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    Current Version (6.74c) Update


    The main body of this guide were written for DotA v6.72f. Since then there has been some major buff on Sven's skillset. This section will cover some strategy changes.

    Balance Changes

    [+] Great Cleave increased from 20/30/40/50% to 30/40/50/60%.
    [+] God's Strength is no longer purgeable.
    [+] God's Strength damage buff increased from 100/125/150% to 100/140/180%.
    [+] Warcry duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds.
    [+] Warcry cast time removed.

    It is quite obvious that IceFrog's intention is to make Sven a better damage dealer during team fights, hence the unpurgable and damage-enhanced God's Strength, and larger cleave damage. Even better, Warcry has been buffed to actually become a viable early skill, no cast animation, 8 seconds duration.

    New Items

    Tranquil boots is very good on early-game roaming Sven. Get this with a Soul ring and you solve all your health and mana problems, with a nice plus of superior movement speed and armor. Highly suggested if you play ganker Sven.

    Heaven's Halberd, the 25% evasion plus disarm is good for Carry-style Sven.

    (Update) Alt-Tab Mini Guide
    Strategy and Role
    Since the recent update, there has been a subtle shift in Sven's role. Since his cleave and God's strength has been significantly enhanced, he is now a reliable damage dealer in team fights.

    Thus, IMO Sven should now be played with more focus on his carrying potential: get the quelling blade, farm up Battlefury and power treads in the ~18 min range and proceed directly to BKB. If you have better initiator in your team, it is suggested to not initiate with storm bolt during team clashes, but save it for follow-up stuns on enemy caster/ranged dpsers who usually stand at the back of line. Activate God's Strength, Warcry, and BKB, in that order, stun and then destroy the entire enemy team.

    Justification of BattleFury core: BFury plus your intrinsic cleave gives you 95% cleave damage, which is NOT REDUCED BY ARMOR VALUE. Which means you do more damage to the cleaved target than your main one. BFury also provides all the health regen if you go jungling and all the mana regen for your stun and warcry. It speeds up your farming (as a carry you'll need farming) by 100%.

    If you disagree and think Sven still better fits the ganker role, please skip this section and move on to the older verion.


    Starting Items

    Core Items

    EndGame Items
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Alt-Tab Mini Guide

    Start Items

    Core Items
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    EndGame Items
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Sven's Story

    Sven's father is a human paladine and his mother an elf priestress. Sven is born a knight from his father, but ostracized since birth because of the heretic faith of his mother.

    Sven is a melee strength hero with good ganking capability early on and outstanding farming skills at mid game. He can also semi-carry at late game if farmed up.

    [+] One of the best non-ulti ranged AOE stuns.
    [+] Good farming skills, good attack animation too.
    [+] Good DPS without too much items.

    [-] Mana problems.
    [-] His Ulti is countered by purge.
    [-] Mediocre stats gain, below average movement speed.

    Stats at level 25
    Base damage 118-120+20

    Str 87+20
    Agi 69+20
    Int 45+20

    Armor 9+2.8

    Life 2183
    Mana 845

    Move Speed 295
    Range 128 (melee)
    BAT 1.7
    Attack Animation 0.4/0.3

    Link to the Sven's Hero page


    [tab]Storm Bolt|Great Cleave|Warcry|God's Strength

    Storm Bolt

    A ranged AOE stun that auto-tracks the target. Gives 325 magical damage and 2 second stun at level 4, with a 600 casting range.

    Your bread and butter skill, this is what makes Sven a viable pick in competitive games. Lets take a quick look at other heroes' non-ulti ranged stuns:

    Vengeful spirit's
    Magic Missile is single targeted, deals the same 325 damge but only stuns for 1.75 second, and only 500 range. ​

    Hellfire Blast is single targeted, deals 300 damage, stuns 2 second, slows 2 second and 525 range.​

    Chaos Bolt is single targeted, deals 188 damge on average, stuns 2.5 sec on average and 500 range. ​

    Clearly Sven's stun has a good combination of damage and range, the 2 second duration is on-par with others but most important of all Storm Bolt is an AOE effect!

    Althought it looks like an area based effect, the Storm Bolt is actually target-based, so once it is cast it will track the central target even if he/she Blink or Juke. However it can still be dodged by model replacement based skills (Manta for instance).


    Great Cleave

    50% Melee cleave, 200 aoe, bland but effect at mid-late game.

    A great farming tool, and can deal huge damge in team fight too if used correctly. Just don't level this too early when your base damge is low.

