Bloodstone of the Precursor!! *NEW ITEM*

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Ph0biA512, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Ph0biA512

    Ph0biA512 Banned

    So, I just received this randomly in my inventory...


    Does anyone know what these are for?

    //EDIT: My apologies, I did a quick scan of page 1 and didn't see a thread had already been created a page or two back.

    Still not sure what it is for.

    Someone mentioned you should delete it because the chance of getting a quality item from it is very high, idk about that lol.
  2. loewen

    loewen Well-Known Member

    yea i work at valve they tell you how many invites you sent out.
  3. theonly_USA_pro

    theonly_USA_pro Well-Known Member

    Useless vanity crap.
  4. God of Death

    God of Death Well-Known Member

    Double click it.
  5. Ph0biA512

    Ph0biA512 Banned

    I'm at work right now, so I can't =\.

    Could you just tell me what happens please? XD.
  6. xyLoneZ

    xyLoneZ Well-Known Member

    You will kill yourself a.k.a suicide.
  7. StudyMan

    StudyMan Well-Known Member

    they made it ground target, so you don't accidentally kill yourself.
  8. xyLoneZ

    xyLoneZ Well-Known Member

    Damn it, I forgot about that part.
  9. DrFrank~

    DrFrank~ Well-Known Member

  10. Ph0biA512

    Ph0biA512 Banned

    But... I never sent a gift to anyone.

    I don't have any friends that play Dota2. I'm a lone wolf.
  11. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    Mine is legendary with 31 points.
    Get to my level son.
  12. CartoooN

    CartoooN Active Member

    11 count mythical here. I sent out a lot more invites than 11 though, but then again I did trade a few of them rather than gift them, which kinda sucks.

    Are they something akin to the medals in TF2 that tell you how long you played for?
  13. Riki_Martin~

    Riki_Martin~ Banned

    It's more like the gift heart.
  14. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    all of these were your smurfs
  15. Starcraft2Korea

    Starcraft2Korea Well-Known Member

  16. yui92

    yui92 Well-Known Member

    does it have any use?
  17. ButterOnStick

    ButterOnStick Well-Known Member

  18. Riki_Martin~

    Riki_Martin~ Banned

    I ain't have no smurf.
  19. Ph0biA512

    Ph0biA512 Banned

    That's interesting. It seems the item is simply a momento of appreciation?
    In other words, it's a waste of inventory space.

    This brings me to my second question.
    Seeing how the item is useless, would it be wise to delete it for a chance to acquire something of better use?

    People are claiming to receive high value items and couriers from deleting the item.

  20. DaInc

    DaInc Well-Known Member

    Random drops are random.I got a mythical announcer when i had 2 items


    What this item should do IMO is

    "Thank you for getting new players into dota.You have a guaranteed item drop for every invite you have sent.The bloodstone can be equipped as a misc item on every hero"