Best solo/support heroes

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  1. -Deuce-

    -Deuce- Member

    As the title says,

    What heroes do you guys think are the best solo/supporter heroes in DotA, if played well?
  2. I take that by solo/supporter you meant a supporter that can solo well.

    Warlock, Dazzle, Eradar.
  3. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    Witch doc and pugna can be a pretty good solo/support, but generally those two roles don't go together.
  4. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    Best solo: Gnoll.
  5. -Deuce-

    -Deuce- Member

    This is what i meant by solo/supporter heroes.
    Solo=1v1 situations.
    Supporters=Gives team support.

    I'm looking forward to experimenting with heroes that I haven't tried before, so, any suggestions?
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    HELLRAISER Well-Known Member

    what hereos you tried so far?
  7. kakaislegend

    kakaislegend Well-Known Member

  8. It is the bestest to study all heroes. Then slowly pick out heroes that suits you.
  9. Chreepac

    Chreepac Banned

    Some Heroes can help you understand your self and how you manage your life.

    Try playing a Hero with natural power and offer sacrifices to your team to improve their player style.

    Try to play a Defender who absorbs damage so that other team members and allied creeps dont have to, do this when you think you have gained a proficiency with your team members intentions and goals.

    When you want to play a solo heroe, consider your inventory space wisely and make sure that your conservative needs are met and you are not being rushed into battles with your team, otherwise consider becoming a supporting role if you join a match and find that it is impossible.

    I think the new Wisp Io is a good contender for greatest soloist, he doesn't need to maximize his support spells early and can focus on his incredible lane skills, by investing in Gauntlets of Strength early he gains a lot of bonus damage and also HP power.

    Even though hes just a floating head.

    His ability to deal incredible damage over itme is what makes him so unique because his slow helps him use well his basic attack. With additional items including Ring of Regen, Voidstone, Perserverance, he can Overcharge and make use of the benefit of having a lanes experience to himself.

    As a middle lane solos, the secret shop is his primary destination when the crow is off business some where else with a full inventory. But his powers come out best when he is supporting his team mates, making him an awesome contenter as a support Heroe.

    He can use the Middle Lane advantage, and when possible strike outwards with RElocate essimliting his entire group into an outsourcing farm. Then very soon afterward take his place back at middle and when time correctly all of this gives his team the impossible odds advantage and they can win freely and at their discression.
  10. Bad Apple

    Bad Apple Well-Known Member

    You never fail to get this reaction out of me, lolwut?

    Id say Ogre Magi. Great at lane control/support/ganking.
  11. BiH-Kira

    BiH-Kira Well-Known Member

    Bane Elemental.
    Unbeatable in 1v1 situations and can support well.
    Can also gank good.
  12. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    Warlock is the one who has been picked the most for this reason but lion is gaining populairity the last few maps
  13. SirDumpling

    SirDumpling Well-Known Member

    ^Lion has been picked/banned in nearly every game for the past 2 years. Not just recently. Him soloing mid competitively is relatively new to na/eu, but has been used by the chinese teams for at least 2 versions.

    Lock, WD, Lion and pugna are the most common. Gnoll is just bullshit as a solo.
  14. -Deuce-

    -Deuce- Member

    Well I've been using Traxex, Magina, Nevermore and Kael recently, and somehow they just don't give me the kick i'm looking for. Someone suggest a hero that I should play? All suggestions are welcome :)
  15. Chreepac

    Chreepac Banned

  16. -Deuce-

    -Deuce- Member

    Hero suggestions. Any random hero, i will try it out if i haven't got to play it
  17. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    Those heroes you listed about 3 posts up, have you been playing them as support? Cause they are carries except Kael..
  18. Mayor Adam West

    Mayor Adam West Well-Known Member

    Io, twin headed Ogre Magi, Venge, rexxar, dazzel
  19. KeepFeedingNoob

    KeepFeedingNoob Well-Known Member

    a pro bane can never die in mid with some exceptions of course he can gank support
    and nerco
  20. Chreepac

    Chreepac Banned

    I can't get over how funny this thread is until I alize it.