[Lord of Avernus] beware of the grizzly bear

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    The Ursa Warrior makes quick work of enemies who try to fight him toe to toe. His Fury Swipes passively claw deeper into enemy wounds, dealing more damage with each consecutive hit. Overpower allows him to reach lightning fast attacking speed for 6 hits, and when Enraged, he'll deal even more damage based on a portion of his health. To aid Ulfsaar in unleashing on his prey, he can stomp the ground to cause Earthshocks, which cripple nearby enemies' movespeed and deals moderate damage.

    Before the invasion of the Scourge, a race of intelligent bears called furbolgs cultivated a quiet spiritual society deep in the heart of Azshara. With most of their kind murdered and corrupted by the Undead, the normally isolated furbolgs were forced to flee to the Sentinel for protection. In return, the furbolgs have sent their mightiest Ursa Warrior into battle on the Sentinel behalf. Enraged by the defilement of his people's sacred land, Ulfsaar is able to channel his fury into a series of extremely quick and brutal swipes, using his razor-sharp claws to overpower his foes and literally tear them apart.

    OVERALL- Ursa is a very great ganker, almost everyone can't beat him in a 1v1 so the only option is to run. Ursa is a great carrier and also a tank. semi- agility and semi- strength is a great combination.


    Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: Instant
    Ability Hotkey: E
    Slams the ground, dealing damage to and slowing the movement speed of nearby enemy land units.

    Level Mana Cost Cooldown Casting range AoE Duration Allowed Targets Effects
    1 75 7 seconds N/A 365 4 seconds Enemy units 70 damage, 25% slow
    2 75 7 seconds N/A 365 4 seconds Enemy units 120 damage, 35% slow
    3 75 7 seconds N/A 365 4 seconds Enemy units 170 damage, 45% slow
    4 75 7 seconds N/A 365 4 seconds Enemy units 220 damage, 55% slow

    • Damage type: magical


    Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: Instant
    Ability Hotkey: V
    Sends Ulfsaar into a rage until he can expend his energy on a target.

    Level Mana CostCooldownCasting rangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
    1 45 10 seconds N/AN/A15 secondsSelf 400% increased attack speed for 3 attacks
    2 55 10 seconds N/AN/A15 secondsSelf 400% increased attack speed for 4 attacks
    3 65 10 seconds N/AN/A15 secondsSelf 400% increased attack speed for 5 attacks
    4 75 10 seconds N/AN/A15 secondsSelf 400% increased attack speed for 6 attacks
    • It gives the maximum increased attack speed possible.
    • Overpower is not removed when Black King Bar is activated.

    [​IMG]Fury Swipes

    Ability Type: Passive
    Targeting Type: N/A
    Ability Hotkey: W
    Each attack opens the wound deeper in the target, causing subsequent attacks to deal increased damage.

    LevelMana CostCooldownCasting rangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
    1N/AN/AN/AN/A5 seconds Enemy units 10 bonus damage per attack
    2N/AN/AN/AN/A5 seconds Enemy units 15 bonus damage per attack
    3N/AN/AN/AN/A5 seconds Enemy units 20 bonus damage per attack
    4N/AN/AN/AN/A5 seconds Enemy units25 bonus damage per attack
    • This is an orb effect.
    • Counter gets reset after 5 seconds.


    Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: Instant
    Ability Hotkey: R
    When activated, greatly increases Ulfsaar's damage based on his current life.

    LevelMana CostCooldownCasting rangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
    1025 seconds N/AN/A15 SecondsSelf4% of current life is dealt in damage.
    2025 seconds N/AN/A15 SecondsSelf5% of current life is dealt in damage.
    3025 seconds N/AN/A15 SecondsSelf6% of current life is dealt in damage.
    • Doubles the damage dealt by Fury Swipes.


    Ulfsaar/Fuzzy Wuzzy


    Since they took back the animation for overpower, it is going to be harder this time since u have to waste a second to let your enemies know you're going to kill them. It just scares them away.

    This guide is for intermediate DotA players, sorry to say.:no:

    If you still don't know what ursa's skill does, then just check the heroes section.

    i will start with skill build
    lvl 1- earth shock
    lvl 2- fury swipes
    lvl 3- overpower
    lvl 4- fury swipes
    lvl 5- overpower
    lvl 6- enrage
    lvl 7- fury swipes
    lvl 8- overpower
    lvl 9- fury swipes
    lvl 10- overpower
    lvl 11- enrage
    lvl 12-14- get earthshock asap

    lvl 15- stats
    lvl 16- enrage
    lvl 17-25 stats

    Ambush due popular demand

    -people often use the dagger to ambush. it is effective, cheaper than lothar's and puts you in the middle of the fray.

