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  1. I rune-whore often, but I never really bottle crow. I know shift is involved, but what is the best way to do it?
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    Well, unlike stacking creeps, shift or any key for that matter hardly makes much of a difference on what you want to do.

    1. Spam spells with crow nearby.
    2. Send Crow and Bottle back and have him ferry it back to you.
    3. Repeat steps one and two

    Not really that complicated if you ask me.
  3. JimRaynor55

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    Keep the Crow hovering over the trees near where you would normally stand in mid lane (unless your allies need to use it, although they should have it hotkeyed anyway). When your Bottle is empty, drop it on the Crow. Hold down Shift as you press E, R, and T (return to base, speed Burst, transfer items to hero). Those hotkeys were a great addition. Before you had to rely on mini-map clicks and manual transfers. Use the courier's Shield if it's going to make the Bottle drop in a combat zone.
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    LAN players and pubbers always do this, they like have 5 crows each team. :D

    But anyway the above are correct but require much awareness to do
  5. Obviously... I was asking how to do it MOST effectively if you read the post, not a generic description of what it is.

    And thanks above 2 posters
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    1) drop bottle
    2) click on crow
    3) right click on bottle
    4) shift e, r, t on crow
    5) after it brings back bottle, move crow into trees, don't let it return to fountain.
    rinse and repeat.

    I would like to see a refill bottle command on the crow. Then again, that just promotes laziness.
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    Are we seriously having this conversation? Like, this is a real forum topic?


    It's called "micro your crow and use its abilities."
  8. Lol why is there even a stratagy forum? Are u serious? SERIOUS? DURRRRRRRRRR HOW DO I PLAY DOTA GOOD DERRRR

    It's called "play better than the other team, do everything right, and win"
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    Cool, can I make a topic about how to buy items from the secret shop quickly?
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    we has needs for guides to find clinkz.
    I can't find him in the taverns at all. :(:
  12. Kris

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    have bird drop bottle on you

    if you are low drink it all and send it to be refilled

    If you are not low go send the bird to sit at a rune and pick it if an enemy hero comes.


    might work

    I normally just watch the crow and micro it without looking.
  13. Epic troll is epic. I actually learned to use shift e-r-t, where as i used to shift and click the fountain then click near my tower. Go write more guides about terrible heroes :rofl:
  14. AduhAwas

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    Now that's just childish. There is nothing to bottle/crowing in pubs. Keep crow around and then send back. Repeat.

    In CW's this is a less viable strat though still possible. Hogging the crow can make it very hard on your other lanes. You can occasionally send it back, but chances are you won't get an immediate return on your bottle. What works well is when you have to bottle users (i.e sven/lina, etc) in a lane. They can aggressively lane and collectively send their bottles back thus just keeping their lane presence up and opening runes for a third hero to roam/mid solo/etc.
  15. 2ndBlood

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    although a bit off topic, in pubs where it's only you that uses the crow, you can have it hover over the trees right by either top or bottom rune, and then every 2 minutes use it to check for the rune. Then you can either take the rune by walking over with your hero, or you can give the bottle to crow, make it bottle the rune for you, and then give it back to your hero.

    Hmmmm i remember being able to bottle runes with crow and then give it to my hero. But for some reason it doesn't sound doable as I also think you're not able to drop bottles with runes in them. Can anyone clarify?