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    you guys lol are a bunch of idiots i love his new ult he new ult so much fucking survivability to his whole team and you can help your carry get those getaway kills he would normally miss and reach for those last few hits im not a pro player but i love this guys new ult makes him sooooo annoying to take down he is one of those tanks that has so much game presence and when your like yes i got him lets take there carry after we get him he just ults and in come his he team to back him up best initiator in my opinion

    AISHARP Member

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    what? his new ulti lv2 have 106aoe -,-"
  3. attackride

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    only fools will think that his new ulti is useless. lol his ulti is the same in dota 2 and it's very useful imo
  4. Viperus

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    So, is he OP or not? Because I find most str heroes boring, and hes actually fun (along with Tide and NS), and I dont wanna abuse an imba hero.
  5. tU_eKA

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    the new ultimate make a trouble for his enemies...
  6. Kaiman

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    it's not about useless or not, it's about needless changing classic stuff up just for the hell of it ... a unique spell replaced with a spell that slows and damages just like 50 other ones do
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    What is OP
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    lmao yea passive strength was such a unique and interesting skill
  9. gorillabull

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    New Centaur Ultimate

    Ability Name: Retard Strenght.
    The Centaur Smacks himself in the head becoming retarded and losing all his intelligence, but enraging and gaining bonus strength equal to the intelligence lost. This effect is temporary and lasts
    Level 1 - 10
    Level 2 - 20
    Level 3 - 30

    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 40 Seconds

  10. noobschoolbus

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    I'm not sure why some people argue for his old ulti back.. the new one is so much fun.

    Right now in war3 he can pass over any type of terrain and it feels too overpowered to me. However, I like the fact that he can move through trees.

    Maybe in dota 2 he could trample over trees like he does now, but destroying them in the process.
  11. gorillabull

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    the current one is pretty buggy, you cant give direct orders if you want your hero to walk on cliffs the hero takes the regular pathable way to make him walk on the cliff you need to click many times and that wastes the duration of course that is just one use of the ultimate but it is not made optimal
  12. armkill11

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    I liked old ultimate, but new is not bad at all. Anyway, very fun hero, and I dont think that he is OP, really. Just dont nerf him, cause people find him big... :(
  13. saltegg0

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    how about current Ult change as 3rd skill ? instant of global aoe, its a global active skill on single target ? He will sacrifice his Str to make his allies increase movement speed and temporary str ? (like Treat Protecter)
    his new ult will be a aoe shockwave, kinda like tide but smaller and mag shockwave but spreads in 6 direction, in the center he give a ministun (smaller circular), those who hit by his wave are being slow down. and add a passive skill return and hardening (nerf alittle). kinda like he collect all his dmg during his fight then he return it as aoe shockwave to his enemy?

    what about this idea, IceFrog ? good enough to put him in CM mode ?
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  14. WingSky1990

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    i can still remember the old days when i unintentionally pick centaur. i will be so happy with his old unique ulti although i dont even know much about how to play him. but now whenever i get cent or "think" to pick him, i feel like crap! replace the ulti to strength gain, what the heck is that? sound like cent have both old ulti and new ulti in one heroes. if you dont like his ulti, just tweak little bit not totally change all the concept. stupid, change back the way centaur meant to be!
  15. deathkidkun

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    What's so good about his old ultimate? It was utter bullshit, just makes him take more heartstopper damage from Necrolyte. You can always reproduce his old ultimate by stacking hearts and shit. FFS stampede allows you to secure kills even without being there.
  16. gram_galvanizer

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    If you could not bring Great Forti back, then. . .
    Maybe remove the Stampede's ability to ram through cliffs
    (through trees is already nice) and increase duration by just 1s. Now how's that sound?
    Wc3 has pathing problems with non-Flying units with abilities to walk through cliffs.
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  17. 5H4D0W.ReborN

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    Too imba , nerf this hero !!!
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    ugly ultimate!
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    lol nice 1