    uhoh Active Member

    I usually go bottle>tread>guinsoo then it's pretty much gg
  7. fevgatos

    fevgatos Well-Known Member

    It depends on your playstyle. If you play a ganker CK go bottle ---> Treads (str / int) ---> wand ---2 nulls. After than get whatever you like , be it armlet / necronomicon / hot etc. If you play the hard carry route go for Hot FIRST---> armlet (keep it on 24/7 , hots regen > armlet's degen)---> Manta ----> hot x 3. After you farmed all those go outside the enemies base , click ulti, select images and attack ground on his base. GG
  8. zaphodbrx99

    zaphodbrx99 Well-Known Member

    Battlefury-desolator ( or satanic ), BKB , treads, curiass .

    Don't bother with images. Despite what they might be on paper they actually suck. They are only there for a short time on a huge cooldown and insane mana cost. 90% of the time I find they are just used for pushing/defending tower/rax. Besides if you can blink with images to 1 guy+stun, they are done for anyway no matter if you have items that help images or otherwise.

    Chaos knight isn't a standard image hero. First of all he only has his images 13% of the time, compared to lets say Naga, who has it 75% of the time and it's actually even worse because sometimes you won't have mana to split. Second he's strength hero, which means that normal agi items like manta and diffusal are not efficient on him. Stacking strength is a failed idea in itself because str gives only dmg, whereas agi gives both dmg and aspd. ( which is why even heroes like Sven who benefit from str get items like MoM and buriza rather than massing str ).
    Furthermore str items suck and give no actual benefit to images. Compare sange, armlet, heart, satanic to yasha, diffusal, manta, bfly. Images do not get maim , unholy rage ( except +str ), heart's regen or lifesteal, while they do get +ms, feedback and evasion. You might think that all the str makes the images hard to kill but it isn't really so, they still die anyway to random aoe's and cleaves just like any other images.

    There's simply no point in bothering with the images. Use them obviously, but yeah, that's it, don't bother boosting them. Focus on the main hero, he needs mana ( both mana pool and regen ), and damage items to help his crit. Thus bracers , wand , treads ( put int first then str ), perseverence->battlefury and further whatever items you need.
  9. feral_nature

    feral_nature Well-Known Member

  10. wd.Ripper

    wd.Ripper Well-Known Member

    Skill ; Max stun first, max Rift second, crit third & Mirror Image last.

    Items ; Power Treads, Manta, mb Armlet, HoT, AC, Deso/Satanic.
    Bottle + Wand early.
  11. qwerty.m

    qwerty.m Well-Known Member

    Wise words indeed my friend. I too feel reluctant to go manta since its costly build up price. Though MS IAS and agi ain't too bad, it just doesn't give raw damage. Is battlefury any good? Everyone i play with try their best to avoid battlefury claiming its a noob pubbers item on every melee hero whose name isn't Kunkka. :(
  12. tetra3

    tetra3 Well-Known Member

    Nah, don't get battlefury. There are so many better items you could get.
  13. Chizn

    Chizn Well-Known Member

    I go quelling+9 tangoes+ 1 hp pot. After I get perseverance then boots, finish bfury then finish treads, situational, manta if I am pushing. If defending I go cuirass, if they have lots of str I go desolator
  14. qwerty.m

    qwerty.m Well-Known Member

    -_- shouldn't you back your statement with examples?
  15. kingtipop

    kingtipop Well-Known Member

    He can carry with minimal items thanks to crit and ulti.
    Most important thing with CK is levels.
    Gank as much as you can since he has the ability to.
    Max rift as it is the most imba skill on him now.
    Basic item build for me is Treads, Wand, Bottle.
    ---> Deso/Sny/Manta.

    Battlefury is ok.
    Nice damage, adds to crit.
    People callk it noob cuz images don't crit, thats not enough for a justification as Bfury>Armlet anyday in my book.
    Regardless of the cost watever ratio etc
  16. asdasd

    asdasd Well-Known Member

    illusions are very important so going for a pure dps item is not that good imo.. you can get an armlet , turn it on, create illus and them , if u can't stand armlet you can turn it off otherwise keep it.
  17. qwerty.m

    qwerty.m Well-Known Member

    Yea, battlefury is mainly good because it starts of as a hp+mp item which turns into a damage item. I know desolator would give more bonus damages but you have to realise it is a awful buildup of 2 hammers and a recipe whereas perseverance accelerates your midgame ganks. Armlet isn't bad by any means gives you few seconds of steroids before you start getting worn off.

    What's with the battlefury hate? Isn't the buildup good? Or do most of you find it a waste of slot later? But nowadays games end fast. Its just like people going battlefury on gondar. It helps alot. Am i right or is battlefury still crap? -_-
  18. IdOnTcArE_n00B

    IdOnTcArE_n00B Well-Known Member

  19. Magsy<3

    Magsy<3 Well-Known Member

    I agree with this 100%. I went for a build like this in a game we were getting outpushed in a PDGG game and my team flamed me for making a battlefury + hyperstone. :(
  20. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    I like armlet because, not only does the hero himself (rather than images) very large bonuses, but also gives the images a good deal of hp if they happen to be off cooldown (and you happen to have enough mana for the ulti).
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