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    We are going to try a new structure for the Media Section to see how it works out. The main forum, will be where you can create threads and discuss whatever you like related to DotA Media, and the subforum, Submitted Media, will be where all content submitted from the main site ends up, and where you can discuss the content.

    Dota Media Main Forum:
    • Discuss artists, styles, preferences, etc
    • Brainstorm for new ideas
    • Get help and advice on how to create something new
    • Request various DotA media.
    • A place where artists that create original content can chat with other members and share their experiences and upcoming content. They can also help explain the design process and possibly show various sketches that led to its final state.

    Submitted Media Sub-Section:
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    TY for info...
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    Excuse me, if this is not the right place to ask, but its said that " I cannot create a new thread " in the Submited Media Sub-Section. Then how can I post a video, so it goes to the main site, where people rate and stuff ? I watched most of the topics and it seems like normal members like me created them, sharing the video that gets streamed on the main site.
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    please tell me how i can upload video to this site?
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    Read my last post. It's right above you...
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    I dunno abt the media but i know that i wish to see the Dota 2 invoker and luna although I do not get chance to touch the DOTA 2 :D
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    So I don't know if it is just me or not, but the video section is not working. If I click on videos the title of the page appears, the rating last 30/all time part appears and thats it. I have flash and any other stuff needed:-s I really like watching those vids and showing it to friends:(
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    It's a common bug, they are still trying to fix it.
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    How come nobody moderates this forum anymore?
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    Isso msm : Rofl:
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