Celestia - The Oracle

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    Celestia - The Oracle​

    Strength: 17 + 1.7
    Agility: 20 + 1.9
    Intelligence: 19 + 1.7

    Affiliation: Sentinel
    Damage: 25-38
    Armor: 0
    Movespeed: 285
    Attack Range: 450
    Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.51
    Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.51
    Base Attack Time: 1.7
    Missile Speed: Instant
    Sight Range: 1800 / 800

    Hero Introduction: One thing you do not want is getting revealed. Celestia is an Intelligence hero in a different sort of way. She relies on attacks and map awareness. She has a channeling 4 second disable, an attack damage drain and Single damage nuke in one. A good disable in team clashes. An aura which increases her and her allies attack speed and damage. Her most irritating skill is Foresight, it gives vision of the area for a few seconds. Good in disrupting the enemies plans and giving away their positions. Her main trade is Global Presence, which allows her to attack her opponents globally. The only thing to counter her, is to predict her every move.

    Backgound Story: As what the sages of old have prayed, Celestia, The Oracle has come to aid the Sentinel in battle. Sent from the heavens, her extraterrestrial powers lay undenied. She can conjure a magic void, draining the power of her opponents and immobilizing them making them prey in her grasp. She enlightens her allies in the battlefield in a form of aura, increasing their attack speed and damage. Annoyingly, she can portray the plans of her opponents with her Foresight. And worst of all, she can attack you from afar, her Global Presence makes her a annoying yet deadly opponent. There is nothing she could not see nor could reach.


    [​IMG] ForesightManacost: 125/115/105/95
    Cooldown: 35
    Celestia's visionary powers allow her to reveal a certain area for a few seconds. Celestia and her allies gains 550 AoE vision of the area.
    Level 1 - Vision lasts 4 seconds.
    Level 2 - Vision lasts 5 seconds.
    Level 3 - Vision lasts 6 seconds.
    Level 4 - Vision lasts 7 seconds.
    Notes: Gives vision of an area. Does not reveal invisible units.
    Comments:The skill you'll love and they'll hate. Predicting is really useful here. Fulfills your role as a support hero, you must always let your teammates know where your opponent's are. Good for countering ganks, scouting and synergizes with your ultimate.

    [​IMG] Celestial AuraManacost: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Celestia's presence empowers her allies in a 600 AoE granting bonus attacks peed and damage.
    Level 1 - +10% damage and 10% attackspeed
    Level 2 - +12% damage and 14% attackspeed
    Level 3 - +14% damage and 18% attackspeed
    Level 4 - +16% damage and 22% attackspeed
    Notes: Only allied units in 600 AoE around Celestia is granted this buff.
    Comments: A mixture of both Vengeful Spirit's and Beastmaster's aura, it gives minor bonus percentage of attack speed and damage. Also fulfills Celestia's role as a support.

    [​IMG] Magical Void
    Manacost: 100/135/170/205
    Cooldown: 42/40/38/36
    Celestia conjures a void a round her, channeling it. It then disables enemy units caught in it, draining their damage. Damage drained stacks into Celestia attacks. And after the effect, Celestia turns the damage stacked upon her foes.
    Level 1 - 7 damage/second drained.
    Level 2 - 11 damage/second drained.
    Level 3 - 15 damage/second drained.
    Level 4 - 19 damage/second drained.
    Notes: Enemy units within 400 AoE is disabled and drained of their attacks. The damage drained stacks upon her attacks.
    Damage stacked is released when Celestia attacks an opponent, dealing physical attack + damage drained.
    Comments: This skill is channeling and you must be in the center of battle to unleash it's full potential. The damage drained is based on how many units are their in the area and how many seconds you channeled the spell. The damage stacked is physical so when used on targets with ghost scepter, it wastes the attack. And to a target with blademail, well end of story.

    [​IMG] Global Presence
    Manacost: 100/120/140
    Cooldown: 2/1/0
    With indepth power no one understands, she could take down her opponents at impossible distances, becoming a deadly opponent from afar.
    Level 1 - Increases Attack Animation Speed by 10%
    Level 2 - Increases Attack Animation Speed by 13%
    Level 3 - Increases Attack Animation Speed by 15%
    Notes: Can attack units within global range.
    The attack projectile speed increases per level, making it a direct hit.
    Attack Animation Backswing is increased while on auto-cast.
    You only gain 15% of the experience.
    Attack Projectile must hit the target first in order to follow-up the next attack.
    Attack damage is reduced by 2% per 100 units traveled.
    Orb Effect.
    Buff Placer.
    Comments: Well, this skill is really unbalanced. But Celestia has a really low mana pool for an intelligence hero. Making it as a nuke combined with Magical Void. Making it hard to spam early game. Celestia has also below average damage, making it foolish to use without proper items.

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    Hey there. Welcome to the forums. I'm just going to point this out and leave you to realise for yourself why it can't possibly be balanced.
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    Thanks. It would be nice if any could help with making her ultimate a bit balanced but still retaining the global range theme.