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    Economy instantly collapsed. Wp, wankers.
    This is gonna be hilarious.
  3. LePillow

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    Short-term consequence the pound drops and your average Joe is saying goodbye to buying power.

    Mid-term consequence hundreds of thousands jobs gone to the drain.

    Economically and politically it's a suicide...grabbing popcorns and let's hope the UK can make the best of it in the long run.
  4. Petique

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    People are really underrating the UK here. I don't think you realize how powerful Britain's economy is.
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    Meh, an economic downsize is obviously expected, but I think it's gonna be more or less the same shit.
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    All precincts of Scotland voted to remain. Northern Ireland voted to remain. England basically decided for Northern Ireland and Scotland, AGAIN. And this wasn't a small decision at all. Say bye bye to United Kingdom in the next years after the Scots get their referendum again.

    And 95% decided to remain, but 800 people voted to leave. Those 800 must've been high on speed.

    To hell with that. The UK will split apart without a shadow of a doubt. Populism in a nutshell. Hope it was worth it, lmfao.
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    Reminds me of how Quebec keeps threatening to leave, and they almost did it too similarly to the IRA shit in Ireland.

    I don't think they'll ever do it though, same with Scotland. And culturally, Scots and others Brits have more in common than French Canada and the rest of Canada.
  8. Rickaby

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    They will. They almost did it last referendum, now they'll do it for sure. Scotland and NI don't really want to be ruled by English nationalists who decided such a gigantic thing for them.

    Remember, this is not just a simple election. It's about leaving the EU.
  9. Petique

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    Considering that Scoatland's only connection with the rest of the world is with the UK, I don't think so. Even if they would manage to join the EU separately they'd still be very isolated. Besides, as THM said they share too many commong things in terms of culture.
    EDIT: Oh and btw Scotland alone isn't that rich, the land is quite barren with mountains and ridges and if I am correct England also has more industries than Scotland.
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    Completely irrelevant whether they are more industrious or not. This is about politics, independence, national identity and the power of choice. Scotland does not have to be the slave of the UK, and Northern Ireland can always unify with Ireland.

    As I have said before, there was a referendum for Scotland in 2014 to split from the UK. It was somewhere around 55% against and 45% in favor. Not happening? Think again. What just happened now will change those percentages drastically in the next referendum.
  11. enrico.swagolo

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    Stop being dramatic. Switzerland was never in EU, and it's doing fabulously.
  12. Petique

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    Except that no one wants that. Northern Ireland doesn't even have the same religion as the rest of Ireland. Not even the extremist want to unify at this point. As for Scotland, what would they gain from the EU if they are completely separated from the rest of the continent? The closest Eu member is Ireland what would they do with them?

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    Neither Norway and they are the richest country in Europe.
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    Once again, I'm not arguing about economy right now. Regardless, the UK will still suffer due to leaving the EU, while Switzerland doesn't suffer because it never joined it only to leave it afterwards, and never spoiled its image in the face of investors and turned it upside down. That's why the pound dropped. They need to take a whole bunch of reforms, and they even angered Spain with Gibraltar. Meanwhile, Wales used to eat a lot of EU money, but now England will have to take care of that.

    Won't try to convince anyone that the UK will split. I am 100% convinced it will split, and I'll simply be here to tell you "I told you so".

    Yeah, until the oil runs out. And even so....
  14. LePillow

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    Except Switzerland already has negotiated to cooperate with EU for a long time and they pay to access the market. Not to mention EU is still not satisfied about that and will probably ask more in the future and yet the UK has a long way to go to be considered another Switzerland or Norway.

    It's clearly not drama, it's the harsh reality. The UK will not disappear but anybody thinking they will easily make an advantage of this must be out of their mind. Keep in mind it was a populist vote, the consequences of leaving will not be based on fear and fantasy but on real economical and political facts.
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  15. enrico.swagolo

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    People have decided, so people will have to deal with consequences. Am I supposed to feel sorry for their decision? Like what is the big deal? It's their damn business.
  16. Rickaby

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    We're discussing. I sure as hell don't feel sorry. People who fall for populism deserve the back of the hand, no matter where they come from.

    Money, the most important of things. Do you think England will help Scotland? They have better chances with EU. Take a look at Sturgeon's declarations.
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    Lil' UK wanted to get its total independence, like 'Merica

    What if they make a decision to run away from the police or attempt to attack a police officer and get killed in the process. Do you feel sorry for their decisions, then?
  18. enrico.swagolo

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    What is this analogy? lol Who is the police?

    My point is that they will be fine, but for at least a week we have something to pointlessly chat about and send upset emoticons on facebook or some shit. And then a week later everybody will forget it anyway because there is bigger fish to fry, and that's not really our business anyway.
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    Don't be so sure. We've got most of the UK oil, and scientifically we're a powerhouse. Physics, laser technology and computer technology are cutting edge here.
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    The only cutting edge scotland has is the sword. THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES, BUT THEY MAY NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!!!