Best build for ember spirit?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ikiboy23, Mar 4, 2012.

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    i'm just wondering what would be the best build for ember spirit i tried building linken sphere, blademail, and mjolnir. im thinking of adding ethereal blade will it be good idea?
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    Firstly, don't upgrade Mael to Mjol. You don't need the AS it provides. The extra ~2.5k gold could be spent elsewhere.

    Secondly, don't build Blademail. Your role is not to tank damage. Your role is to be a pussy and SoF from far, while your teammates soak up the damage. Blademail is useless. Early mid game, your role is different. Your role might be to initiate. But at that stage, you probably wouldn't need Blademail. Janggo etc would be better. Mid-late game, you are NOT an initiator. Your Chains is a lousy disable that can be Manta'd, or they could just right click you in that 3 second duration.

    Thirdly, Linkens is okay item, but not necessary. It does not add much to your early game, and is expensive. It is a situational item, that you get in response to what the opposing enemies are. Early mid game, there are many better choices to it. I'd rather use the Perseverance for Bloodstone (it's not a good choice either), or BF (great late game item for Xin).

    Fourthly, early on Xin is played as a ganker. His main sources of killing damage are from his skill set. Past that stage, his skill set isn't enough to kill. That's where SoF comes in. You need to boost it up. This is done with more +Damage. Late game, you are mainly spamming it. As such, you do not need any attack speed items. Raw damage is preferred. Thus Crys/Buriza is a fantastic choice. Mael synergises very well with SoF, because lightning is proc very often. Hence, Mael is often gotten as your first damage item after your basic items (usually Janggo Bottle Boots). After that, you generally want more damage items. MKB is alright, but for it's price and build up, I'd rather get a BF. Then you get more and more BF. Whether or not you should get BF first or Crys first depends on the game.

    Fifthly, you should consider situational items. Manta is useful against Silence, as with MKB. Most Orbs are useless, because you should get Mael over any of them. Skadi could be considered depending on your needs, because 30% slow to everyone every 6 seconds is quite ridiculous. BKB is obviously helpful.
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    I wouldnt prohibit upgrading Mael to Mjol. In fact, I usually upgrade mael because getting money for ember with kills and farm because his cooldowns are currently a little bit op. Mjolnir also has a better chainlighting that Mael but attack speed is still a little bit vain but comes handy when you are snaring other heroes with Searing chains.

    Bf is a good choise but people must remember that almost every cleaving damage done by SoF with Bf misses other targets since Ember hits them from some kind of random direction.

    Also quelling blade is a nice buff for farming so it quite preferable for ember.
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    I usually go for:

    Early game:

    - 3x GG branch
    - Slippers of Agility
    - 2x Salve
    - 1x Tango

    Mid game:

    - Ring of Aquila
    - Treads
    - Vanguard
    - Battlefury


    - Treads
    - Battlefury -> HoT
    - Vanguard -> Assault
    - Deso
    - Upgraded Basher
    - Buriza

    I sometimes get Lothars or Orchid if the situation calls for it.
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    i think im going too try this i think the vanguard is a good idea for survivability :D
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    Other Situational Items.

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    If you need to build a vanguard with a hero who has an aoe disable, a invulnerability omnislash spell, 600 magic damage absorb, and 3 blinks with ulti. I'd advise you to kill yourself.
  9. Omarr

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    Good item for Ember is Linken I think..
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    Ok i don't think BattleFury works with SoF means it don't cleave though i may be wrong. I have tried quite some single player tests & i don't think it works. Correct me if i am wrong.

    here are few items u'd love on this guy
    1) BoT
    2) Satanic
    3)Blood Stone
    4) Buriza
    5) Heart
    6) Raddiance

    This is a tank build... Yes a tank build
    1,2,4&6 has great synergy with his skill.
  11. Phantom_IV

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    In most games, you'll want to go Bottle-->Arcanes-->Perse. From there make Bfury or Linkens. As the game progresses, add more Battlefuries or Travels/Crystalys as desired. BKB if there's really a demand for it. Standing back and spamming SoF with stacked Battlefury is incredibly painful - nothing can push/defend from it very effectively, and with a remnant placed behind you, you should never have to worry about dying.
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    Good info guys!
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    I\'ve been thinking about a tank Xin strategy for -cmub.

    Something on the lines of (Xin + Vengeful Spirit) + (Dual mid Furion + Slardar) and a solo-top Dark Seer (assuming sentinel.)

    The strategy is unconventional but actually means that Xin will be ricing up a Vanguard/Hood->radiance->Mjollnir. Dark Seer will be rushing a pipe. With pipe + Radiance+Vanguard + Hood, Xin can easily tank a lot of nuke damage(~1000 focused nuke damage), easily.

    If he does get focused after Mjollnir, he\'ll be literally killing an entire opposition team due to the AoE dps from Ion Shell + Vaccum + Wall + Remnants + Chains + Shield + Radiance + Mjollnir\'s AoE + SoF from two heroes alone.

    His SoF damage will be decent as well(due to mjollnir/maelstorm, +damage from radiance). If he manages to pop shield 2 times with decent timing, then its going to become very very hard to take him down as well. He\'s gotten a good str gain as well.
  15. MaxQuest

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    Core: PT/AB + Wand + RoA + PMS + [BKB + Battlefury] / [Mael + Linken] (perserv first)
    Situational: Janggo, Manta (mainly due to DoT dispell and confusion).
    Luxury: varies.
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    boots of speed+empty+empty+empty+empty+ agha