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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by PleaseBugMeNot, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. PleaseBugMeNot

    PleaseBugMeNot Well-Known Member


    What are the funnies / most insightful / just damn stupid clan names you've seen thus far?

    My take: "We ganked Chuck Norris".
  2. ostoya

    ostoya Well-Known Member

  3. botanika

    botanika Well-Known Member

    MET = Mom equal toilet ..... obviously
    silly question zzzzZzzzzZz
  4. InNeedOfFreedom

    InNeedOfFreedom Well-Known Member

    S|3|X...<---my clan tag

    funniest I've seen POR| - Pawned Owned Raped !
  5. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    Lol, don't post with a Bugmenot account... If you want to participate in a forum, you make an account as well imo.

    I agree with 25cm.
  6. alia

    alia Well-Known Member

    PSILY = P.S. I Love You
    TBS = The Bear Scare
    BABP = Bad Ass Baby Punchers <- Not joking. Actual clan name.
    OMFB = Oh My Fucking Balls
  7. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

    Saw a bunch of guys with "LCTTEBCBM" infront of their names once, and asked what it stood for.

    'Longest Clan Tag To Ever Be Concieved By Man'.
  8. Zangetsu2201

    Zangetsu2201 Well-Known Member

    PwN - Playing with Noobs

    I know it because I wanted to make a clan like that on Garena >.>
  9. Hillo

    Hillo Active Member

    Crit happens.
  10. Wendek

    Wendek Well-Known Member

    Yeah 25cm is retarded. I also saw NIGGAS (clan got deleted because admins didn't like) that later became CAPS.

    The other day on I saw someone with "Vagina" as clan tag, too.
  11. SupSnow

    SupSnow Well-Known Member

    Meet the Fakers
  12. Hev

    Hev Well-Known Member

    FAGS - Fighters with Aghanims
    DCL - Dagon-Chicken Legion
    KKK - Kitty Kat Klub (thats mine)
    CCC - Cool Clocks Clan
  13. Soulfly

    Soulfly Well-Known Member

    Mom equals toilet
    Ben's fuck buddies
  14. InNeedOfFreedom

    InNeedOfFreedom Well-Known Member

    lol I totally forgot's Originial name

    by the OK's orig name TheShit!
  15. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    At a local dota lan I called my team ProF , stands for pro feeders :p
  16. RuN|雅

    RuN|雅 Well-Known Member

    Clan Disc
    member list:
    MiniDisc etc
    Disc = = DotA is Compulsory
  17. Dr.Filosophy

    Dr.Filosophy Well-Known Member

    My clan -> NCJP

  18. Sintra

    Sintra Well-Known Member

    My ex-clan, 4N1W - 4 noobs 1 whiner
  19. Lilith Aensland

    Lilith Aensland Well-Known Member

    my clan @ garena, i own it
    .DFC. (DeliciousFlatChest)
  20. Loiter

    Loiter Well-Known Member