    -lothar's edge has more use: escaping, 125 back stab damage, more time to initiate and ambush. but with gem its gonna be a lot harder.

    Between the two:
    In my opinion, lothar's is the better item to buy. It gives you
    +38 damage
    +10 attack speed
    Wind Walk (active)

    Dagger gives you- blink and no escape if you are getting hit

    The price difference is just $1300 since lothar's $3400 while dagger is $2100

    What's the better deal?? [​IMG]

    Dagger [​IMG]
    -cheaper and blinks

    -once you're in a clash, you can't use dagger in any way unless you have the heart of tarrasque to not get raped. There is no escape when you're being attacked. you cannot ambush because everyone will focus fire at you? comprende?

    lothar's edge[​IMG]
    advantage and strategies
    -in the clash, press your last and 2nd skill, then lothar's. your teammates should be fighting while you kill the most fragile one of them. attack them first because of the back stab damage, then slow them down, and then kill again and again. by the time you ambush your 2nd skill's cool down should be done and then continue to wreak havoc. you would already have killed 2-3 people with just that.

    more expensive and gem is one heck of a problem for ambushing, its like your not even invisible. you can't surprise them, its like walking in the middle of the freeway.

    the gem problem[​IMG]
    -if your enemy has a gem, call a disabler and then ambush the gem carrier. It should be easy considering your very high dps. If its a 5v5 clash just go from behind.


    picture of ursa 1on1 against roshan
    this is how you do it[​IMG]

    seriously i didn't need them

    Roshan clause
    -even the rock had Christmas spirit

    [​IMG] OMG HoN roshan gorilla. bull****

    This is just pathetic, do you have to exert this much effort to kill that son of a rock? honestly. Do you really need 4 people to kill roshan? why not just let ursa do it against the four of you trying to get rubble in your ass.[​IMG]

    - everybody knows that ursa is the hero to kill roshan the earliest and the fastest.

    When killing Roshan, i suggest that you get vladimir's because vanguard can't do shit against roshan. you must have these 2 items minimum in order to kill roshan or else you will be the prey.
    These are enough to kill roshan ,with these its a definite kill, do not go without these or u might just die and get humiliated.:shock:

    Kill Roshan when your on levels 6-9, the earlier the better.

    weakness of the bear

    spellcasters/ disablers
    -irritating spells make ursa mad. just use a bkb or use lothar's ambush and kill ASAP, they won't even see it coming.



    - your worst nightmares, you do not want to mess with these guys.
    there is no way to stop them unless you have the HP,IAS and DPS for it. i recommend not to pick ursa when dealing with basher's. if so, just use a blademail or my name's not john. Although the troll here was a noob.[​IMG]
    -this is just sick, china does it pretty good.

    The item named blademail[​IMG]
    -just annoying, return damage?? wtf?

    orb walkers
    -they are just the most notorious enemies you can fight in a lane. they slow you when you run, they run to the tower when you walk towards them, and this is why we buy the ambush items (dagger, lothar's)

    I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids and the stupid dog(heroes with critical strike)

    -dude?? what the hell was that?? i think i just got banged.

    wrath of the bear
    your worst enemies are also your best allies

    disablers lets you position first and then eat the meat out of his brain. then the grand finale, no corpse left behind.

    bashers make you a better ursa, such as troll boosting ur AS or slardar using his fork thingy.[​IMG]

    orb walkers make everything easy for you. viper just likes slowing people's asses down, and you do the finisher.

    Needed items:
    -godlike item

    -vlad is just too good for ursa.

    -ninja style??:ninja:

    - is lion you again?

    - for every agility hero, there is a butterfly.:rambo:

    -wanna be on the football team?

    -wanna be quick?

    -wanna bring papa and mama bear to rape goldilocks for stealing your pourage?

    unrecommended/rejected items

    -QB doesn't stack with 3rd skill
    -battlefury is just for farming, not for killing, the damage, hp and mana regen is alright but overall, no.
    -you have shitty agi gain so just go for bracers

    go for these instead:

    try these out for a change:

    -only use armlet when you have hp regen
    -only use wand when there are spellcasters, duh!
    -since your a killer, urn is good.
    -an extra block won't hurt you would it?

    special notes.


    -some people think ursa can't beat the shit out of him, well think again, once ursa kills one of his replicas, there's not gonna be a trace of life behind.

    -get aegis every 10 minutes(time when roshan respawns)

    -never, never ever use orbs, i swear, if you do, i will personally slap you and bang your head on the monitor until you bleed your head off and read that Fury Swipes is an ORB EFFECT

    Thanks you. :eek::
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