Canada legalises oral sex with pets

Discussion in 'World News & Debates' started by TheImperial, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. TheImperial

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    What the hell? I will refrain from posting stuff like after legalization of you-know-what-i-am-talking-about comes legalisation of animals here tho.

    Anyway, dunno if fake or not.
  2. Madasahat

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    Its really not what it seems, but its still a weird ruling, I'll give you that.

    WHAT'S TRUE: Canada's Supreme Court ruled that the current definition of bestiality only included penetrative acts.

    WHAT'S FALSE: Canada passed a new law legalizing oral sex with animals.

    Shortly after the ruling was issued, several web sites reported that Canada had legalized oral sex with animals. The country, however, did not issue any new laws regarding bestiality, nor did they change any existing laws. The Supreme Court based its ruling on the legal definition of bestiality already in its criminal code:

    However, this bill may not stand for much longer. Legislation that would redefine bestiality to include all inter-species sexual activity was introduced to Parliament, but as of June 2016, remains in its early stages. Camille Labchuk, executive director of the Animal Justice group, urged lawmakers to quickly pass the bill:

    Whether or not the bill passes, bestiality has not been legalized in Canada, and it's extremely unlikely that it will ever be.
  3. TheImperial

    TheImperial Well-Known Member

    Never say never.
  4. Madasahat

    Madasahat Well-Known Member

    The thing is penetration has always been required to secure bestiality convictions and courts do not have the power to rule otherwise. You can commit bestiality in US right now, if they don't have proof of penetration, the court will not punish you.
  5. Rickaby

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    In other news: Peanut butter sales have reached a new record in Canada.
  6. mrfokker

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    I've never understood why bestiality is illegal to begin with. Something being disgusting is not enough of a reason to make something illegal, and as far as no person is harmed during the activity, I see no reason for prosecution.
  7. Petique

    Petique Well-Known Member

    ^Animals are probably harmed though and I don't think they want to fuck with humans tbh, which is then a certain kind of abuse. However the abuse of animals is punishable by law. What is there to not understand?
  8. MWaser

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    It's animal abuse since it's sex without consent, as animals can't give consent.

    Not one humans can interpret, at least.
  9. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    I mean, an animal can "give" consent if it starts mounting you or if it starts performing oral sex.
  10. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    Licking peanut butter off your dick is not "starting to perform oral sex", since it has no awareness of what it is doing. It's like putting your dick in the mouth of an infant, it might take it in without awareness of what it's doing, but it's child abuse.
  11. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    So under no circumstance has an animal ever attempted to have sex with a human out of it's own volition?

    I'm just calling a spade a spade, obviously it's disgusting.
  12. Madasahat

    Madasahat Well-Known Member

    This thread is kinda about courts though, there are many excuses one can find to justify a dog licking the peanut butter on their penis. But there is simply no justification for intercourse without it it falling under bestiality.

    Don't get me wrong, oral sex with animals IS bestiality but its very impractical for courts to prove it was bestiality. So they have decided only the intercourse with animals is punishable as bestiality.

    No consent rules have changed.
  13. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    What I was referring to is that when a human penetrates an animal, he has no way to get its consent for it beforehand. I'm sure there have been instances of animals initiating sex with humans, but that's completely besides my point.
  14. Necalli

    Necalli Well-Known Member

    Well bro most of these banned things end up with someone harmed. Like, Necrophilia, for example. Disgusting, harms the abuser and the familiars feelings.
  15. Lithary

    Lithary Well-Known Member

    Can't believe we are even having this debate. >_>
  16. Madasahat

    Madasahat Well-Known Member

    People were always discussing this, specially on legal levels. Although the thread title is rather wrong. "Oral sex with animals is not provable as bestiality in courts of Canada" is the correct one. The argument would be always in favor of defense in the court because animals cannot confess and they are known to lick/eat pretty much anything.
  17. JustNrik

    JustNrik Well-Known Member

    At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Oral Sex with children is not considered as abuse if the child agrees without being forced/threatened to do it. Or if Necrophilia becomes legal if the deceased's family approves it or they never notice it as "What the eyes don't see, the heart doesn't feel"
  18. RisaStoleMyHart

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    Kek posting Infowars article. Is Alex Jones still going on about propaganda and conspiracies with Superhero movies and shilling muscle gain products?

    OT: The the laws of bestiality is just being updated and rewritten by the Supreme Court because of that recent case. Some guy was charged with the wrong thing. 'Bestiality' has a specific meaning in law which requires penetration. Parliament wasn't broad enough with its law and just used the word bestiality. So thus the redefining the word for law.

    Not that it's a free pass for people to now start oral fucking their pets. I don't blame people for taking click-bait articles seriously.
  19. TheImperial

    TheImperial Well-Known Member

    I heard in some middle east place it's legal. Not sure if true tho.
  20. Madasahat

    Madasahat Well-Known Member

    Who cares about some backwater middle east place. There are worst things happening there.

    The family does not have the right to do that to the corpse. Heck if the dead person arranges funeral before death and pays the money then the family does not have any right regarding the corpse. Because the dead person has clearly made decisions and paid the necessary money for it. The morgue will be obligated to obey or the will or they will face charges.