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    Refuge polices are completely unrelated to the shengen area

    this is a global standard, when someone is fleeing from a war and seeking help / refugee you don't just close your door and say " i don't like your culture/belief" this is immoral and inhuman

    now going back to what you said people who have thousands of euros to spend going to Europe are usually not that backward
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    That's nice and all but the majority of the refugees in Europe aren't escaping wars, they're escaping their shithole countries. No refugee policies say you have to take in anybody that's shows up at the gate, especially those that aren't escaping war.
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    a war-torn country is automatically a shitty country. so yes they can flee. there's definitely legit refugees among them. identifying and filtering out the bad apples, especially the muslim jihadist arabs, is the problem.
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    You aren't being objective here and you are completely ignoring the facts. Most of those 'refugees' aren't even from Syria or any other war-torn country, they are just from poor Asian, African countries and they want to enjoy free welfare money so they decide to pay for criminals and smugglers to transport them to Turkey/Greece and then they form groups to illegally cross borders. Also they have zero documentation about their identity how the fuck is the border guard supposed to know if they are refugees or not? They might be, but they might as well be ISIS, you don't know, I don't know and the border guard can't know either because these people don't have anything to prove who they actually are. I am fully for border control. Letting millions of people in without any control and confirmation of one's identity is not only disrespectful but also very irresponsible towards the country's own citizens whose lives are potentially being put to danger. But clearly that doesn't matter to them, they only care about themselves and nothing more, most of these 'refugee's can't even bother to find a job or to start learning the official language of the country they migrated to. And after all this, you are surprised that in most European countries they aren't being welcomed? Well, excuse me then.
    With all that said, you are missing the point though. Brexit supporters aren't upset because of these particular migrants. Very few of the aforementioned people actually came to the UK. Their number is irrelevant compared to Germany's or Sweden's or France's. They want to restrict free movement for EU states and many of them want to deport European migrants who came there legally to work and live there. Who are I believe mostly honest, hard-working people, just they happen to be Poles, Germans, Romanians and not Brits.
    It's a whole different story with the English being isolationists with a superiority complex.
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    well since i'm Syrian and i'm not living in a European country with Asylum conduct / policy and i'm not experiencing the issue first hand but rather what i see from the majority of the Syrian people around me, people traveling or seeking Asylum in Europe who are Syrians are usually upper-class citizens who their parents can fully afford the entire process of smuggling them into Europe. they simply did not want their children to take part in a conflict any conflict yet alone a conflict that they don't even believe in. the upper-class citizens are usually educated and open minded.

    almost 1/3 of the Syrian population are in neighboring countries (Mainly Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt) and those people are usually the uneducated poor lower class citizens which were effected mainly by the war and the ones who truly lost everything, oh and Also children LOTS of THEM (almost 50% of refuges in neighboring countries are children)

    i'm 100% with a more strict way of accepting refuges, i actually love the Canadian immigration polices although that's way beyond my reach but yeah i understand the situation.. i think
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    What country is that?

    Others have already answered you, this is barely related to the EU. The UK didn't wait EU's signal to accept in all the Indians, Pakis and hundred thousands of other Commonwealth individuals that differ in culture.