    The cleave AOE is 200, combined with the 128 melee range, you can hit enemies at 328 distance away if there's a creep in between the two of you. Can help finishing fleeing enemy heroes.

    Cleave damage is not reduced by armor value, thus it is quite common that you deal more damage to enemies in cleave area than your primary target.


    War Cry

    A team buff which gives 12 armor and 12% movement speed. Sounds good on paper but the duration is really short (6 seconds), and to make it even worse it has a casting animation (0.3 second) so don't rely on it for chasing / escaping.

    12 armor roughly translates to additional 10~20% physical damage reduction for late game heros (this value is on top of their base and item armor). 12% movement speed increase is about 40 or roughly 2/3 of the MS bonus from a pair of boots.

    This is a weak skill (or THE weakest of all skills in dota, according to some pubbies), however it is worth getting 1 point at early stage for the 12% MS bonus.


    God's Strength

    Sven's ulti is a buff that gives 150% damage boost, it only calculates the damage from primary attributes (strength). At level 16 without any items it gives +146 damage when activated. At level 25 with some basic items it is easily equivalent to a Divine Rapier (250 damage).

    God's strength is a buff that can be purged (Diffusal blade, Medusa's stone gaze, Shadow demon's purge), but BKB can make it im-purgeable.

    Since God's strength only boosts attribute based damage, getting +STR items is exceptionally cost-effective on sven. For example, an Armlet costs 2600 gold, you get 25 strength, and when ulti is up it is amplified to 25*2.5 = 62.5 damage which worth at least 4000! Even better, 50% of this damage is cleaved! A Heart which gives 40 strength is equal to 100 damage under god's strength.


    Skill Build

    [tab] Ganker Build|Carry Build|Support Build

    Level 1 - Storm Bolt
    Level 2 - Stats
    Level 3 - Storm Bolt
    Level 4 - Warcry / Stats
    Level 5 - Storm Bolt
    Level 6 - God's Strength
    Level 7 - Storm Bolt
    Level 8 - Stats
    Level 9 - Stats
    Level 10 - Stats
    Level 11 - God's Strength
    Level 12 - Cleave / Warcry
    Level 13 - Cleave / Warcry
    Level 14 - Cleave / Warcry
    Level 15 - Cleave / Warcry / Stats
    Level 16 - God's Strength
    Level 17+ - Whatever is left

    This is the most common Sven build, storm bolt is maxed ASAP for obvious reason, and stats is get early to give more mana / ganking power.


    Level 1 - Storm Bolt
    Level 2 - Stats
    Level 3 - Storm Bolt
    Level 4 - Stats / Cleave
    Level 5 - Storm Bolt
    Level 6 - God's Strength
    Level 7 - Storm Bolt
    Level 8 - Cleave
    Level 9 - Cleave
    Level 10 - Cleave
    Level 11 - God's Strength
    Level 12 - Cleave / Warcry
    Level 13 - Warcry
    Level 14 - Warcry
    Level 15 - Warcry
    Level 16 - God's Strength
    Level 17+ - Whatever is left

    Carrying the game means you are babysitted by some supporting roles and can farm with minimum harrassment earlyon. If this is the case, getting cleave for more farming potentials is not such a bad idea. However I want to point out there are many heroes that just outclass Sven as a carry.

    Using Sven as a support is like hiring Schwarzenegger for daycare. However if for some wired reasons you decide to go this route, then warcry should be maxed next to storm bolt. Use warcry before tower diving, for example.

    Level 1 - Storm Bolt
    Level 2 - Warcry
    Level 3 - Storm Bolt
    Level 4 - Warcry
    Level 5 - Storm Bolt
    Level 6 - God's Strength
    Level 7 - Storm Bolt
    Level 8 - Warcry
    Level 9 - Warcry
    Level 10 - Stats
    Level 11 - God's Strength
    Level 12 - Stats
    Level 13 - Stats
    Level 14 - Stats
    Level 15 - Stats
    Level 16 - God's Strength
    Level 17+ - Whatever is left


    Item Build

    Always remember that skill and item builds are fluid, and this is especially true for the item build. I'll list some good item choices below but don't restrict your choices too much by this guide. Use your imagination and instincts.

    Starting Item Choice

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Some combination of these. If you play carry style Sven, get the Quelling blade, otherwise you shouldn't get it at the start.

    Low Level Item Choice

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Usually the Bracers are so good it is a sin to not get them. A boot is a must and everything else is situational.

