Can I play DotA 2 offline?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Draghan, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Draghan

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    My friend shared his account with me so I could take a look on DotA 2.
    Downloaded the game, tested, it's amazing as you all know.

    I wish to know if there's a way for me to play with bots ( not really offline, but only with bots ) using my steam account, since DotA 2 is on my PC now - and if there's is a way, if this is "legal".

    I'm really desperate to play keep playing this, I think bots will satisfy my thirst.
  2. mikrodizels

    mikrodizels Well-Known Member

    I think there is no way to play any game offline, if you buy or get it on steam.
    I might be wrong though.
  3. FluffyPillow

    FluffyPillow Well-Known Member

    you cannot play offline b/c the game is still in beta. The game just sits at the main menu with no options available. I have tried, I know.

    I am sure the game will have offline mode once it is released.
  4. blessing_gracee

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  5. ZeLover

    ZeLover Well-Known Member

    Yes you can. Just delete the system32 folder and you are good to gog
  6. crimson589

    crimson589 Well-Known Member

    Everyone didn't read properly. He's asking if he can play offline with his account.

    To answer the question, no you can't steam games are tied to accounts.
  7. casey

    casey Well-Known Member

    absolutely can't. even if you play private with bots, you still need to be connected to internet to play it. unlike dota 1 when you create a game, you become the host, in dota 2, when you create a game, you are connected to the host which is valve's.

    so yeah basically no offline mode and i don't think there will ever be.
  8. ravenmad

    ravenmad Member

    You cant play it offline
  9. bReathl3sS

    bReathl3sS Banned

    You can vs bots
    edit: cant with your own acc
  10. Croxist

    Croxist Well-Known Member

    You can ACCESS into DotA 2 in offline mode (Of course with Steam). But you can't play it.
  11. Xouki

    Xouki Active Member

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  12. Jerubbaal

    Jerubbaal Well-Known Member

    There's LAN support through the console, look up how to do it on the dev forums and see if it works offline.
  13. vipsafwan92

    vipsafwan92 Well-Known Member

    I just won a DotA 2 beta, how do you play with Bots only? I don't dare to play with other players.. because I know I will get flamed.... and I do have an internet connection
  14. Tkmi

    Tkmi Well-Known Member

    Sadly, no.
  15. Jeeve

    Jeeve Member

    You can launch the game w/o Steam, but you can't do anything from there (play, browse the menu, etc).

    So a direct answer to your question would be no.
  16. Demon Hunter

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  17. Xenowar

    Xenowar Well-Known Member

    THere currently is no offline play for Dota 2 and it isn't planned to be implemented during the beta. When the game is released there certainly will
    be LAN and dedicated server like every other game of Valve.
    Btw. you can play other games offline since steam supports Offline mode.

    Play -> Practice -> Create Lobby -> Game Options -> Fill empty slots with bots
  18. ShinTakU

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  19. Starcraft2Korea

    Starcraft2Korea Well-Known Member

    No offline option

  20. heinak

    heinak Well-Known Member