Buriza on Slardar. Viable?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Oliver5292, May 11, 2012.

  1. harusame-

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    unit with 0 armor or below has the same EHP as its HP
    unit with negative armor takes additional damage by the formula:
    Damage Increase = 1 - 0.94 ^ (-armor)

    so if you use lvl 3 amplify damage (-16 armor) and stygian desolator (-7 armor) on a target with 1500 HP and 10 armor
    target's EHP got reduced to 1500 and takes 1 - 0.94 ^ (--13) = 55.2635% additional damage from physical attack
  2. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    The last item build I used went like Treads, Vanguard, Perse, Crystalys. All cheap 1.5~2.2K something gold tier items.

    I guess Buriza is good choice for late game then.
  3. akurou

    akurou Well-Known Member

    its good as his 5th/6th item for me
  4. twizzle_NL

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    I feel ac suits the job more than deso for slar, gives him -5 ARM aura, as to proc bashes and a huge amount of ehp bkb situational on him imho, as usually when playing him I want ppl to nuke and stun me after I amplified and crushed on target. Let their team blow all their powder on u while your team kills them

    Edit: hotd indeed is superior over vlad if you're getting ac since the armour aura don't stack
    I guess you should get one in some cases depending on team (if you're support with melee carry that osnt getting one
  5. AngryGanker

    AngryGanker Well-Known Member

    I know this. By the way Stygian is -6 armour. Also I was looking at the difference between amplify damage and amplify damage + Stygian
  6. Khristophoros

    Khristophoros Well-Known Member

    Purge for the slow before you ult then?
  7. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    It still doesn't make it smart. You use Amplify Damage first because of the amazing Cast Range, and Sight it provides. If you get a Diffusal Blade, you will have to make sure Amplify Damage is off cooldown, so that you could use it right after Purge.

    And plus, Diffusal Blade provides abysmal bonuses for a hero like Slardar. Feedback in general is pretty mediocre, and mostly used on Illusion Heroes. The reason why you get Diffusal Blade is due to its wonderful Active Spell, Purge. But there is no point, as Slardar has excellent Chasing Skills, and the Debuff from Purge is does not synergize with Amplify Damage. The ONLY reason you would EVER get Diffusal Blade on Slardar is if you were facing an Enemy like Warlock.
  8. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    and if that's the case I would rather ask my ally Mirana to make Diffusal herself and allow myself to swallow a whole Infernal immolation combo in the meanwhile

    unless it was an actual 1v1 game I wouldn't do it myself
  9. Lanther

    Lanther Well-Known Member

    Sure,viable,but I don't see why you would get it when Slardar could make much more with attackspeed and piercing magic immunity.If somehow you are already very tanky and you need to carry,sure,why not.

    GASHOLE Well-Known Member

    You actually don't get BKB if you're planning to tank
  11. Lanther

    Lanther Well-Known Member

    Slardar as a pure tank is something really bad,considering he has no EHP skills neither skills that give disadvantages by attacking him.It's much more effective building him as a secondary carry because of Bash and -15 armor.
  12. Pr4nk5t3r

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    Not in Dota2
  13. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    lmao this game fails so hard it's disgusting.
  14. Thunderbolt

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  15. -MaVeN

    -MaVeN Member

    buy mkb its better than buriza for slardar..
  16. CynthiaCrescent

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    @Khris: sure
  17. armor_zero

    armor_zero Member

    I can't believe no one mentioned Heavens Halberd for Slardar.:facepalm: The Strength for tanking, the maim and the evasion makes it one of the sickest item for him IMO. A lot would recommend vanguard but i feel it doesn't scale well in the late game like heaven's halberd would.:eek:n2long:
  18. Apokita

    Apokita Moderator

    Slardar is all about dagger+bkb+crystalis, if you can lifesteal like mad with your dominator too better..
  19. Khristophoros

    Khristophoros Well-Known Member

    It's a new item and nobody realizes how good it is.

    Evasion + health on the same item is really awesome.
  20. EyeOfFire

    EyeOfFire Well-Known Member

    Dagger, BKB and survivability items are far more important. And AC is usually the best follow-up damage item because it gives both more IAS for more bashes and more -armour which synergises with your ult.