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  1. JDF8

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    yeah, that's really




    factor in armor, the fact that you need to kill people in stuns/gaze, and evasive items such as ghost force glimmer and you aren't killing anything that has a functioning nervous system
  2. BornFromAGrave

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    Dosnt realy matter with enought dmg on hit. Replace the 2nd and 3rd Skadi with DR, MKB with BKB and you are on. Also Moonshard.
  3. FightFightFight

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    I was also thinking that, until i played against Skadi and Shivas Omniknight. Attack speed slows are very common, and if we also add bashes, it becomes literally impossible to finish an attack. So it DOES matter. If you aren't going for Mjolnir, adding Madness or Bfly in the build sounds like a good idea.
  4. BornFromAGrave

    BornFromAGrave Well-Known Member

    Sure you need some IAS. BFly is part of every itembuild on her. Moonshard dosnt use up a slot unlike Mjol. And Madness is just awesome for 1800 gold.
  5. Abdulink

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    MoM Phase Orchid Skadi Thorn Bfly/MKB/Rapier

    Anyway the hero is kinda meh right now tbh.
  6. kamukag3e

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    There are few quite informative threads in here about the hero. They are not outdated, the meta might be changed a little, but the hero and the play-style didn't (and the correct play-style require some coordination, so solo queue is out of the question, unless you are a monster like Miracle or something like that.

    You just farm as fast as possible and join team-fights which should be near your towers.

    The hero is quite strong in the laning phase and very helpful in the early engagements, can farm pretty fast especially with some help stacking the ancients or high level camps and with EoS and Rapier can finish the game in the mid-game.

    It's very strong hero in the late game as well, just you need to understand how to play the hero properly and not trying to play it as other heroes (or Linken-Manta build ffs).

    Medusa is bad chaser, you should consider allies which can chase or hold the enemy so they don't move the battle away from you. Don't pick it against mana draining heroes or those who naturally build Necronomicon or diffusal with some illusions or very mobile enemies.

    Hope to be of any help.
  7. JDF8

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    ^^ u are mostly correct. the hero excels when picked with the right teammates against the right enemies. she can still be a lategame monster that can outcarry a multicore with the correct supporting cast

    the last game I had where I hit this traditional win condition (hit 6 slots and outcarry w/ supportive team) was, its kind of risky to play this way because I was almost 1/2 my team's gold and the enemy team usually starts stacking diffusals and disables

    even if the matchup is suboptimal if you get ahead you can win by flash farming 2-3 core items and deathballing, but where you suffer vs counters is that you won't win by going lategame because you will lose lategame probably anyway, if the enemy team has more cores at least

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    it's very rare to have teammates not pick core/carry type heroes with scaling anyway, something like a puck mid + wisp + bara/pudge i almost never see
  8. AvrilLabigne

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    Replace a Skady by BKB is like piercing Jesus with a javelin.

    Three Skady Medusa has 25000 PEHP. This is like a 5000 health hero with 80% physical reduction.

    The point about three Skady is that it not only increase attack damage and rate but also health and mana.
  9. BornFromAGrave

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    But since you still hit like a sponge, the enemy got the time to kill your team first, you second and even if you had 50 000EHP you wouldnt deal enought damage to prevent your death.

    I realy dont know how stupid ppl can be to believe that it makes sense to have a pure tank in a PvP enviroment. It dosnt matter if 50% of your teams EHP belong on 1 hero if this hero got nothing to offer but 1 ultimate with long CD. Either you are a good disabler/nuker (and dusa not exeptionel at both) or your deal huge amounts of dmg. Else you will just be ignored because who cares about a tank without ammunition?
  10. AvrilLabigne

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    When is 450 DPs few? I'd like to know.
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  11. Teremus

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    Phase > Aquila > Dlance > Manta/Linkens > Skadi > BKB > sell Aquila > Rapier > Pike
  12. enrico.swagolo

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    For the love of god, don't go linken's-manta-skadi on Medusa. Sure, you will be tanky, but you will not be doing any damage to anyone.

    I was doing the SnY-Bloodstone-Butterfly build for a while, and it worked great. I tried doing yasha-maelstroms-skadi and other stuff, but most of the time it feels suboptimal. The reason why bloodstone is so good is because it is continuous regen, which means that even when they are hitting you, you are regening and tanking with mana shield, so it is actually one of the best durability items on her.
  13. JDF8

    JDF8 Well-Known Member

    how much hp does a hero have at 30 minutes

    how much is that hp increased by armor

    if it takes you 10 seconds to 100-0 a 2000 hp hero without being stunned or ever getting out of range or vision, that's not going to fucking work.

    I don't care if you have more ehp that god himself, it's all going to be useless when you get stunned and am/void/morph/windrunner/nyx removes your mana shield in 2-5 seconds after ur team expends its cc and dies before you

    and that's assuming you somehow magically attain 99999 GPM and are six slotted at 30 minutes, a dirt simple build of bfly MJ BKB crit skadi travels for example would do a million times more for you than stacking a 25 ias + 25 damage tank item

    linkens directly into skadi makes you so feeble at actually hurting things though

    id much rather do linkens into bfly or MJ and come back for a skadi in most games, especially since both of those items' actives have huge impact on medusa
  14. Abdulink

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    Linken's is massively overrated. Extremely situational at best.
  15. AvrilLabigne

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    The average physical EHP of level 25 heroes is 6000. Three Skady Medusa has 25.000, even manfigting a 1000 DPs Tiny she would still win the fight.