Best inventory for agi heroes?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Punj.Love Hater, May 19, 2010.

  1. Punj.Love Hater

    Punj.Love Hater Well-Known Member

    I want to know which inventory is best for agility heroes?
    EDIT : i mean most common but really powerful like eaglehorn
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  2. ExpertMarksman

    ExpertMarksman Well-Known Member

    BoT, Buriza

    Toodle bye
  3. Punj.Love Hater

    Punj.Love Hater Well-Known Member

    buriza for agi?
  4. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    depends on the hero :confused:
  5. pipser

    pipser Well-Known Member

    4 divine, RoH and BoT.

    You have to be more specific, there is no such a thing as best inventory for ALL agility heroes; read a guide on your preferred hero.
  6. zaphodbrx99

    zaphodbrx99 Well-Known Member

    this question is dumb. NA for example needs dagon.
  7. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    you can't really go wrong with

    skadi/linkens/hot/butter/manta/bot =D
  8. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    Different agi heroes use different builds. There is no "best agi item build" since the needs of each hero varies.
  9. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    Cookie cutter for competitive viable heroes is diffusal/manta + bot/treads. I mean it's really optimal on a lot of heroes but it certainly isn't the worst thing on agis.
  10. 4d4m3k

    4d4m3k Well-Known Member

    Specially for Magina ^^
  11. Pantera_1

    Pantera_1 Well-Known Member

    I'll only list out dps items since that's what most agi heroes are:

    Manta is common on heroes like weaver, medusa, shadow fiend, Morphing, priestress of the moon, magina, venomancer, razor, Sniper, drow ranger and terrorblade.

    Lothars is common on sniper, drow, jugger, bloodseeker, troll warlord, venomancer, shadow fiend, vengeful spirit, Viper, ursa warrior and luna moonfang.

    Diffusal blade is common on rikimaru, priestress of the moon, spectre, naga siren, shadow fiend and phantom lancer.

    Mask of madness is common on slark and faceless void.

    Sange and Yasha is common on terrorblade, bloodseeker, bounty hunter, slark and rikimaru.

    Battlefury is common on Bounty hunter, Juggernaut, Phantom lancer, Phantom Assassin, Anti Mage, Faceless void and Broodmother.

    Butterfly is common on Antimage, priestress of the moon, Bounty hunter, bloodseeker, rikimaru, troll warlord, faceles void, broodmother, sniper, drow ranger, terrorblade, naga siren, syllabear, phantom lancer, luna, viper, weaver, bone fletcher, juggernaut, morphing, lanaya, vengeful spirit, medusa and venomancer.

    Radiance is common on Viper, Spectre, Syllabear, Razor, Weaver, Bloodseeker, Phantom Lancer.

    Desolater is common on Vengeful spirit, priestress of the moon, shadow fiend, Juggernaut, Bounty Hunter and Lanaya.

    Orchid is common on Bone fletcher, medusa, venomancer and nerubian assassin.

    As you can see, there's no doubt that butterfly is the most popular and viable dps items for most agi heroes with only na normally not getting them.
  12. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    In most range hero, this set works well : BoT, Skadi, HotD, Linken, Butter, Radi
    In most melee hero, this set works well : BoT, Vlads, BF, Butter, Cuirass, SnY
  13. Punj.Love Hater

    Punj.Love Hater Well-Known Member

    this is the list i wanted. Thanks a lot.
  14. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    Is this question serious?

    Wow,the list pandera has provided is so biased.

    Ever tried dominator and buriza on Viper?

    Shadow fiend diffusual?What-the-fuck
  15. knifeman

    knifeman Well-Known Member

    basher is never wrong!

    OT: sometimes its good with wands on most (?)heroes but the. Get agility on agi hero? Sometimes they need hp too get vanguard/heart?
  16. greenspleen

    greenspleen Well-Known Member

    6 refresher orbs

    lol, ot:

    attack speed items, damage increasing items.

    Mjollnir, hyperstone, buriza, MKB, etc
  17. Slaven

    Slaven Well-Known Member

    2 important and base items for all agility heroes are Lifesteal (helm,madness,satanic,vladimir) and Batterfly.
  18. Daimonie

    Daimonie Well-Known Member

    Not thinking about orb effects etc: Diffusal / manta.
  19. 1nF

    1nF Well-Known Member

    Every other item aplicable by agi carries pales in comparison with Manta.
  20. googleson78

    googleson78 Well-Known Member

    vlads, bfury, vang, s&y, pt