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    I don't know if there's a thread about this but I'm too lazy to search for it. Here's my question. I got it when I'm playing Alleria and Krobelus.

    1. Alleria + windwalk + blademail. Do enemies still got returned damage even their missing all their physical attacks?

    2. [insert hero here] + blademail. This scenario is when one of my opponent used centaur and build a blademail. I was playing death prophet. Every time I use my Ulti, he activates his blademail and somewhat makes my life half. I don't know if the damage dealt by spirits returned on me. Or just because it came from other source.
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    1. blademail returns damage, if they miss they dont cause damage so blademail wont return anything.

    2. dont think spirits return damage .... krob is quite squishy so centaur might have just stunned/double edges you. If you attacked him while his blademail was activated he would return the damage + more damage from his return - i dont know the exact circumstances.
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    1. Damage isnt returned, since allerias windwalk is based on evasion.
    only pseudoevasion (eg. void) is reflected. shouldnt get the damage from kroebos ulti back, since it goes through summoned units. but i'm not sure about this.

    mkay, me failed.
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    Move this to advanced mechanics.

    The answers are:

    1) No. Only damage taken results in returned damage.

    2) Er, are you asking about spirits attacking a blademail'd target returning damage to you? Units with "[A04R] Marker" will cause blademail to return the damage to the owner's hero. This includes things like Techies Mines, Rhasta Wards, and Krob's ghosts.
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    Thanks a lot.