    Core Item Set

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Armlet is the best DPS/Survival item you can get for Sven, and it has a very fluent build up. Under level 3 god's strength, it gives you 102.5 damage, 25 ias, INVALUABLE instant 475 life boost and 5 armor at the cost of 37hp/Sec. Switching armlet OFF and ON (5 sec cooldown! better than blink) saved me numerous times when I am being chase / ganked.

    Power Tread is the boot for Sven. With God's Strength that 8 strength is pumped up to 20 damage. Sven also desperately needs the 25 attack speed.
    Phase boots are for emo kids. Real men like Sven needs raw stats.

    The Magic wand somehow solves your mana problems. Alternatively you can rely on the Bottle or Soul ring but personally I think wand is enough. Also wand provides stats boost.

    Always carry a town portal, you are one of the better base defenders with your huge cleave damage.

    Luxury Item Choice

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Basically anything that can provide good strength boost is worth considering on Sven.

    Blink Dagger deserves a special mentioning here. If the game is going on your side, you can get it as your first luxury after Armlet. However if you were forced to be on the defense side and can't freely roam/gank then you may skip this. It as situational (albeit strong) item rather than absolute core.

    Heart of Tarrasque is a significant HP/Damage boost on sven for rather cheap 5500 gold, I recommend to get it as soon as you can afford it.

    Battlefury, in contrast with common (mis)beliefs, is actually a viable Luxury item for Sven. If you plan to get it, get it early (right after PT/Armlet for example). The mana regen is very helpful, the life regen is nice, the damage boost is huge (BFury is actually one of the best damage/gold items in the game) the cleave stacks with your passive so you have a wopping 85% 200 AOE cleave damage, which is comparable with Dragon knight's elder dragon form.

    Of all the orbs I recommend Satanic (life steal), because of the 25 strength in the built-up.

    Endgame Full Set

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    With this build you have 4345 hit points, 67% physical damage reduction after Warcry, and crit for 2000 damage without resorting to any Divine Rapiers, can instant kill the enemy team if landing an excellent Storm bolt. However if the enemy team has strong disablers/silence/purge you should swap the BFury for a BKB.

    Sven's Killing Routine
    1. After Seeing enemies: Activate Armlet.
    2. Cast God's strength.
    3. (optionally) Use MOC on someone if you have it.
    4. (optionally) Warcry.
    5. (optionally) Activate BKB.
    6. Initiate with Storm Bolt, try to AOE stun as many as possible.
    7. Attack the enemy, position yourself so that the rest are in your cleave AOE. Blink to the best position if you can.
    8. If they run away with fragment of HP and there are enemy creeps blocking your path, attack the creep so that the cleave will reach the fleeing heroes.
    9. Don't forget to deactivate Armlet when it is safe.



    Good Allies and Bad Enemies

    Mass puller

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They suck :), you stun and cleave.

    Aoe stunner

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Chain Aoe stun = own.

    Aoe Damager

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You stun, they spree.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These are your enemies. They can purge your ulti, so be sure to buy BKB if you face them.

    Nov 03 2011: Edited according to suggestings in variours comments (Lycan).
    Oct 13 2011: Adds Blink Dagger, thanks to Creepyshadow.
    Oct 10 2011: First draft for v6.72f.
    Apr 13 2012: Update for v6.74c.

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  2. orangeparka

    orangeparka Well-Known Member

    Do you really want Armlet as your first semi-expensive core item? How would Sven regen the lost HP from Armlet?
  3. abakus

    abakus Well-Known Member

    Armlet when turned off, has 5HP/Sec regen, which is equivalent to a ring of health.

    Also, you always can buy some tango/salves.

    I want to point out that under lvl 3 God's strength, an Armlet gives you 102.5 damage, 25 IAS, 5 Armor, for what? 2600 gold and 37HP/Sec? The HP boost from 25 STR can gives you 12 seconds of free buffs, and usually you finish your enemies in like 2 seconds?
  4. Creepyshadow

    Creepyshadow Well-Known Member

    I like the core set however I think it might be wise in some cases to aim for a 5 slot filler and not 6. I'm assuming that casual means public gaming and the one thing I have learned from public gaming is sometimes you can't count on your allies to do whats needed to be done. There will be times where your forced to buy your own wards, your own chicken, your own dusts and gem. Invisibility can negate you entirely and it is because of this reason you may need to have a reserve slot to carry dust.

    On your build while it is not bad you might want to look into the idea of purchasing blink dagger. I use to play sven a lot and with blink dagger, armlet, your ultimate, and your storm bolt the enemy wont know what hit them and will die in a matter of seconds.
  5. abakus

    abakus Well-Known Member

    I agree, I usually buy dagger when the ganking is going well. I added it to the luxury now, thanks for the suggestion.

