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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Apokita, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Apokita

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    Well, I recently start doing this "build", rushing a battlefury and getting splitshot before mana-shield. At the start it was weird because everyone was flaming me because cleave doesn't works on ranged obviously, but I played some games and I feel an extremely huge diference between my normal GPM and the battlefury GPM, and a great diference between linken-manta rush and battlefury rush in terms of damage, but then another option comes to my mind, orchid. It doesn't gives you any hp-regen but gives you "survivality" (25int) who can be a dead mana if your HP pool is not high anyways. But then, someone ways "why you don't get perse+demon edge" who can be MKB+Linkens in a future... BUT, then I start thinkin.. Battlefury+Skadi costs the same as Linken+MKB, giving the same damage/AS, better build up and more survivality... (doesn't counting the linken's active ofc, negated for the extremely superior active of skadi) and it has a better build-up. So... I want to hear your opinions.
  2. Sentrinate

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    People think the entire point of Battlefury is the cleave forgetting it gives a whopping 65 damage and very good regeneration as well. Bfury Dusa isn't unheard of but pubbies will generally frown upon it. But who gives a damn what the pubbies are thinking, right?
  3. zeraeign

    zeraeign Well-Known Member

    Wow. Okay. I'm convinced. I'm gonna try this then. Hahahahaha! I wonder how they'll react. I've heard about this before with Mirana btw. I never thought that would be true.
  4. TheVirQ

    TheVirQ Well-Known Member

    Just mute your teammates, and build whatever you want.
  5. Sentrinate

    Sentrinate Well-Known Member

    On Mirana it is less effective than on Dusa cause she doesn't have split shot.
  6. LKH9

    LKH9 Well-Known Member

    Just save that Claymore for Lothar. Battlefury is waste of slot on Medusa.
  7. YoTengoUnLCD

    YoTengoUnLCD Well-Known Member

    I think somebody is like 4 years late.

    What is next, Battlefury WR thread?
  8. Apokita

    Apokita Moderator

    Also, with skadi+battlefury you can rush the butter extremely fast.

    So, the build can be Battlefury+Skadi+Butter+PT.

    17450 gold.

    +25int(I don't know how much mana lol)+250mana(+8int)
    +35% evasion

    Cold attack.
    We all know, getting the same build every game is stupid, I think this is the base for a new-era medusa. Ultimate orb+Battlefury is good damage and survivality for the first 30mins of the game. I hope ice adds an effec to to ranged battlefury, a 40% demolish can be really great.

    Why?. WR has no way to farm faster than medusa and she doesn't needs the farm medusa needs. Battlefury is a farming tool it isn't? Medusa has the power to exploit that. And why 4-years late? If I can remember 4-years ago medusa was not even near to get a battlefury because it was giving less damage and costing the same, also, linken's was great on that era, not now.
  9. XoneX

    XoneX Well-Known Member

    Battlefury Medusa is such an oldschool build that people think its new nowadays....I am getting old
  10. Apokita

    Apokita Moderator

    I never thought of that xD, seems like old-things can be back, like a farming meta :3 :p
  11. mxt

    mxt Well-Known Member

    BF is cool, but you're still paper. Pointbooster asap.
  12. Apokita

    Apokita Moderator

    In fact, Battlefury is not for single-target a.k.a. AFK Farming, its for abusing TP-Scroll cooldown farming, with splitshot+snake build you can clear creeps really fast and walk into another lane, and keep farming, it akes you hard to gank because the enemy will have poor vision of you and you'll be constantly moving. Anyways, if they're not really retarded they can anticipate you, So I think an early point booster is great. but most of the time I try to end the BF+Threads before.
  13. Tenochtetlan

    Tenochtetlan Well-Known Member

    Point is, people start skilling splitshot when they want to flashfarm and dont realise they need another whooping 4 levels to do so.

    PT+Maelstrom and leaving out snake is the key to a farming Medusa,
    Snake is a mid-game ks tool (and strong enough for mid-game teamfighting tool, just that you are weak as shit.)
    BF is quite ok if you prefer regen (which is a pretty good idea for pubs)

    usual (insane) build -> want dmg, be oom
    Phase+mael w,e,w,e,w,r
    Split shot from lvl 13...

    usual (sane) build -> build for snake & survival
    phase+skadi e,w,w,e,w,r

    suggested build -> survive and farm as fast as possible
    pt+mael+tps!! e,s,e,q,q,(r,q,s) or max q earlier if possible, leave w
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  14. xyLoneZ

    xyLoneZ Well-Known Member

    That's stupid and retarded in many ways.
  15. ZeLover

    ZeLover Well-Known Member

    The amount of stupidity in this thread is unbearable. I'm out.
  16. Apokita

    Apokita Moderator

    I respect you ZeLover,as another Kana Kurashina lover, please, don't be like this and post opinions on my thread.

    I'm with you in the skillbuilds, skilling splitshot is great because it let you flashfarm the creepwaves, but PT+Mael to survive?¿ Also, Medusa is someone who heavly relies on Lifestealing so another orb is rejected. Mael is great for farming, but not without any regen, and tranquils medusa is not viable because how good PT are on her and because she also needs mana regen
  17. Tenochtetlan

    Tenochtetlan Well-Known Member

    just explain
  18. xyLoneZ

    xyLoneZ Well-Known Member

    Another point in snake is more useful early-mid game rather than another point in split shot. It also gives you an actual presence in the lane.

    Taking Split shot early also won't work as long as there's at least one enemy in the lane. It's like stupidly saying please deny dem creeps.

    maels and lifesteal stacks with each other, but that's not the reason why maels sucks balls. It's the same reason why MoM is also a retarded item on Medusa.

    I will be frank this time, BF is kind of a questionable item(or even retarded, if you will). It gives you sustainability, but no survivability.

    EDIT: NVM WHAT I POST! I understand that you are retarded from your other post.
  19. Apokita

    Apokita Moderator

    Yes, they do, on dota2, but mael cuts lifestealing efficience by 25%. Imagine the scenario, you with 20%HP, you put on the satanic and the maelstorm procs two times. that's a lot of lifesteal, it is good wf you're someone who can be good without tons of lifestealing like Void or Lone druid, but medusa needs the lifestealing, really needs. Also, you don't want an AS item on someone who build butterfly, threads an skadi as the 1st items, because it'll give enough AS.

    Also, I didn't pick battlefury for the survivality, I pick it because it lets you farm the jungle, spam snake, laugh at the enemy harrasing, and giving you a nice amount of damage, Linken can give you sustainability also, but the damage is NOTHING, and you can't be farming with 70 base damage at 25mins., and skadi is more powerful in terms of survivality than any other item.
    She loves the regen, she really does.
  20. xyLoneZ

    xyLoneZ Well-Known Member

    It's not that much of a problem, really. I wouldn't say that it's the greatest item on medusa, but maels is a decent alternative item even if you have lifesteal.

    There's a reason why it's called alternative. Btw, my point still stands.