Batrider item build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by fuctic12, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. fuctic12

    fuctic12 Active Member

    what is the best item build for him?
  2. Croxist

    Croxist Well-Known Member

    For me,
    1. Boot of Travel
    2. Vanguard
    3. Heart of Tarrasque
    4. Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
    5. Force Staff
    6. Shiva's Guard/Kelen's Dagger

    Tanker-type Batrider. Of course this is not the only build. You can try other.
    Hope I can help you. :)
  3. Linism

    Linism Well-Known Member

    Same as Els Croxist, only I prefer Hood of Defiance over Vanguard.
  4. Syaska

    Syaska Well-Known Member

    Stick=>Phase boots (bottle situational)=>Survivability item (Hood of Defiance or/and Vanguard, depending on the enemy lineup)=>Dagger=>Shiva=>Pipe (Pipe can and must be gotten earlier if you face heavy AOE).

    If your early game is going really, really well, get a fast Radiance/Guinsoo, they will do wonders.
  5. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    hp, force, hp/damage

    boots of travel situational. shivas if you got fat.
  6. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    1. BoT
    2. Hood->pipe if game goes on
    3. Vanguard
    4. rad/guinsoo
    5. HoT/dagger
    6. meka/dagger

    i usually have the tanker build coz everyone's gonna focus fire him when he fireflies..and rad for additional damage..but guinsoo will also for work if you need additional disable..

    i always start with stout+salve+tango+3gg branch..then build hood then buy boots then proceed van after that travel or dagger and then everything else is a luxury..

    (edit: add shivas too or anything you want as long as it is reasonable depends on the situation..)
  7. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Magic Wand + Void Stone + Int Treads + Dagger + Hood
  8. Pantera_1

    Pantera_1 Well-Known Member

    I wonder why no one buys bloodstone or hex as a first main item for it as it provides lots of mana and mana regen which bat needs. Why do people go for tank build for a hero that already has high str gain and high armor? Funnily enough, i go for vanguard on him too. Int tread, Ring of basilius, Vanguard, blink dagger, shivas.
  9. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    he does not need additional mana item cause his mana is enough for his skills..
  10. Pantera_1

    Pantera_1 Well-Known Member

    But with the exception of skill 1, all of his skills are pretty mana consuming.
  11. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    all you need is skill one three and ult dont get the second..+skill wise consumption will work..
  12. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    Well. I get Radiance for him. If the game goes on for 65+ minutes
  13. Syaska

    Syaska Well-Known Member

    Radiance is only good if you farm it when your opponents are still at low/mid levels.
  14. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    radiance is only good if ur playing patch where it triggers napalm.
  15. Syaska

    Syaska Well-Known Member

    Nah, even now Batrider is a potent Radiance carrier.
  16. godzbane

    godzbane Banned

    Somehow I notice that this guy never comes back to his threads.

    Ontopic: 2 Bracers / Ghost Scepter / Boots / Bottle / Null Talisman
  17. theloneDrow

    theloneDrow Well-Known Member or tread .. depends on the situation..
    2.hod+vangard. or mb pipe
    4. more gold for buy out.
  18. Syaska

    Syaska Well-Known Member

    Treads are by far the worst boots on Batrider. BoT are quite good, but Phase boots give you an edge during the laning phase, and the extra farm BoT grants you is a bit wasted.

    Dagger is a must have.
  19. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    dagger isnt so great, you can use firefly to initiate by scaling cliffs. forcestaff is necessary though cuz it allows you to drag the lasso'd guy.

    treads are okay since bat isn't a carry but he needs attack speed.
  20. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    Dagger is key for wasting none of Firefly's duration.