Bloodseeker jungle

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Dalailama, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Dalailama

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    First off, I'd like to say I am asking about how is this possible, not if it's viable. So, let's say I start with stout, QB and tangos, now I am not sure what should I do.. Should I pull or get the easy camp before pull is even possible? And then, should I go chokepoint the second medium camp? I am aiming for PMS, Phase, one wraith and level 6 (or higher ofc), in some good time.. Can someone help me with this?

  2. Skaloon

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    pull first if possible - if enemy heroes don't fuck you up - if you play pubs it shouldn't be hard - you can double pull too. bs is an easy jugnle hero get lvl 5 by pulling and killign the easy camps and you'll be fine.

    get an easier camp like 2 golems or those easier 4 satyrs in lvl3

    don't fight centaurs, ursa's and big satyrs or big trolls till lvl5 . be careful with the wolf camp, those crits can fuck you up.
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  4. Dalailama

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    Thanks both, though I know how to choke point, will still watch it.
  5. andrfid

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    Tried it recently, tangos, stout, QB, taking easy camp at 30 and pulling at 51 - 53 is possible but needs timing (the 305 ms helps ;)), then choke point satyr or golem, like skaloon said, don't fight centaur or ursa at early levels, wolves can be choked without big danger but don't forget tangos. Take PMS asap.
  6. Pondrac

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    Jungle exactly same way as with Naix
  7. Dalailama

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    Ok, thanks
  8. Unstable

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    Check medium camps first, if there are golems/satyrs/ogres, kill them, if not, pull then kill the small camp and check for golems/satyrs/ogres until you get stronger to be able to kill other camps.
  9. qoou

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    Small camp: chokepoint with two trees cut, if you do it right only 1 range unit can hide behind the chokepoint and shoot at you. But it's less about the chokepoint (easy camps are easy) and more about the ease with which you can stack it (red line). You can go farm the medium camp, come back at 0:55, and bam you have a nice stack.

    Medium camp: chokepoint with two trees cut, with the added benefit of being able to easily stack the camp (red line) if there's only one neut still alive (otherwise you can't get out). You can in fact chokepoint it two ways: the way I showed, and by snuggling closer to the camp. If you snuggle closer to the camp, the neuts don't walk around. If you're at exactly the right distance (you have 28 distance leeway I think), you can hit the neuts in the camp without them being able to hit you back; this sadly doesn't work though, since their buddies will walk around.

    As for Sentinel, not only are there really easy chokepoints, but there's places for the middle hard camp where you can hit the neuts without them being able to hit you back.

    Looking forward to seeing BS jungle in FM's next game :D.

    Edit: Didn't mention, but pulls are obviously optional. Since you can stack camps so easily, you won't need them in the least, so it's up to whether your teammates are failing their lane or not.
  10. Lycan

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    You need to choke point it, but make sure you have an exit to get out if the enemy hunts for you. That's the biggest issue with stryg's jungling the risk when being hunted is that you're fucked. Since you need to choke point it or you won't survive the early lvl's. Or you might survive the early levels but die when an enemy come's for you, So it's important to learn the perfect spot to choke point with camp, while still allowing yourself an escape route for incoming ganks.
  11. WhackaBump

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    Here's one funny thing that is very useful in jungling with bs and isn't mentioned on the vid. Both screens show how you can use 2 choke points to kill centaur camps early on. The thing is that you tank damage from small cent (with stout it's 60% chance to block his damage completely), but you hit the big one instead and he can't hit you. Not sure about scourge jungle though, mb there are also such places
  12. Mazoku

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    Just go to the jungle and start killing creeps if you dont care about it beeing worth it.

    With QB+tangoes+sout and if an allie buys a courrier it should be pretty easy.

    You can even jungle with heroes like pudge, puck and sniper if you want to.
  13. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    Those are "bad" choke points, for you have no way to run when you get ganked.
  14. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    First one is ok, you can just cut tree and run when spotted, but yea, chokepoint on corner tree is much better
    On the other camp, I know 3 chokepoints, and all are dangerous when spotted as you can't rly escape well. One on the screen is obviously terribal, coz wards will see you. But there aren't any safe chokepoints in this camp afaik
  15. Mazoku

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    IDK if they are THAT bad. You should be using chokepoints for the first few levels only, after that you will have enough DPS to be at green all the time...
    Most heroes will remain in their lanes (before min 3) so it aint that critical as long as you keep an eye on the minimap.
  16. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    That is true only for low/low-mid pubs. Even in good pubs you will have roamers, while in any good game as soon as they realise that you are jungling with a chokepoint reliant hero they will send single stuner for tour through jungle. Also, on the second choke point, you are visible from 3 common ward spots
  17. Leadblast

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    Too slow to be practical imho.
  18. Mazoku

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    1º of all, a single stuner/romaer (ho is posible to be lowe level than BS) wont be able to take out blood with PMS. In the replay atached you can see how i got it after the 1º neutral camp i kill beeing at full hp at all time.

    2º Blood is no choke point reliant hero. He can jungle without using that strategy with no problems at all. In fact, chokepoint past level 5 is counter productive most of the time with BS.


    In the replay i atached i used no chokepoints. MOROVER, i bought my wards (starting from min -2) every 6 min to prevent ganks from enemies and planted them myself.
    I also bought an early TP (before level 6 i think) just in case an allie needs help or to ks-gank with rupture.

    I leveled up silence on level 2 (to asist the botom lane just in case they needed me to net the kill).

    On top of that, i never leveled up blood bath to level 4 (i leveled thirst+bloodrage instead) because i was at green health at all time.

    I never overused bloodrage to increase my farming speed, because i wanted to have mana "just in case" something like a gank comes up and i needed to TP.


    I failed some stacks because i am not used to plaing BS that much, but i got 8225 gold worth of items in the end wich is kind of low (23 mins radi+PT+PMS+Wraith band+QB+TP... wards not taken into acount)

    If you take into acount that i played an agressive/suport BS (early TP+lots of gold and time placing wards) and missed some stacks, you will be able to see that BS is no choke point reliant hero.


    Jungle with BS is one of the easiest task out there, dunno why not_for_troll asked for help.
    But it is just as leadblast said it is too slow... Dussa can farm 100x better if you just give her 10 mins of farm.
  19. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    It's certainly possible

    But it is stupidly slow, especially compared to his farm-rate in most 1vs1's
  20. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    He is reliant of chokepoints in the first 2 levels. Can't take most of medium camps without it, therefore you are limited to small camps. You solved that problem by pulling, which I personally hate, maybe because I often play with observers and neuts have gay behavior with them in the game.