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    So I'm all for expanding my knowledge on Buddhism, but seeing as how it isn't much of a "popular" religion to come up in discussions I'm a bit behind, even on internet search. If there's anything out of the wikipedia article that you can tell me, I'd appreciate it. Honestly I have nowhere else to put this though, if there's a debate sparking up then that would do too.
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    Thread approved and now open to debate, please accept my humblest apology on behalf of the PD Staff for this very late action due to internal restructuring.
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    Now I've got to read that whole Wikipedia article just to find out what it's missing. -.-
    I'll get back to you!

    EDIT: HAHA I thought this was only 6 months old, not 18 months old!
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    You don't say :ninja:
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    Kaolin is Buddhist.
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    The only experience I've had with Buddhism is when I ask people to name me a religion that doesn't have faith built into it. I would like to point out that even Buddha was born from a slit in his mother's womb, anything but the female reproduction organ.
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    Well, form my understanding, Buddhism is more of a way of life than a religion (at least this the way the people who I know that may or may not consider themselves Buddhists are).
    So I would say that there isn't really faith involved, but I also wouldn't call it a religion, I'd call it a lifestyle.
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    There is nothing odd on caesarian :cat:
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    I'm super busy at work, so I can't read up now. But I also always got the impression that out of all the religious movements it is the closest to being a way of life rather than just religion.

    I was at a Buddhism temple about 2 or 3 months ago (can't remember the temples' name but it is the largest one in Africa).

    It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Honestly it was just great. I am not religious, and I am also not someone who specifically suggests going to nice places etc. But holy crap that was amazing. It was just so peaceful.

    Starting of it was incredibly beautiful, there where sculptures of these lion type figures in stone and marble, the typical far Eastern roofs (it was funded by Chinese so probably Chinese type). And then this huge courtyard with more sculptures (there where just so many of the lions, they where beautiful and looked powerful and so on). The only thing I hated was the conservative Christians who sprayed some Christian stuff on the outside.
    The courtyard had a huge bell.
    There where halls going all around the temple, with walkways and looking out on the countryside (it was a bit dry so it wasn't that great then). The halls had incredibly detailed paintings and engravings on the upper parts of the wall and the pillars as well.
    Next we went to a small meditation room, it was just a basic room where you had to take of all your noisy stuff and of course your shoes. There was incense burning and soft music playing and a wooden Buddha statue about 2 meters high. With rows and cussions you could kneel on to meditate.
    The entire temple felt like more of a place of solace, like they wanted you to just relax and enjoy your own religion.

    Now the main worship temple. So amazing. It was I think 4 storeys tall according to the information booklet. It was a huge hall, with wooden floors and more incense. You could go and do some eastern/buddhistic writing on large pieces of paper with feather pens. There where two statues on each side of the temple, about half a meter tall with candles you could light and chants and so on. But the best part, the best part of the whole day.
    At the front of the room there where 3 statues that where frankly gigantic. 2 where about 2 storeys tall, 2 buddhist figures I assume, one with a lion shape and one with a female face and hundreds of arms (she has a specific name and meaning). But in the middle, 3 storey Buddha statue. It was just breathtaking. It was majestic. Honestly I am barely ever surprised and enthralled by things and this just knocked me away.

    There was also a history section outside with artifacts and telling you more about Buddhism.

    Honestly if you ever have a chance to go to a Buddhist temple, especially a large one, do it now. Get your lady to not wear anything too revealing and prepare yourself for an incredibly friendly welcome and an amazing experience.
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    I'm not sure what you are trying to say.

    Buddhism isn't a religion. Religion needs some kind of higher being. You do not worship or believe in Buddha, who was a mere human born from a human and is still a human who found enlightenment, you try to follow his path to attain enlightenment.
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    Yup, no dogma or anything in that religion... You can argue that you don't have to believe the dogma to be a Buddhist, but don't tell me that it's not a religion just because of your definition of religion.
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    Imo, most religious, for lack of a better word, temples, give off that feel. I've been to mosques (obviously), cathedrals, temples, shrines, etc. Enjoyed every second.


    It is entirely possible for a religion to also be a way of life. Buddhism is same. It is both a religion and a way of life.
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    Not really. Cathedrals are not meant to make you feel peaceful, they are meant to make you feel scared. Hence the Gothic period.
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    I got more of a sense of amazement and disbelief feel from the cathedrals that I've seen.
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    A cathedral is but a manifestation of the local Bishop s colosal penis.

    The wealth and majesty of the christian (catholic) church has always been meant to do two things: Impress peasants who would thus be made into loyal subjects, and to attaint prestige for the Clergy in charge of them. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing good within them. This is the reason why some branches of christianity abhore the gilt and fancy so much, and even choose to destroy it, should they get a chance.

    Buddhism is a religion, by all means; it is the perfect example of how things should be. Its been around for several thousands of years, yet people still couldnt learn.

    While there are many spiritual beliefs in Buddhism, and these are hard to understand, and extremely hard to explain, what you should know first is that there is no obligation in Buddhism. For example, had the Buddhism been using the ten commandments, they would have looked this way:

    Thou should have no other gods before me.
    Thou should not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above...
    Thou should not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain...
    Though should remember the sabbath day and keep it holy...
    Thou should honour thy father and thy mother
    Thou should not kill.
    Thou should not commit adultery.
    Thou should not steal.
    Thou should not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
    Thou should not cove​

    What I am also trying to say is, there is not heresy in Buddhism. Anyone who is working hard to improve themselves should eventually reach the enlightment. Buddha is trying to provide a way for his followers, but he also directly encourages them to fix and improve anything they find faulty in his teachings. All for the better cause. There is no fundamentalism, no dogmatism, and barely any extremism.

    Islam, Christianity, watch and learn.
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    Yup I agree, I just wanted to point out that it is in-fact a religion.
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    You can't claim that Buddhism isn't a religion and, upon further scrutiny, declare that there is no common ground on the meaning of the word and expect to be taken seriously.
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    He got you there.
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    Well then. Give me another religion that doesn't have a deity that is worshiped (or shunned).