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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Mystique-, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Mystique-

    Mystique- Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if anybody has ever successfully done a "Pacifist" Challenge. If so, please share the lineup that was used !

    Pacifist Challenge: Destroy the opposing team's Ancient with no hero-kills and no hero-casualties. [If the enemy heroes are unintentionally killed by allied creeps, I guess it doesn't count]
    Objective - Aim for the 0/0 hero score! :D
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  2. karadoc

    karadoc Well-Known Member

    easy vs AI (I've done that)... but as for pvp... well, the problem is that if the other team knows that you aren't allowed to kill them they can push with complete freedom. So you're really need the other team to not know what you were doing. It would be possible, but not against skilled players.
  3. Heeg

    Heeg Well-Known Member

    It's pretty easy on Tree that doesn't go Radi. I've gone 0/0/14 before.

    Or pick TB. Let your team win it for you.
    Or tell your team to go all Dagons. Surefire way to get ks'd every gank.
  4. Xeltos

    Xeltos Well-Known Member

    1) can happen with bots.
    2) I have seen (and played) 1v1 matches with this result as outcome when one is a major damage dealer and other is an escape artist.(escaper losing ultimately but not dying due to good escape mechanism)
  5. DarthNoob

    DarthNoob Well-Known Member

    Phantom Lancer vs *insert any str fatass here* would easily win 0/0 once just a little farmed (he'd probably lose quite a few towers, and then reverse the tide with the first core item)
    Other pushers would probably have the same deal
  6. Valorian

    Valorian Forum Manager

    aka operation gandhi

    no one has ever succeeded i think
  7. ResQ

    ResQ Well-Known Member

    Won't happen in any better game, never. DotA just isn't like this (anymore?).
  8. Swiftkick

    Swiftkick Well-Known Member

    Easy for a single hero to go 0/0/X, but a whole team? Don't think so.
  9. sandwichmelek

    sandwichmelek Well-Known Member

    Get riki and ban all heroes that have truesight, ban sentry wards and gem. You will never die for that part, and don't kill people.
  10. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    I've actually attempted operation gandhi before with rhasta, chen, enigma, dazzle and dragon knight i think was my 5th. Accidentally ended up killing a few people with mass serpent wards went for meks + arcane rings. Pretty funny, but failed.
  11. Mystique-

    Mystique- Well-Known Member

    Naga Siren + refresher orb theoretically works well: ult, attack buildings with no outside interference, refresh, attack buildings again - and as such is a crucial component in such "pacifist" lineups- but I doubt the actual viability of farming a refresher with no hero-kill gold and not dying O_O
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  12. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    summoner / pusher lineup

    omni OR naga siren

    assuming you are sentinel side.

    brood solo top
    furion middle
    omni or siren + enigma bot
    chen forest

    make sure your enemys do not have alot of AoE heroes and your aim is to just push as much and as annoying as possible.
    Brood stays top most of the time.
    Bot lane pushes as soon as Chen has enough creeps to join Enigma and Furion teleports inbetween all lanes and helps presuring them with treants.
    Omni to make sure nobody dies or Siren to easily push the base without the enemy being able to defend with sleep, illusions are also strong to help pushing.
    Pushing quickly will give most of the needed cash.
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  13. Xeltos

    Xeltos Well-Known Member

    lol Not true. Gandhi was totally opposed to even laying a han on your enemy/opponent.

    goog stratagy. but they can still kill you.
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  14. SolarClipz

    SolarClipz Well-Known Member

    I do not recall. I doubt it.
    Higher level games wouldn't work I assume.
    Yet, you couldn't rely on many pubbies to win for you either.

    That's a daunting task.
    I should try this.
  15. Mr.Brightside]

    Mr.Brightside] Well-Known Member

    heroes that are good at pushing and good at escaping are useful for this. Heroes like lycan and bone, just do some damage to towers and then run away, slowly but surely you can push and if u play safely you can avoid death, but yes, its very difficult to achieve.
  16. Sandata

    Sandata Well-Known Member

    we've come pretty damn close until Akai started killing people.

    Imo, you want to see a 0/0 hero with 0 creep kills WINNING A GAME, you talk to Guyoverthere07's potm. It was amazing.
  17. fuser

    fuser Member

    And where might we find this replay? I remember watching it a while back and I just spent half an hour searching for it lol. Can you point me in the right direction?
  18. Mystique-

    Mystique- Well-Known Member

    OH yeah! I definitely remember seeing of that replay, but never actually got around to watch it. I'm also quite interested in that replay X)
  19. Valorian

    Valorian Forum Manager

    lol allure can't resist can she

    did the potm afk all game or what
  20. ekcelo

    ekcelo Member

    I beat my friend in a chess match without either of us losing a peice. Maybe a DotA match could be the same way if you did Same hero mode Abbadons or some other High tank lower nuke/dps hero. 10 omni knights couldn't result in many deaths.