    Skip a Bracer if you want a free slot.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2011
  6. FunnyWarfare

    FunnyWarfare Well-Known Member

    I'm not a great Sven player, but here is the way I see him:
    1. Your stun is awesome...
    but you're always low on mana.
    Using your build this problem is kinda fixed by Urn and Magic Wand, but Soul Ring and Bottle can help you fix these problems, too. Maybe you should try them out.
    2. When you activate your ultimate every hit of yours has the power of a nuke...
    but you rarely hit people since they are concious of this and avoid it.
    You maybe know these huge and incredibly strong monsters in movies who are sadly kinda slow and never hit anything till the agile protagonist finally slays them.
    That's what you will be if you only focus on boosting your dps. But what if these one of these monsters suddenly appears right in your face so you can't dodge? That would actually make it dangerous, and that's why I recommend this handy item as core:
    Cool things you can do with it:
    1. DPS: You are actually in range to autoattack. In some games you deal more damage because of that than you would deal with Armlet. In some ;)
    2. Burst: Stun, Ulti, Blink to the target and hit. It's pretty much unavoidable, you sit in someones face and if this someone isn't tanky he should be half dead already. With the help of a teammate it should be a secured kill.
    3. Area of Influence: The blink gives your stun basically 1800 range. You seem to be concious of the huge difference between 500 and 600 range, so I guess I don't need to explain how awesome 1800 range are. Helps a lot initiating ganks and even teamfights if your opponents tend to crowd together too much or just when you want to catch somebody out of position.
    4. Pussying: You also get quite an unmanly escape mechanism, quite handy, really.

    Btw: Your luxury choices are quite strange in my opinion, doesn't manta remove your ultimate?
  7. NZPossum

    NZPossum Active Member

    I like how you placed the comparisons to other stun skills. Pretty handy, but not getting blink dagger and BKB until after armlet may be fatal.
  8. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Well-Known Member

    Some general notes:
    *You should have alternate core for alternate builds
    *Armlet is generally not worth it. You already hit hard enough, and a diffusal and you're gone. Even more so if you have no Blink
    *Warcry is as good as it gets for what it does. I do agree it's not entirely a powerful skill, but's it's damn sure better than Cleave.
    *There's no part of the guide that tells you how to play the hero
  9. erednay

    erednay Well-Known Member

    Completely trash. I don't understand why anyone would choose not to max warcry. Even in your "ganking" build. You need the bonus armour and ms to dive towers with your tri lane you contemptible fool. A simple arcane boots would solve all your mana problems.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2011
  10. No_Worries

    No_Worries Well-Known Member

    I would say core would be SR/Boots/Dagger. It's very cheap, solves his mana problems, and makes him a potent ganker. Without dagger, you stun, you get close, they run away. Simple as that
  11. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    Alt Tab miniguide, swap the skill icons for names people remember skills with names not with icons.. People remember items with icon's.

    The image of sven.

    StormBolt AoE and Castrange screenshot.
    Cleave AoE,

    Cleave ignores armor you should note it.

    Warcry -> 12 armor every piece of armor add 6% ehp, 72%ehp increase against physical attacks... your numbers are flawed. It's actually quite decent during teamfights. or pushes

    no mention of soulring.

    Mass puller:
    They suck... rephrase it to they cluster enemies up or something like that also add seer.

  12. lejone

    lejone New Member

    New Comment

    Sorry pal, but i don't understand why do you get armlet at first. It's not a good choice, instead go for a pair of bracers, a Mask of Madness, maybe the Dagger's blink ability and then buy your armlet. If there are many nukers in the other team, don't buy it, or they'll fuck you off. And, what do you think about phases?
  13. Facelessfatso15

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    New Comment

    Your builds were good, but you forgot to put bottle for your core
  14. hakkoda_18

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    New Comment

    where is dagger?

    EKSCKALEEBUUUUR Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    As far as I know, Purge doesn't cancel his ulti anymore because now it's a transformation spell, not a buff.
  16. abakus

    abakus Well-Known Member

    Re: New Comment

    It still does.
  17. abakus

    abakus Well-Known Member

    No manta doesn't remove Sven's ultimate.
  18. Benlover

    Benlover New Member

    New Comment

    Okay but want more HP.
  19. borgero

    borgero Active Member

    can be pertty good for dps sven can suipport too nice guide
  20. rodry2008

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    Nice Gude dude!