Best Combo in Dota

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by fr4mz, May 6, 2010.

  1. fr4mz

    fr4mz New Member

    Hey I'm a newbie in Dota, I'd like to join the Dota competition in my city.
    But I have no ideas what heroes will we choose. So I wanna ask you what is the best combo in 5 v 5 game? thanks. :cool1:
  2. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    Just combo?

    DS, Puck, NVM, Enigma, Kunkka

    If the combo goes well, nobody will survive.
  3. Blackbound

    Blackbound Active Member

    Firstly you want to make sure everyone knows what they are doing. Having a good combination of heroes wont ensure victory unless you know how DOTA works first.

    Picking a balanced team is key. Make sure you have lots of stuns and disable.

    I like the dual stun lane, good solo mid and babysitter/carry setup myself.
  4. Loiter

    Loiter Well-Known Member

    I like 2 roamers/supports (any combination of venge, lion, sven, rylai, or other disablers), and 3 strong carry or semi-carry solo (Nevermore, Tinker, PotM, Rhasta etc etc).

    Is this viable?
  5. scrubsie

    scrubsie Well-Known Member

    Dark Seer + Nevermore is epic.
  6. braxxo

    braxxo Well-Known Member

    tinker, nevermore,

    while tide, vs, ES all roam constantly. Ensures tinker and nevermore gain lane dominance, while when the roamers settle in their own lane the that tri lane is quite hard in its own. Every time all 3 go mia, all 3 lanes have to play passive only seen it once, they went up 19-6 and tinker got his 11 min. BoT but SF went treads...idk why I guess to end it early, they did a rax push at min. 18
  7. Bloody Knuckles

    Bloody Knuckles Well-Known Member

    DS and two stunners... classic
  8. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    Dark Seer, Enigma, Nevermore, Sven and another cool hero (capable of at least semi-carrying) will pwn almost every game if performed right.
  9. winterljr

    winterljr Member

    Ds sven kunkka wl sf.

    I like
  10. iknowyouitlags

    iknowyouitlags Well-Known Member

    The dude said he's a noob, and you guys call heroes with their short names. I bet if he rly is a noob he didnt undarstand even half of those posts, haha.
    Be more specific, what combo do you need, 2,3,4,5 heroes ?

    Oldie but goldie - Crystal Maiden and Rhasta :)

    GXMAYHEM2 Well-Known Member

    If by theory craft you mean clashes where all get in an ult? If that's the case you need a skill that would make them clump up(Magnus), the best amplifying skill(WD), a good % damage AoE(Enigma&Tauren), another mass hold for about 4 seconds (Enigma) and so far I have no Idea wich other heroes. Maybe pure damage like ES,SF,SK or Invoker having many spells to throw if he has agha and imba hands. Or kunkka having 6 divines with all + damage buffs.
  12. fr4mz

    fr4mz New Member

    Tq fellas.. I will try.
    well I have a plan too using area stun. But I have a problem choosing the killer hero. DT is good but he's very weak, TB is good but in the late game. Any suggest?
  13. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    dark seer to vac all heroes together. shell a vacced hero to increase damage
    wd cast maledict so they all lose ridiculous hp and cask to stun +add damage to it. maledict will GREATLY scale with other spells.
    enigma with death pulse for % based damage and imba hold ultimate
    the last 2 should be semi carries/hard core carries to help add damage and farm off this fight. preferablly they can do damage to multiple units. choices such as sven, medusa, nevermore, list goes on.
    If your team is very good together, just insert 2 other nukers that can semi carry
  14. FMArthur

    FMArthur Well-Known Member

    5 Silencers in -du. They use an enormously long combined silence to make Curse of the Silent actually hurt badly and reduce the other team's options, and roam in a 5-man ganksquad to kill someone and permanently reduce that character's Int by 5 every time.
    This is a terrible strategy
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  15. LightburneR

    LightburneR Well-Known Member

    Rogue Knight, Magnus, Kunkka.

    All three have AOE stuns and decent damage + Cleave.

    Morphling, Nevermore.

    Both have decent AOE + Soloing + Farming abilities.

    QOP, Sand King, Tiny, Witch Doctor, Rhasta, Zeus. (if they have lots of papers)

    They can do...... large AOE damage. (duh)

    EDIT: Just for kicks, lawl, Dazzle. Weave and everyone hits.
  16. nix

    nix Well-Known Member

    SF solo mid, Dusa solo longlane, triple disable shortlane roamers (WD, VS, ES, SK, SP, Mirana, Lion, CM for examples)
  17. mrmemories

    mrmemories Well-Known Member

    EarthShaker , DarkSeer, Shadow Fiend, Engima, Puck.

    (?) AOE skills ftw.
  18. fr4mz

    fr4mz New Member

    yeah.. that's rly nice. enigma+wd+ds will be good together. But they're good in the early game. then I'll ask my fren to chose sven n magnus.

    how about ursa? I think he's very good at killer, but I seldom find you guys use this hero. :eek:n2long:
  19. fr4mz

    fr4mz New Member

    then how about the banned hero? what are the best hero to be banned? :)
  20. Kouganei

    Kouganei Well-Known Member

    DS Sven Naga OD CM.

    For bans it actually depends to you guys, which hero do you think would ruin your line up or have a hard time countering (TA, DK or Tide to name a few)