Best ganker hero?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by LordofDestiny, May 12, 2010.

  1. LordofDestiny

    LordofDestiny Well-Known Member

    So i wondered which hero is the best ganke hero? but he must also be avaible to do more then that since i know tinker is good in ganking but late game his nukes dont do that much anymore.. so any idea?
  2. Black.Lotus

    Black.Lotus Well-Known Member

    Most people would say Sandking.
  3. Fadoramix

    Fadoramix Well-Known Member

    Earth Shaker scales nice into lategame. Like Lotus said, Sand King is really nice aswell. But Tinker isn't that good because in early he doesn't got any disable. But don't really know if you mean assist ganking or solo..
  4. green.bear

    green.bear Well-Known Member

    If you think tinker is a good ganker, well he also kicks butt late game. His nukes may not be as powerful, but with items he becomes one of the most ridiculous heroes. I think VS, ES, SK, batrider, all are contenders. Sven too I guess. Anyone who has a decent stun early on, then people that just do lots of damage like tinker and bat. Or slow lots.
    I think much more important than hero is player. There are loads of heroes that can easily gank and first blood, but you need to play them right. There are tiers of gankers I guess, but I doubt one is really the best, especially in "any" game.
  5. VII.

    VII. Well-Known Member

    As always when it comes to questions about somone/somewhat being the best...its a highly situational question. Depends on your and the enemies lineup.
  6. LordofDestiny

    LordofDestiny Well-Known Member

    well what i kind of ment was, is there a hero that can gank early- mid and maybe semi-carry late? it doestn really matter solo ganking or with assist though i prefer solo ganking. what about viper?
  7. Evansheer

    Evansheer Active Member

    Viper is ok, visage too.
  8. aiceball

    aiceball Banned

    Zeus can do well. Assisting I mean. Spectre can do well too, a bit later in the game though. Solo mid storm can rofl gank well. Potm is incredible, if arrow is placed well. And many more
  9. Stick to graphics.

    OT: Venge is the steriotypical "ganker/roamer" hero, as she isn't item dependant but has a reliable, spammable, stun.
  10. SuperSheep

    SuperSheep Well-Known Member

  11. ^Yes. I forgot about this.
  12. Dream Weaver

    Dream Weaver Well-Known Member

    IMO, viper, sven and mirana could gank well. The 3 can become semi-carries late game.
  13. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    A potm with 100% AA with frequent shots is more or less the top dog.

    Sven/Vs/Es/SK/Tiny are also very good early
  14. Black.Lotus

    Black.Lotus Well-Known Member

    All in all very much heroes are great at ganking. They just need to fit to the team and it always depend on the enemy heroes.
  15. mwdiver9

    mwdiver9 Well-Known Member

    Mirana and Venge are great. However with Mirana, if you miss the arrow there is a lot greater chance for the gank to fail.

    Once Visage hits six he is supposed to roam and cause as much havoc as possible. He is a damn near unstoppable ganker as his early burst damage is ridiculous. Without an escape mech, i.e. blink or ww, any hero will have a hard time escaping him.
  16. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

  17. STR1D3R

    STR1D3R Well-Known Member

    i would say rexxar is best ganker hero with stun, slow, moving ward(hawk) and a 1300 cast range 360dmg nuke, and he is still viable late game due to his slight tankiness, his ult and his AS aura
  18. Black.Rose

    Black.Rose Well-Known Member

    i find it hard to fail a gank with shadow fiend. 900 damage is too brutal for just about any hero and his free sacred relic is no laughing matter either. he has no stun but a single allys stun seals the deal, not that he needs a stun helper in the early game
  19. P0k3M0nr4l3z

    P0k3M0nr4l3z Well-Known Member

    Dragon Knight is the best ganker. Longest early stun, high base dmg. If you level him enough, has poison, and a fire nuke burst dmg. Has high armor to tower dive, and is a str hero.
  20. Vitogore

    Vitogore Well-Known Member

    I don't really think of SandKing as a ganker. I think of his as teamfight hero and pusher. When I think of Ganking Heroes, Pudge and Clock are at the top of my list :p