Chaos Knight Build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by dowtaa, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. dowtaa

    dowtaa Well-Known Member

    What is a good Chaos Knight build?
  2. Abomination-

    Abomination- Well-Known Member

    I don't play CK much but I think armlet and phaseboots.
  3. oblio

    oblio Well-Known Member

    Good CK build? Depends on your play style. What CK needs: Strength - for HP and damage, a bit of mana early game (around +200), lots of IAS starting mid game in the game, and maybe an orb late game.

    Now about the roles:

    Ganker? Treads or Phase, Bottle, Bracers, Armlet or Diffusal. Reasons: Treads for Str and IAS, Bottle for regen while you're running around, Bracers for Str and a bit of Int, which you badly need, Armlet for quick damage or Diffusal for bonus damage and an extra snare.

    Carry? Hard to play, since you need lots of farm. Treads, Bracers, Manta, Heart, whatever you want. You carry by taking down buildings with your images.
  4. bountyface

    bountyface Well-Known Member

    er....wand/bottle/int treads->bkb->something damaging. mjollnir? dunno.

    i don't really think you need phase, you can already blink in, and you want that crit to come out more often with all your images i guess.
  5. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    Bottle Wand Travels then SnY/Skadi for bulkscat images
  6. dowtaa

    dowtaa Well-Known Member

    Battlefury and heart works well I just found out.
  7. CoCoNoir

    CoCoNoir Well-Known Member

    Wand Treads Bottle is core, CK is a heavy ganker and should be played as such. Armlet after this is good, seeing as you won't be farming and the pieces are awesome by themself. Finish with Satanic/Heart/Assault etc etc,

    When learning skills, prioritise Stun over Blink Over Crit. Ulti can be taken when you like, if you're going to be hitting a tower at level six and have the mana then level 6 is fine.
  8. sauphich

    sauphich Well-Known Member

    core: bottle, wand. str tread ( keep as intel for stun and blink to gank )
    then get either SnY or Armlet or both.( turn on armlet before ulti )

    Luxury: Heart and batterfurry after maxed critical ( max last)

    Super luxury: Assault, Satanic

    I think that the normal build.
  9. CasioFX

    CasioFX Well-Known Member

    armlet hyperstone

    of course u still need you misc. shit too bottle/wand gg branchs bracers boots and stuff
  10. MooseEater

    MooseEater Member

    ck is one of my favourite hero in dota simply because he is very much unpredictable whether that damage of stun duration. my item build for ck is: bottle, 2xbracers, str treads, armlet. after these items, i normally roam around with ck and dont get much farm so i usually dont get to complete other items. however if i somehow able to farm more id normally go for heart or satanic. i personally dont like battle furry on ck simply because i use him as a roaming hero and the farming ability gotten from bfury is wasted. however if you feel you need more pushing power, then go for it.

    as for skill build, i normally max stun and blinkstrike 1st followed by maxing the crit and phantasm at level 13,14 and 16. i dont like using his ultimate simply because it costs so much mana. however once i get to late game he does have enough mana for more than ulti and one stun then i start using it to push towers and big teamfights