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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ZXC_Death, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. ZXC_Death

    ZXC_Death Well-Known Member

    Well, Trax is hero for begginers, but why not play her? I using this build and always I wins:

    Skill build: Trueshot aura, Stats, Trueshot aura, Stats, Trueshot aura, Marksmanship, Trueshot aura,
    Stats, Stats, Stats, Marksmanship, Stats, Stats, Frost Arrows, Stats, Marksmanship, Stats, Frost Arrows, Stats, Frost Arrows, Frost Arrows, Silence, Silence, Silence, Silence

    Item build:
    Starter: 3x Slippers of Agility, 1x Ironwood Branch, 1x Healing salve
    Core: 4x Wraith Band, 1x Phase Boots, 1x Mask of Dominator (Convert Alfa Wolf with aura)
    Extension: I didnt arrived at this stat, but its your choice ;)

    You maybe thinks it cant work ,but it works greatly, coz if you got core +lvl 11 you got... 59 - 70 +183 + AS 0.71 PS = 460 DPS (With Armour maybe 300DPS). This is not joke!
  2. JerkCo

    JerkCo Well-Known Member

    one frost arrow and one silence early comes valuable.
  3. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    Also, make it 3 wraiths as you need a TP slot.

    Extension would be manta butterfly buriza satanic.
  4. ZXC_Death

    ZXC_Death Well-Known Member

    Well, when i plays her this like, i doesnt dies after core and lvl 11. Want you replay?
  5. 1nF

    1nF Well-Known Member

    As mentioned before, 1 level of Frost Arrows for improved harrassing and chasing ability and 1 level of silence are both invaluable. At level 1 take Frost Arrows, at 2 take Silcence and only then Aura, Ulti and Stats all the way.

    Itemwise it's fairly easy. Treads, Dominator, Manta, BKB. This is the maximum you can get in usual games. If game drags on get Butterfly, upgrade Dominator into Satanic and get either HoT, or Buriza, or even E.Blade.
  6. 1nF

    1nF Well-Known Member

    Well, this is stupidity. You might even want to skip all of your Wraith Bands if you get some free farm yo get quick manta to boost your stats. And not having a TP scroll because you just "don't die EVARR" is pathetic. What if your team needs you in a countergank? What if you are being pushed hard and you are across the map? What if you are approached by 3 enemies? :facepalm:

    EDIT: sorry for double post.
  7. dota-vin

    dota-vin Well-Known Member

    You are playing with a bunch of noobs and most probably pubs. In a competitive game, you should add silence as soon as lvl 2, silence is a very good skill when use at a proper timing.

    my build is :Frost,sil,frost, stat,frost, stat,frost, stat, sil, markmanship, markmanship.

    Get frost early to harass and you can get kills easier with a stunner in ur lane. silence early to prevent enemies using escape skill which is critical in giving u the kill that u need. Markmanship at early game contributes very little in survivability and killing, therefore i prefer adding it at lvl 10,11.
  8. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Actually drow is a terrible hero to start the game on because all of the refined parts of her play comes from positioning.

    Your post is horribly formatted and offers little to no explanation. Additionally your sig is obnoxiously large and distracting. There is far better drow advice posted in another thread that is currently up so I would direct anyone to THIS if they were looking for help.
  9. FruitLord

    FruitLord Well-Known Member

    This looks terrible. You are a glass cannon with no disable, no escape, no slow, and almost no hps. True, you could kill lion in like 4-5 shots but all he has to do is stun + finger you and collect his gold.
  10. schnon

    schnon Active Member

    skillbuild: arrow, silence, aura, aura, aura, ulti, aura, stats stats stats stats and maybe max silence if your team needs it...
  11. UTDC.Justin

    UTDC.Justin Well-Known Member

    If I have a good team I usually will immediately go for my Manta rather than Lothars and get Trueshot and Silence over stats. I guess if you watch competitive replays they all like to start getting silence from level 9 or so but it is just so powerful in preventing ganks and helping your allies I'd rather not pass it up...also I'll want it when I hit level 11 and my damage is really high. Frost Arrows mostly for cleanup afterwards, if you hit silences correctly your team's burst damage and lack of enemy response > your slowing ability or +stat points by far.

    An example of this build would be in:

    SilverCross goes HotD-treads-Manta and gets silence early rather than stats-aura. You are less sturdy early on and do a bit less damage but you are like a "don't enter my range or try going on us" ranged supporter who can be just devastating, and later on your damage difference would be hardly noticeable. You are also REALLY good for pushing towers, which in my opinion is one of her biggest strengths.
  12. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    Actually i perosonally prefer gettinf frost ay 1,8,9,10. Sure you have a bit less hp/damage, but being given the option to chase allows her to be more versatile than those builds that only stack damage.
  13. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    Imo, if you go for that stats-aura-mass-wraiths build, you should next rush either lothars-MoM (for surprise buttsecks) or manta.

    And have 1 lvl of silence by the time you've farmed your mid-game items (which should be around lvl 10 or so...).
  14. 1gn1t0r

    1gn1t0r Well-Known Member

    You need one frost arrow early for harrasment
  15. s.ops_Freak

    s.ops_Freak Well-Known Member

    One frost arrow is usually gotten as it allows Drow to harass at a further range and one silence should be gotten unless the lane doesn't show that it needs it.