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Discussion in 'Remakes' started by Skurai, May 6, 2012.

  1. Skurai

    Skurai Well-Known Member

    Well, KOTL is underpowered. Imo, this is a buff that makes him better while not overpowering him.

    Buff no.2:
    This way, he wont be too weak in late game.
  2. vijju1234567890

    vijju1234567890 Well-Known Member

    hes a pain during laning phase already and +300dmgg will fk the enemies.
    not all heroes scale late game better
    he is very very very strong early -mid so mst remain weak at late but still
    T-Null as hes extremely weak late
    ur numbers seem imbalanced but its channeling ooooooooooooooooooooooo i cannot decide
    5/10 - T-NULL
  3. MathsDebator

    MathsDebator Well-Known Member

    you're forgetting that late-game, he can easily push with Recall, and counter teambattles with Blinding Light.

    What I want to see is some better synergy b/w his skills that will buff early, while being meh late.
  4. Skurai

    Skurai Well-Known Member

    I dont think synergy applies for all. Look at his skills, it is a bunch of support skills, nt meant to synergize with each other. He is an all rounder supporter.
  5. Skurai

    Skurai Well-Known Member

    Do note that the channeling only has lesser channeling time when he reaches level 6,11 and 16. Illuminate nuke gets weaker as time passes. That is why i made it such that it requires less channeling as time progresses.

    And the +300 dmg is only for the first unit it hits, not the entire wave. He can hide behind forest area and wave kill an enemy hero ONLY IF he is gd enough to make that enemy hero the first target. It is difficult to aim.
  6. Urknal

    Urknal Well-Known Member