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    No backpedaling (I think this is the word you intended, correct me if I'm wrong) whatsoever:

    Compared to my immediate statements after your post:

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    Us backpedalling? It's denial, I'm smelling.
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    Honestly, GB was always half-ass member of EU. They retained their own monetary value in Pound, they never entered Shengen, they never changed their visa and immigrant policy like other EU countries did. So yeah all they ever did was in their favor and now they think it will be even better to leave it completely.

    They might come out as winners in some time, but right now, the separation will cost them more than they bargained for. Scotland will separate, Ireland sees things that way too.
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    Imo UK could gain on leaving EU, but the problem is that they aren't ready to minimalize all the consequences. If they really leave, it will take a lot of effort and time to get in to good spot where £ value will get high again and making it attractive place for all the skilled people, who will have so much alternative in EU.
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    And here I thought you'd stay true to your username lol
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    The video maker sounds like a massive twat:

    "I, the big youtube guy, am flaming all these liberal arts students because they don't know what they are talking about. Now, I am not saying I know what economics are or how they work, but it's obvious everyone who doesn't think like me is a retard".
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    Yeah. While obviously he has some valid points, in some cases he's doing exactly what the overzealous remain-supporters are messing up, just the other way around.
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    The ending of the video is overall pretty bad and ruins the entire premise.

    Apparently according to Sargon, being better educated doesn't mean much because the vast majority of young people have been fed propaganda (obviously) so their superior education accounts to nothing.

    The whole "propaganda" argument is a cop out anyway. Anyone can use it and it would always sound legitimate. "Old people voted out? They listened to propaganda" "Young people wanted in? Oh, they listened to propaganda". It's a lazy argument that doesn't make much sense and is condescending to the people who might have actually consciously chosen a side, whichever that side may be.

    On the remarks about liberal arts degrees, I'm sorry to inform people, but the vast majority of young people are not liberal arts students. It's easy to pick on the "push-over" degrees, even though the amount of young people studying medicine, science and engineering is vastly larger. Sargon's entire argument either accounts to "don't listen to young people because they are somehow represented by liberal arts students as a whole" or "education is worse than we thought and pointless because one of the few lesser degrees among a myriad of vastly more common ones is eventually detrimental". Both of which are fallacious.

    And I don't really buy into the whole "millenials live with their parents most than any other arrangement" argument. Which millenials? As far as I am concerned, living with one's parents (or even grandparents) is significantly enhanced by culture. If you take samples of millenials from the EU as a whole for example, these numbers are significantly inflated by countries like Greece or Italy because living with one's parents there isn't socially reprehensible or looked down upon.
    Case in point:



    And even if we somehow come to the consensus that young people are somehow less valuable as voters than old people (even though Sargon is supposedly arguing against the reverse, but I'm not going to underline the irony here), since when did we agree upon that every old person is all about helping the younger generations or using more experience well? There are selfish, short-sighted old people too. Praising an entire group of people based on their age alone doesn't make any real sense.

    Overall, I don't think that whining about the referendum helps and tweeting out a bunch of vindictive comments about all old people and similar stuff are bad behaviours and they should obviously be criticized. But in Sargon's attempt to explain that, he used his bias to launch verbal attacks to young people as a whole basically, presenting phony arguments.
    I can see the scope of the video wasn't to really debate the position as a whole either, more about the behaviour, but it still acts as a very pure sense of an ad hominem: Sargon is trying to discredit criticism and backing for the Remain vote that was overwhelming among young people by directly attacking them and trying to discredit them.
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    Didn't Sargon criticize the alt-right some time ago? He seems to be buying into their cancer.

    Propaganda is sold to everyone, not just millenials. The irony is that old people are way more susceptible to it, because many become senile.

    I also agree with what Euthychius said about colleges. Whenever I complained about dumb college kids, I referred mostly to the ones studying for useless humanities degrees: such as philosophy, liberal arts, history, etc.

    What's more important: the opinion of an aeronautics student? Or a senile cunt who rots in his chair and is about to die in 2 years? How about we bring in some meritocracy in our democracy? You live on welfare, didn't finish higschool and/or you are a neet: you do not vote.
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    Can you be more specific? I've been following him for a while and I don't see it.

    Is it literally just because he's for brexit?
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    You are wrong. The very studies and sciences you have listed actually broaden the political view of young people and make them see events such as these more objectively. Disregarding and belittling social sciences as a whole not only doesn't make sense but it is also a very arrogant act. Contrary to what some stone-headed and bordered proffessors and students say from various natural sciences, they aren't special and not in any way superior.
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    The reason why people trash social sciences students and universities is because while the fields themselves have merit, the universities/colleges are usually filled with lazy people who are forced to get higher education, either to get menial jobs that don't require education in the first place but everyone else has a degree so they need one too, or are simply forced by their family. Universities need students to function, and the less competitive fields that don't offer good job opportunities (gender studies, philosophy) will end up attracting all those "retarded" "college" kids, since it'll be easy to enroll and difficult to drop out unintentionally.
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    it's a poor degree because it's not a marketable skill. what does it matter if you've studied woman's suffrage?
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    Philosophy, women's studies, political sciences.... I agree that the aforementioned studies have little practical use and I also agree that they don't require that much effort to finish them. However not all social studies are the same. I am a history student so naturally I am biased in favour of my science, but it would be very foolish to say that history has no use. Even if you aren't interested in history you have to acknowledge that there is a lot to discover about our past and discovering our past in further detail will give a clearer explanation to the present situation. Not to mention that knowing a bit of history is considered to be part of basic human culture... Oh and by no means it is easy. A lot of people thought that yes, but that's why around 30 of my collegues have left.
    OT: It looks like there won't be a second referendum, at least not in the near future.
    Edit: Another interesting video, it might be overgeneralizing but it is still a bit shocking how aggressive the pro-EU supporters are. Also let's agree that both parties, the leave and the remain that is are uninformed, at least the majority is. None of them have a clear grasp what the European union actually is and how it works.
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    Boris Johnson just officially chickened out of pressing the exit button by himself.

    Regarding the video above.
    >Calls people undemocratic
    >Complains about demonstrations

    What about all the immigrants receiving letters telling them to get out and calling them vermin? Guess thats totally fine. :cat:
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    No, that's not fine either, but the video shows that not only the leave supporters are those who are uninformed or misled. Blaming the elderly for voting leave and calling them idiots while you yourself (the younger generations) haven't even bothered to show up and cast your vote makes you the biggest idiot, not them. I mean, if the younger civilians are oh so educated and smart then how come they didn't even vote. Surely such intelligent people like them would have recognized the importance of this referendum and would have went out to vote.
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